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날씨좋네요~~~다시비온다. 죄송해요 난 비오는 날씨가 젤좋더라. 비오면 시원하고 아스팔트젖은 냄새도좋고 커피도 맛있고 음악도 좋고. 봄인데 비오니까 레이첼야마가타 선곡추천함다. (우산다리가 내다. 쪼그린아저씨는 요새 허리안좋으시다고 곧만나~~)딱십년전~!멋진사진감사합니다감독님~ inan.son 아메 아메가쿠루 이이 이이텡끼 photography portrait discordia rachaelyamagata 레이첼야마가타 music 음악추천 교수님보고싶다

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It was so much fun climbing this route. A nice mixture between crack climbing in which I had to jam my whole body and a strongly overhanging roof at the end 💪🏻 Unfortunately I don't know how difficult this route was or what name it has because it was not in any guide book yet. But most important is that she had a lot of fun. 🙌🏻😊 domeclimbing fl0ri, thanks for pushing me up that route 🎉 📸 lena.sop.hia kletterretter paraclimbing germanparaclimbingteam climbingteamgermany climbing rockclimbing rockclimber climber photography mountains klettern climbers fitnessadict strongmind motivation hardmoves tattoo mountainphotography mountainclimbers climbing_worldwide strongfingers motivation sportsmotivation mcfit mountaineers bouldering

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Hey hey mes princesses (et Princes 😆) ! Aujourd’hui je vais bien reprendre en main ma page Instagram que j’ai délaissé dû à des événements tout à fait naturels de la Vie ! Aujourd’hui, mes Amours je vais faire des photos folles et vous montrer tous les trésors que j’ai pu récolter dans le thème de ma Princesse •••POCAHONTAS••• Que de merveilles je vous le promets. Je vous aimes 💚 disney disneyland disneyworld love art disneylife disneygram mickeymouse waltdisneyworld marvel instadisney waltdisney like disneyprincess disneyparks wdw mickey disneylandparis disneyfan disneylove instagood starwars pixar cosplay magickingdom follow photography cute kingdomhearts bhfyp

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Os presento a GANDY mascota de betahausbcn y ahora de whatsartcollective sentada en una hermosa silla pintada con la letra G, pieza de ‘The alterlife of the objects’ proyecto realizado por nandatype en el contexto de 36daysoftype para whatsartcollective en donde pretende darle un nuevo valor a los objetos. Amo la creación colectiva y hacer parte de este increíble proyecto lleno de muchos feelings! Free your creative soul! Thanks betahausbcn ❤️ whatsartcollective community create barcelona 36daysoftype whatsartnyc letters font picoftheday designoftheday creativity thursday thursdaymood photography picoftheday photooftheday g doog bulldogfrances vintage vintagedecor dogsofinstagram dogoftheday

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Only words are the pieces of places Some are seen, some never will But the piece, the piece of these places is the green of the lawn near the house on the hill • • • • 📍 Franchecomte France Earth igfrance 🎞 Art landscape landscapephotography nature colors 📷 camera olympus olympuspen olympuspenep1 microfourthirds digitalphotography ️⃣ ifyouleave explore 35mm photograph photography love wanderlust poetry travelphotography picoftheday naturephotography travel perspective instagram storytakr

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What a Beautiful morning 😍

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Dream high until you reach the top 💫 Walang ma caption hehe 🤣

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Enjoy the process, trust the process 💯

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Luce radente

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hide and seek

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Bentar lagii hatinya beku Nasib nasib

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🇭🇷 Croatia was exactly how I imagined it: vivid and fresh colours, ☀💙 scent of the sea and frutti di mare 🌊🍤🐙 It was the paradise I wished I wouldn't have to leave! 🌴 It was a pretty spontaneous trip though - while staying in Slovenia, I suddenly felt that maybe it'd be a good idea to visit some nearby Croatian city as well! 🗺️🚘 And this is how I got to visit Umag, a coastal city in Istria. 📍 Not only have I experienced the beauty of its riviera and town centre, 🌅⛪ but also I tried a grilled shark there and I freaking loved it! 🍴🐟 크로아티아 바다 여행에미치다 여행스타그램 유럽여행 croatia croatia_photography umag travel tourist polskadziewczyna hrvatska riviera sea landscape photography model fitness beautiful nofilter summer travelblogger wanderlust nature architecture adriaticsea lifestyle fashion daily blogger