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Mi preciosa Zoti ❤️❤️❤️

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I’m just gonna stay here until the weekend arrives🙈

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Isn't this the truth!

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monch 🌿🌿

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🐶Pupdate🐶 When I first moved to manchester, I was absolutely terrified of water! When mum and dad first showed me the stream in the park I really wasn’t sure, I think it was just flowing a little too fast for my liking so I quickly ran away incase I fell in! Now though, I’m even partial to the occasional splash about in the same stream, who would’ve thought it?! Although, I do like to stick to the sides as to not get my little paws too wet, I’m delicate you know! -Merle 🐶

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Summer is slowly noticing me sneaking in photos. tailwagswalker

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Oi sou o scooby sapeca , minha dindinha é apaixonada por mim e por essa cara de paisagem que só eu sei fazer 💙 amordequatropatas🐾🐶🐾

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Pet Collar with GPS. Another Smart Gift for but this time for your lovely pet. They are special and they deserve it

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Mom I think you took a real close up.

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Perderemos noites de sono e deixaremos de ir ao churrasco de família. Muitos irão dizer que não temos vida social, poucos irão valorizar o esforço e o trabalho. Mas sabemos que, no final de cada dia disponibilizámos o máximo de nós para ter o melhor resultado. Isso é escolher cuidar de quem não sabe dizer o que sente, mas sabe expressar com um olhar tudo o que precisa. 💞🐮

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We've received another 5-star review! Thank you to Sophia for taking the time to write about our Skin & Coat supplement. Have a read above. 🐶 Please follow our upcoming superfood range for dogs prorawdogfood

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New pup alert 🚨 I would like everyone to meet Gracie! tailwagswalker

2 days ago

A great adventure always starts with having a dog. tailwagswalker

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New pup alert 🚨 I would like everyone to meet Foxy. tailwagswalker

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Enjoy this short clip of this little munchkin, Oakley! tailwagswalker

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Sunny says, “just give me the treat already!” tailwagswalker