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Take 2 minutes and 13 seconds to watch this if you don’t have that kind of time, swipe to the third one and watch it — it’s only 13 seconds. Jordan Petersen is a misogynistic asshole. gunrights 2A imwithher trumptrain donaldtrump trump libertarian democrat democracy liberty justice freedom patriot republican NRA feelthebern love smile peace kamalaharris kamalaharris2020 freetrade capitalism nevertrump joebiden bidenforpresident peteforamerica environment altright jordanpeterson

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Holding true to our values & prioritizing things like freedom, security, & democracy are key to our success as a country in years to come. The Republican Party should not have a monopoly on these ideas & Mayor Pete is the person who can bring those ideas to life as President of the United States, so let’s get him to the White House. petebuttigieg peteforamerica peteforpresident pete2020 petebuttigieg2020 mayorpetebuttigieg

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I’ll send you a stylish BootEdgeEdge WinTheEra wristband along with a pack of five contact cards if you donate at least $5 — *through the link in my profile*! Comment here and I’ll follow back so you can message me your snail mail addy. TeamPete peteswag pete2020 peteforamerica

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A leader who is judicious when making tough decisions.

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If you are ever tempted to think that the DNC is impartial, remember that Biden and DNC chair Tom Perez have been chummy since the beginning of time. He is the Debbie Wasserman Schultz of 2020 ManchinfromScranton JoeBiden creepyjoebiden mayorpete peteforamerica beto betoforamerica bernie feelthebern centristcuck antifa democraticprimary primary 2020 yanggang maga andrewyang gravelanche climatechange greennewdeal outoftouch impeach impeachment bumpbiden congress trump potus creepyjoebiden bidenforamerica democraticprimary 2020

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It's refreshing to watch and listen to Pete in the midst of such despondent climate. There's a sense of hope for the future, a new era. The tone of the campaign is a welcome contrast amongst all the noise; not driven by anger or grievance but by empathy and unapologetically progressive values. It's a relief to have an incredible speaker, a wholesome nerd, always exuding kindness, on the stage. We could use more Hufflepuffs in government. Feat. pete.buttigieg and chasten.buttigieg

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Survei Fox News ini dilakukan dalam periode 11-13 Agustus dengan total 1,013 responden yang masuk dalam daftar pemilih. 222 nomor telepon rumah dan 791 nomor telepon seluler dipilih secara acak menggunakan probabilitas yang proporsional dengan jumlah pemilih di setiap negara bagian. Margin of error survei ini + 3 persen.

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Today, the Los Angeles for Pete grassroots team gathered at ciclavia, an annual event that transforms streets in West Hollywood, Hollywood, and East Hollywood into public recreational space for the day. As we walked half of the six mile route, we handed out flyers and engaged with both enthusiastic Pete supporters and those who didn’t know who he was—and even the occasional batch of 45 supporters—all the while remembering to put our best feet forward and to BeLikePete. Thanks also to Carlos and Tim at theabbeyweho for being great hosts for our mini Pete-Up! For a number of the folks, it was their first time canvassing but everyone felt like it was a positive experience. Way to go team! 💪🏻 🙌🏻 losangeles4pete losangelesforpete peteforamerica teampete petebuttigieg petebuttigieg2020 peteforpresident pete2020 buttigang belikepete wintheera caforpete ca4pete california4pete californiaforpete decision2020 imwithpete indiana southbend pfa pfac

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Thank you Kenny Stillsyou’ve always been a badass. Repost kstills via insightsapp I’ll continue to take a knee to bring awareness to the issues of police brutality, systematic oppression and social injustice in our country — that is action. I’ll also continue the work I’ve been doing alongside the protest Educating myself and others on social issues Being an advocate for mental wellness Mentoring youth and fostering positive action in our community Working with law enforcement to stress safety and accountability in our communities And ultimately, doing my best to use sports as a platform to bring people together. There is great opportunity for this deal to have an impact and that’s the goal. I will say that I don’t respect the way either party went about it. We can all work towards social justice without disparaging one anotherlet’s hope that Roc Nation recognizes this and shifts their stance on people using different methods to work towards what is hopefully a shared goal. buttigieg petebuttigieg mayorpete pete.buttigieg peteforamerica petebuttigieg2020 buttigieg2020 peteforamerica2020 kaepernick7 colinkaepernick oudna

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A Conversation with Pete—in LA! Join Los Angeles for Pete and supporters from around the area as we welcome Pete back to the Southland! Date: Tuesday, August 27 Time: 7:30pm-9:30pm City: Hollywood (Venue TBA) RSVP: Link in Bio Please feel free to share this event with your circles ASAP as current contribution levels begin at $25.00 and are certainly not going to last long! peteforamerica TeamPete PeteButtigieg pfa pete2020 WinTheEra pfac losangeles losangeles4pete losangelesforpete hollywood CALatinxs4Pete CAforPete la4pete LosAngeles4Pete SDforPresPete pete_pals California4Pete farNorCal4pete

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Such a delightful PeteUp chatting with supporters and the “Pete curious” hosted by Sarah Prineas. We must remember never to underestimate the power of a conversation! PeteForAmerica

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Sometimes he’s just cute. And that’s ok too. peteforamerica

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Talking about how much we LOVE seeing Millennials running for office pete.buttigieg hands down knows his stuff and MAKES SENSE. If you get the chance to see him on his campaign, make it a point to go petebuttigieg petebuttigieg2020 petebuttigiegforpresident peteforamerica peteforpresident millennialpolitics millennialpolitician youngdemocrats youngprofessionals charlestondemocrats voteblue2020 voteblue bluewave charlestonsc charlestonsouthcarolina millennialwomen eldermillennial millennialdemocrats millennialsuccess

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AMERICA NEEDS SOME D 🇺🇸 Tanks & Tease 🇺🇸 from your American pals at LuckyPierreLosAngeles 🇺🇸🍆🇺🇸