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“How do you plan to beat Trump”? “Well he’s like a Chinese finger trap[etc]” <— I just really like the start of his answer 😆 I know asa Chinese person I should know this : are those things actually from china or are they like fortune cookies and invented in the United States lol petebuttigieg petebuttigieg2020

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I finally got Shortest Way Home from the library but my cat won’t stop nuzzling it and laying on it so he’s reading it first, I guess 🤷🏽‍♀️ petebuttigieg2020

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enlalupa> Pete Buttigieg 👬✌🌎 “no se trata de ganar elecciones, Sino de ganar una era” [][][][][][][][][][][][][] Es Interesante ver como van ascendiendo figuras políticas en la arena estadounidense que hasta hace pocos años eran imposibles de detectar, Pete Buttigieg es uno de ellos, el Alcalde de South Bend, la cuarta ciudad de Indiana sale a la luz pública en el momento en que a sus 28 años se convierte en el primer alcalde abiertamente gay en los Estados Unidos. 🔛 Hace unos días anunció que competirá en la carrera presidencial por el partido demócrata, y ha recaudado mas de 7 millones de dólares para su precampaña, en la que marcha tercero en la intensión de voto del partido.🔜 Es un personaje un poco singular, Estudió en la Universidad de Oxford y tiene un diploma en historia por la universidad de Harvard, ademas de ello pidió licencia mientras fungía como alcalde para servir en Afganistan como Analista de la Armada. Y luego fue reelecto para continuar con sus labores. ⏩ Muchas cosas han cambiado en el escenario político de los Estados Unidos. Desde el ascenso del primer presidente afroamericano se ha visto como esos personajes históricamente rezagados van encontrado acomodo, y golpean con fuerza en la agenda mediática estadounidense.➕ ¿Es Pete Buttigieg uno de estos personajes? ¿que tan lejos puede llegar en la carrera por el puesto público mas importante del planeta? corren los días, veremos su evolución.🔚

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MASSIVE NEWS: Buttigieg has SURGED to third place nationally! Just a few days after his announcement, the Buttigieg movement is looking incredibly strong. However, Mayor Pete is NOT the front runner or the nominee yet. He needs you to donate, volunteer, and get involved to send Pete to the White House! 🇺🇸 (Go to petebuttigieg mayorpete southbend indiana iowa democrat democrats democraticparty democratic trump debate uspolitics usa usapolitics america pete2020 buttigieg2020 petebuttigieg2020 newhampshire america news vote donate buttigieg

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pete.buttigieg is the first Presidential candidate that I've ever donated monthly to. I have two jobs, make well above minimum wage, have NO debt of any kind, but can't afford to live in the city I work in. Funny, isn't it? His words about how our generation will be the first that is worse off economically than our parents hits me a little too close to home. Pete, you're a fucking Unicorn. petebuttigieg pete2020 petebuttigieg2020 peteforamerica

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BOOT-Edge-Edge Pete Buttigieg Rally - Des Moines, Iowa

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We’re still so far out from the 2020 elections that I’ve gone out of my way to avoid politics. Over the past couple of months, pete.buttigieg has changed that. As a gay man, of course his journey resonates with me. Of course I want to see a member of my community succeed. But that wasn’t enough to convince me that he deserved my support - especially this early. Then I researched his background. I learned about his education, his service in the armed forces and his time as an elected official. I listened to him speak. I was continuously impressed with his composure, thoughtfulness and with his ideas. I followed his hilarious husband, chasten.buttigieg, on Twitter. All of this to say: I’m in the race. I believe in Pete’s vision of an inclusive, united country focused on moving forward. I know politics are divisive. I’m from the school where I believe we can agree to disagree if we see the world differently. But I feel strongly that we need a change in 2020. I believe that Pete Buttigieg is the change we need. (My only complaint: like the myfavoritemurder ladies sayspell it like you say it.) 😊 ipadpro3 applepencil2 procreate procreateapp sketch doodle gay gayartist illustration sketchbook tulsa tulsaoklahoma painting petebuttigieg2020 chastenbuttigieg petebuttigieg sketchaday draweveryday rainbow gayhusbands gaymarriage spellitlikeyousayit

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The announced candidacy of Pete Buttigieg could foreshadow the most elegant set of election contrasts in American presidential history. Does one vote for a religious gay man or an irreligious adulterer; for a Rhodes Scholar or a man too ashamed to show his grades;  a man who proudly chose military service or a man who contrived an excuse to avoid it; a man of the Rust Belt with a record of leadership toward a practical economic future or a man who patronizes the Rust Belt with vain hopes of reviving an unrecoverable past; a youthful and enthusiastic leader arguing for social justice and economic justice or a desperate old bigot catering to narrow,  out-of-date fear ridden thinking? William Klopsch peteforpresident peteforpresident petebuttigieg2020 petebuttigieg 2020 election2020 faith buttigieg2020 forwardthinking thefuture climatechange freedom thefutureisnow peteforpresident petebuttigieg2020 petebuttigieg peteforpresident petebuttigieg petebuttigieg2020 petebuttigieg2020 2020election mayorpetebuttigieg petebuttigiegforpresident buttigieg petebuttigieg2020 peteforpresident petebuttigieg2020 petebuttigieg 2020 election2020 faith buttigieg2020 babesforbutti babesforbuttigieg sapiosexuals sapiosex sapio sapiosexual thinkinghard thoughts