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Honored to be able to meet and sit down with pete.buttigieg he’s brilliant and his vision for the future is on point and promising. His experience serving our country in two deployments to Afghanistan, Mayor of South Bend, Rhodes scholar, speaks seven languages, openly gay and marriedthe list goes on. petebuttigieg2020 progressive peteforamerica bluewave2020 florida miamibeach hometeam leadership hope lovetrumpshate democrat believe faith miami instagood photooftheday lifeisgood military lgbtq equality equalrights

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On account of Trump ordering him to defy a subpoena, former WH lawyer will not be showing up in front of judiciary committee. This is not normal What sniveling cowards all of these people are. Note that much of the MuellerReport is based on McGahn’s testimony. This is just the Trump administration trampling over all norms and laws; he’s making a total joke out of a system that has worked for over 200 years in America Per normornstein: “McGahn is a private citizen. It is time for the House to step up and defend its own integrity. Send the Sergeant at Arms to arrest this miscreant and hold him until he complies with the subpoena. Or at minimum, if he doesn’t show, fine him $10,000 a day.” I agree. donmcgahn

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Mayor Pete’s Miami rally Cool,calm, collected and surprisingly dry considering the unseasonal heat, democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg made a quick pit stop in Windwood yesterday. The event started at the time it was scheduled, which must be a midwestern custom Very refreshing Go Pete 😎 peteforamerica miamiwalls miami

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Well, isn’t this interesting. Ain’t this just sweet. 🤣 merrickgarland . Repost mercurial_era ・・・ President Donald Trump’s attorneys have vowed to appeal Monday’s decision in favor of a House committee seeking his financial records, but people on Twitter were thrilled about where the case will end up. “We will be filing a timely notice of appeal to the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals,” Trump attorney Jay Sekulow told Politico.  The current chief judge there is Merrick Garland, who President Barack Obama nominated to the Supreme Court in 2016 after Associate Justice Antonin Scalia died. Senate Republicans stalled the nomination, refusing to vote or even hold a hearing until after the presidential election. Trump won and appointed Neil Gorsuch instead, which meant Garland remained on the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals, where he could now play a role in the looming showdown between the president and House Democrats.  Cases are heard by panels of three judges randomly assigned, so Garland is not necessarily going to hear the appeal (unless the decision is reviewed by the full court). But, the irony of the situation was not lost on Twitter users.

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LISTEN TO THIS: WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW TODAY JeffDaniels is one of my favorite actors on the planet. Did you all watch Newsroom on HBO? Daniels played Will McAvoy and it was later I realized why he played that role so well — because McAvoy IS him and he is McAvoy. He was on deadlinewhitehouse yesterday and in 57 seconds, he summed up what is happening in America right now. truth democracy

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OK. Who wants to tell this idiot what “LEGISLATURE” means? The judicial branch is not the body that “changes laws.” Then again, what’s normal these days? . IMPEACH THIS BUFFOON speakerpelosi WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR—a nuclear war? . congress democracy

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“Greatness isn’t going to come from dredging it up out of some impossible ‘again’.” PeteButtigieg

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This man touches my heart and gives me hope. No matter the outcome, by virtue of simply existing, and having the courage to become a lightning rod for people’s fears and projections, he is changing the conversation, changing everything. petebuttegieg peteforamerica

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Lmao I honestly wouldn’t put it past him peteforamerica

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Posted withrepostyouknownothing45 Repost from politicaljunkyard using RepostRegramApp - I was feeling really some kind of way about Mayor Pate legitimizing FOX but I’ll admit it I think this ended up being a great decision for him. And I’m not gonna liethe fact that his mere presence on FOX goaded Trump into doing an interview at 9pm last night the WORST possible time slot maybe in modem history for competition while most of the world watched Game of Thrones is pretty great too peteforamerica 2020herewecome dracarys mayorpete impeachtrump foxnews

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Sometimes, I take these screenshots to share here and I feel like I’m making it up. I only post what I find from reliable sources; it’s not like these are conspiracy sitesand yet, here we are FGM: female genital mutilation “is the medieval practice of restraining girls and removing their external female genitals, without anesthesia or antiseptics. Most often the clitoris of girls is carved out, the “Type 1” iteration of the procedure, using everything from “knives, scissors, scalpels, pieces of glass or razor blades.” It can also include the suturing of labia (“Type 3”) or even the complete removal of all external genitalia and the deliberate narrowing of the vaginal opening. Girls are awake, lucid and held down during the terrifying and painful procedure as it’s carried out, often by family members or people they know.” . “The Trump administration is refusing to defend the national ban on torturing girls in the most awful and breathtakingly indefensible way imaginable, depriving innocent victims from enjoying relatively normal lives, depriving them of sexual pleasure, and depriving them of the ability to become pregnant, while sentencing them to lives of pain, despair and psychological torment “The DOJ could have appealed the ruling, but Francisco told Feinstein there’s no legal basis to defend the 20-year-old ban, and therefore it’ll allow the law to disappear. It’s up to Congress, the Trump administration wrote, to amend the law or to pass a new one. If that sounds familiar, it’s because we’ve seen this tactic before. This is also how Trump dealt with DACA as well as his current strategy for repealing the Affordable Care Act. Kill it then use it as leverage. It wouldn’t shock me if we discovered Trump planned to use the FGM issue as a negotiation ploy, just like the ACA and DACA.” Via “Shocker: Trump and Barr refuse to defend ban on female genital mutilation” . impeachtrump

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Mihai was not so, so convinced about Pete, until he watch him yesterday at the Fox Townhall and at Wynwood today. Now he keeps watching his videos. It is the Pete bug. PeteForAmerica petebuttigieg, latinosforPete, latinos4pete, petebug

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Inclusion is important, and Sesame Street leads the way. Be it autism or foster , watching entertainment and seeing someone like us — representation — is important to development. Even more important in our bullying society is seeing from a age that we are all different - and that the differences fail to divide us. Instead, they make us greater, and when we band together — stronger. Go, sesamestreet Repost washingtonpost ・・・ Sesame Street has welcomed Karli, a Muppet in foster care, as well as her “for-now” parents, Dalia and Clem. All three Muppets appear in videos posted online as part of an initiative to provide free resources to caregivers navigating difficult issues, such as family homelessness, foster care and trauma. Karli, a green Muppet with fluffy pigtails, is introduced in an online-only clip called “On Your Team,” in which Dalia and Clem chat with their old friend, Elmo’s father, about becoming foster parents. Karli is the latest newcomer in an effort to make sesamestreet more inclusive. In early 2017, Julia, a Muppet with autism, became the first new Muppet in a decade to appear on air. A homeless Muppet named Lily was also introduced in December. Read more on

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I am of the mindset that when you break the law, you ought to be tried, and if convicted— punished. Pay your dues to society, and if/when released, the individual should be allowed to rejoin society fully. I could actually make a case for minor crimes being wiped off of someone’s record but I’ll save that for another post. 😆 . In FL, where apparently they can’t do ANYTHING in a normal fashion, Amendment4 passes with 65 percent of the vote last year (exceptions being murdered and sexual offenders — which I also have an issue with but again - for another day). This gave about 1.5 million Floridians the right to vote again. This being a nightmare for Republicans, they’ve now passed a bill “requiring former felons to pay back all court fees and fines before they can register.” . This is essentially a poll tax. This ensures the poorest of felons — READ: PEOPLE OF COLOR — also most likely to be Democrats in ideology — can never vote. Want to guess who that benefits??? . To add insult to injury, “Even if a court waives the repayment of fees for a former felon, the bill would require the victim or organization to whom the fees were owed must "consent" in order for that person to register, adding a particularly unusual barrier to the process, Ebenstein added.” (NBC) . “What they’ve done is picked the broadest definition possible to exclude the maximum number of people from having their rights restored.” . This is not right. It’s a total subversion of what Floridians voted for. Unlike many on the left, I am absolutely against having incarcerated people vote — but as a society, we need to have ways to let them pay for their crimes and then clear the slate so as to increase their chances of leaving a life of crime and avoid recidivism National Statistics on Recidivism: Two-thirds (67.8 percent) of released prisoners were rearrested within 3 years. Three-quarters (76.6 percent) of released prisoners were rearrested within 5 years The criminal justice system is designed to encourage criminals to have no choice but to commit more crimes to keep their head above water once they’re released. It’s RACIST And that is not what a just society does. florida votingrights

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pete.buttigieg and chasten.buttigieg thank you for visiting Florida! Please come back because it seems some Floridians haven’t heard of you before today 🤦🏻‍♀️ ••• ••• peteforamerica floridaforpete

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Another endorsement! repost sshawfl ・・・ Hunter would like to announce her endorsement of Mayor Pete for POTUSwhen asked for her reasons she mentioned the fact that he has two rescue dogs and how it spoke to her heart! Oh yeaI endorsed him too! peteforamerica floridaforpete

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“There is no honest politics that revolves around the word again. In the era of automation and globalization, major changes are going to happen whether we’re ready or not. The question isn’t: “Can we stop these changes and go back to the past?” The question needs to be: “How can we make sure these changes work for us?” America is at its best when we master change for the benefit of every American.” - Mayor Pete (Credit: bootedgeedge)⁣ •••⁣ [Tags: petebuttigieg peteforamerica equality pete obama indiana southbend usa politics america democrat religion conservative republican trump love liberal internet technology washington freedom liberty faith lgbtq democracy respect justice ]⁣⁣

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It just wasn’t in the cards today, but I will see pete.buttigieg before he becomes President! Even though I can’t attend the fundraiser this evening, I’m sending $$ in my place and you can too! See link in my bio to donate to his campaign. Thank you! peteforamerica floridaforpete