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Billie's Song is the final piece I played during my grade 4 piano exam today. The examiner from London College of Music, Ms. Emmy, asked me after I finished playing, 'how old are you '. I said 'I am 7 years old'. She smiled and said, 'did you know you are the fantastic 7 year old girl pianist ever!' billiesong piano🎹 grandpiano pianoexam pianosolo pianolife pianotechnique pianocover pianoclass pianogirl littlemusician littlemozart littlepianist pianovideo dubaitalent dubaikids dubaimusic musicvideo dubaimusicians mydubai

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. قُل لي لماذا أهواكْ؟

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Going on stage with Tim Staffell at Jazzsi two weeks ago was a sublime moment of stars aligning for me: being able to play with the incredible house band from my favourite live music night, and my dad at the same time – and with some of my best friends in the audience listening – was, literally, a rare cosmic occurrence. Here's a video clip of our version of the Sam Cooke tune 'Bring it on Home', featuring sensational solos from guitarist Albert Arnau Pérez (Neirak) and keyboardist David Sam.

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ピアノソロ初のMV撮影でした🎹😭❤️ チラ見せ😏✨ 公開をお楽しみに☺️✨ 明日からはとあるツアーのリハーサル開始😌 各種ソロライブもご予約受付中です! 是非に〜💡 おつでした😘🤲 tatsuya ピアニストtatsuya freestyleピアニスト freestyleピアニストtatsuya 赤髪ピアニスト mv 撮影 piano pianist ピアノ ピアニスト pianosolo ピアノソロ pianostagram musicstagram movie instagood followme フォローミー haveaniceday

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Já falamos aqui sobre nosso belíssimo casamento no domingo a tarde? Foi no spacoaeventosmoc, rodeado por profissionais competentíssimos, que Adriane disse seu Sim ao Vinícius. Um casamento lindíssimo ao por do sol celebrado por carloshenriquecelebrante e regido por angelica_tabosa_cerimonial. Desde já gostaríamos de agradecer a Adriane e Vinícius por confiar em nosso trabalho. Desejamos toda sorte de benção e que Deus conserve a união de vocês. Foto incrível feita com nosso celular por jotta.almeida 😊 montesclaros montesclarosmg minasgerais mg arte nortedeminas montesclarosfoto montesclarosfestas montesclarosshoppingcenter montesclarosairport piano pianocover pianoforte pianoplayer pianomusic pianosolo pianoman music pianolove pianogram coralsobmedida coralcasamento casamento casamentos musicacasamento

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Do you find that your piano students lose interest in taking lessons in the summer? A great solution is to offer an interesting summer program to avoid a prolonged break. Consider including the following in your curriculum: -Repertoire -Technique -Theory -Ear training -Solfeggio -Composition -Sight reading -Piano duet -Piano accompaniment with a singer -Piano ensemble with other musical instruments If you have students, group classes (two and up) is another great option. Aim to schedule lessons during the day, starting in the morning, to keep piano classes stress-free, joyful and productive.

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Chopin's etude op 10 no 1 "Waterfall" 🌊. This is one of those deceptively hard etudes which most pianists don't even bother performing because of high chance of failure. 🤦‍♂️ etude waterfall sonata musictheory langlang liszt chopin rainbowpiano lionelyu musicalbasics beethoven pianist classicalmusic piano pianocover arpeggios epicpiano pianoplayer mozart pianocovers piano pianosolo instamusic instaclassical classicalpiano grandpiano virtuoso technique pianopractice

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O, let my land be a land where Liberty is crowned with no false patriotic wreath, But opportunity is real, and life is free, Equality is in the air we breath O, let America be America again - The land that has never been yet - And yet must be - The land where every man is free. The land that is mine - the poor man's, Indian's, Negro's and ME 'LET AMERICA BE AMERICA AGAIN' by Langston Hughes 1902 to 1967 Sheet music : www.musicnotes.com Song : Fix You Artist : Coldplay Thank you sherlockfit YouTube link on bio for more music . newyork newyorklike iloveamerica ilovenewyork newyorker newyorkmusic pianosolo pianocover pianolover musicblog musicblogger musicbloggers pianotime pianomoments grandpiano pianohouse pianomoments pianoislife aerialview newyork_instagram statueofliberty travelmusic travelbloggeres fixyou coldplay nycblogger americaisgreat instrumentalmusic

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https:portal-preobrazenie.ru https:youtu.be/8NsdAmq6FbY Дары СЕРДЦА ЕДИНОГО https:goo.gl/7sgnPf

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Warning: Loud noise . Bo VS Construction . The most raw and random playing (and look) you’ll prob ever see of me 😂. Most likely will delete this soon🙈🙉 (but might keep the motif for my next composition 🤔) Purely and spontaneously inspired by the crazy construction noise (one of the noisiest yet) that was coming from my neighbors place all day today. I literally couldn’t even hear what I was playing 😂😅 noisy construction improvisation piano pianist pianomusic pianolover pianosolo classicalpiano bopianomagic pianistas musiciansofinstagram pianistsofinstagram 피아노 피아니스트 피아노레슨

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Ayer use mis pianos para grabar para lean.pizzu.musica . Para su nuevo disco. Compone canta toca la guitarra arregla y te produce. Hermosa música. En la gira te maneja la combi jaja. Y no pienso decirles cuántos años tiene piano pianomusic pianistasargentinos pianoplayer pianistas pianist musik music musica leandrobulacio argentina pianoforte instapiano grandpiano steinway sheetmusic worldmusic solopiano pianosolo musicosargentinos pianistsofinstagram pianogram songwriter cantautor guitarristasargentinos

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Today I had chance to play one of my original song on this one of the best piano brand in instrument history steinwayandsons . Thanks Miss Betsy for letting play this magnificent thing. X. steinwayandsons talented_musicians blackandwhite grandpiano music original piano pianist artist pianolovers impromptu pianoplayer kawaipiano musically asianmusician musicoftheday pianosolo pianoperformance instagrammusic asian classic classicalmusic darkmusic passion 音乐 x musicband musicvideo drums guitar colorado