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Remember, the best relationship is the one in which your love for each other exceeds your need for each other. Photograph Cilck by Fareed_Bukhari

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Uso la fotografía como un puente para poner voz, y alzarla en nombre de todos los que han estado o permanecen ausentes a causa de la pobreza, descriminacion, guerras, desplazamientos, o algún tipo de conflicto que atente contra su dignidad. - - family familia hogar documentary documentaryphotography infancia life love amor photojournalism journalism boy boys niños love instagood art nature urbanoutfitters urban portrait retrato portraits photographer fotografia photography photographer photograph fotografo Pictures

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shot b There are many happy memories that I have been born to share and some of these moments are observing wildlife - I did not create this planet or any of the living things that I come across that inspires my being to live yet another day. On all my outings I do not plan to come across the creatures that I do photograph and all the images I have is what I consider the father helping those who are trying their best to fulfill their hearts desire to achieve the creative mission that inspires others to help save the earth - Warmest of Regards even though the photo is blue and chilly 🥶

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When coins come up in a love story think of Venus, and how Venus rules both love and money. Your relationship with money will reflect for you your current nature and situation in love I read this card yesterday and to be honest I believe something about Taurean sensual pleasures was totally skewing my vision, because unless the pleasure we're talking about is masturbation, this card says "keep it to yourself"! This is Sun in Capricorn, and Capricorn is a loving and bountiful energy, but only in the right place and with the right people. Otherwise, Capricorn is ALL about HEALTHY BOUNDARIES Guarding your heart until other people understand it's proper care and watering schedule, provides a sense of security Unconvinced? Right after this cards shows up for you, go spend a bunch of money and see how good you feel? It will be the same when you spend your energy in the wrong places with the wrong people Healing has all kinds of angles healing healingtime healer shadowwork love friends friendship family loveyourself selflove selfcare awakening light lightworker crystals yoga romance relationship dating heartbreak breakup heartbroken missyouquotes missyou tarot tarotcards tarotreading learntarot photo photograph

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“Desire is suffering. A simple equation, and a nice catchphrase. But flipped around, it is more troubling: suffering is desire.” ~𝘾𝙝𝙖𝙧𝙡𝙚𝙨 𝙔𝙪 🌼 🌼 🌼 🌼 🌼 🌼 🌼 🌼 🌼 🌼 🌼 leaves plant plants green cycad cycasrevoluta beautiful amazing nature nature_perfection naturephotography naturelover photographer photograph photo photography poetry poetrycommunity photooftheday picoftheday grow growth home happy lovely life mothernature earth nofilter playofstars

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adults are only grown up, anyway. - walt disney throwbackthursday p.s. tantannicolas bes, i posted all these photos. all kc BUO ung castle. hahaha! ✌🏼

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☔🌛昨日はシャンソンのライブハウスでライブでした。 東京は前日から今年一番の大雨でしたが、幸運なことに、ライブの1時間前には雨も上がりました。 後半のステージでは、僕はシューベルトの歌曲を3曲ばかり揃えてみました。予期せぬセットリストに、お客様に喜んでいただけて良かったです。 Yesterday I appeared in a chanson live house. We had a heavy rain yesterday from the day before.It was the biggest rain this year in Tokyo, but it was lucky that it stopped raining one hour before the show. I sang three Schubert songs on the second-half stage.It was good that the audience were pleased with the unexpected setlist. Amapola Les Parapluies De Cherbourg (シェルブールの雨傘) Contigo En La Distancia (遠く離れても) Die Forelle (鱒) Auf Dem Wasser Zu Singen (水の上に歌える) An Die Musik (楽に寄す) · · · 2⃣《 bbm.keiji.official》If you wish, check please ! beneaththeblue_keiji ジャズボーカル ボーカル 歌手 帽子コーデ mensfashion man jazzsinger latinsinger maleportrait 音楽 vocal jazz vocalist classicalcrossover メンズファッション portrait lifestyle  classicalcrossoversinger  classicalcrossovervocal singer picture trip photograph concert  mensportrait 旅行 music portraitphotograph travel

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Benito les desea un Buen Comienzo de Semana 😊 🤗😘

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Great mountains of the Cordillera Blanca. View from Willcacocha Lake 3745 masl - Cordillera Negra - Huaraz. Huandoy East (5900 masl) Huandoy West (6356 masl) Huandoy North (6395 masl) Huandoy South (6160 masl) Huascarán North (6655 masl) Huascarán South (6768 masl) Chopicalqui (6354 masl) ********************************** Grandes montañas de la Cordillera Blanca. Vista desde la laguna Willcacocha 3745 msnm - Cordillera Negra - Huaraz. Huandoy Este (5900 msnm) Huandoy Oest (6356 msnm) Huandoy Norte (6395 msnm) Huandoy Sur (6160 msnm) Huascarán Norte (6655 msnm) Huascarán Sur (6768 msnm) Chopicalqui (6354 msnm) mountains montañas berge montagnes montanhas andes photography expeditions expediciones landscape travel natgeo igers huascaran landscapephotography nature naturephotography travel travelphotography paisajes photograph photographer

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Feliz con el estreno de mi nuevo Set de Mate de Los Simpson 😍💛🎁

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Meu lindo ❤️

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Boa tarde 💋

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daggettfineartphotography internationalobservethemoonnight ✨🌕 museum fineartphotographer 📸 influencer brandambassador sagepropertiesinc sacramento emergingartist artistfeature thewiseartgallery Photo: fullmoon 🌕✨ over eldoradocounty goldcountryphotographer Photo Credit: 📸 daggettfineartphotography ‘Full Moon Over El Dorado’ By fairytale localartist sagepropertiesinc About the Photo: I had been on my way to a realestatelisting 🏡✨🌕 in the foothills & I snapped this vintagephotograph for my physicalscience midterm at americanrivercollege 🎓we had been asked to photograph 📸 the moonphases ✨🌕 daggettfineartphotography My Grandfather was a titan iii rocket engineer ✨🚀 & I had thought of him, when I photographed this fullmoon🌕 nightscape fineartportrait explorepage 🗺 sagepropertiesinc copyright© allrightsreserved© thewiseartgallery directorlife✨🎬 realtorlife 🗝🏠 sagepropertiesinc ✨🌕 Happy International Observe The Moon Night! 🔭👩🏼‍🏫 daggettfineartphotography ✨📸

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Boa tarde 💋

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Corridinha 😍

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Showzinho, tributo ao Ira 🍺

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Noitinha 😘

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Shake de Maracujá trufado com Chocolate 😍

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Make 😍

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Boa noite 🎥

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Boa Noite 😘