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🇬🇧 Have you ever been to the Hintersee? Then you certainly know the most famous rock of the Berchtesgadener Land. ⁣⠀ This place is already so well known that we had to get up three times in a row very early in order to have some peace and quietbefore the photo course that has always spread there.😅😅⁣⠀ .⁣⠀ .⁣⠀ 🇩🇪 Wart ihr schon mal am Hintersee? Dann kennt ihr ganz sicher auch den berühmtesten Felsbrocken des Berchtesgadener Landes.⁣⠀ Dieser Ort ist bereits so bekannt, dass wir drei mal in Folge wahnsinnig früh aufstehen mussten um hier auch nur im Ansatz mal etwas Ruhe zu habenvor dem Fotokurs der sich dort immer ausgebreitet hat.😅😅⁣⠀ .⁣⠀ .⠀⁣⠀ 📷 This was shot with a Fujifilm X-Pro2 + XF 10-24mm at 10mm | 1/8s | f/16 | ISO 200 | basic adjustments in Capture One 12⁣⠀ .⠀⁣⠀ .⠀⁣⠀ hintersee instatravel instamood picstagram travelgram travelmood travelholic mountains photography landscape photooftheday travelphotography travelblog bavaria germany naturelover mothernature traveler teamtravel tbt inspiration tumblr timeoutsociety thetraveltsg travelers aroundtheworld speechlessplaces meditation inspiringtravelers timeout

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Corner by the Sea.

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발을 담근다면 강 그녀는 바다보다는 강을 닮은 사람이다. 그 물결은 파도 치지 않고 흐른다. 한번의 일렁임 뒤에 찾아오는, 갯바위에서의 정적, 그 끔찍한 고요를 잊게 만드는 사람이다. 곡성이었나, 섬진강물이 부서지는 소리가 유독 크게 들리는 강가에서 새우깡에 잎새주 병나발을 분 기억이 있다. 그 소리가 그렇게도 커서, ‘강은 저렇게 힘들게 흐르는구나.’ 했다. ‘저렇게 울면서 흐르는구나.’ 했다. 강을 보며 마신 술은 달았던 걸로 기억한다. 나는 술에 취해 섬진강 물에 손을 담갔던 걸로 기억한다. 겨울이라서 물이 차가웠으려나. 섬진강은 울면서도 내 손으로 끊임없이 흘렀을 것이다. 발을 담근다면 강이다. 파도라는 것을 견딜만큼 나는 건강하지 못하다. 파도라는 것은 매혹적인 것이지만, 그리운 것은 강이다. 사랑하는건, 사랑한다면, 강이다. 그래서 그는 유일하게 여수바다를 좋아한다. 수필 에세이 essay 작가 바다 파도 럽스타그램 뒷모습 pic picstagram 글스타그램 일기 1일1글 소설 여수 여수밤바다 lover 여행 여행스타그램 연애스타그램

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2018.3.25 Dear diary, 这星期内把自己的行程排满,朋友看了我的行程都吓到😂最大的挑战是第一次要外坡来来回回,能住就住,那天住一晚,昨天住一晚。 当你试着把energy用尽,挑战自我极限却发现自己还可以再去的可能。 把事情完成后,晚上就是充电时刻,这一切累的值得~ 听神的话,走出舒适圈 神的恩典够我使用 lastyear picstagram memyselfandi leaveyourcomfortzone nightshot nightview nofilter breakthrough 去年语录 旧地重游 用自己曾经的努力鼓励自己再突破

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The single greatest opportunity this life affords us is the chance to be a part of something larger than ourselves. It is important to be reminded of that, especially when the reminders come in the form of a plaque on a park bench, found on a contemplative meandering stroll on the windward side of the island photography instapics photographer photos photographersofig pictures artistic creative creation creativity bestpics photoshoot photooftheday photobooth photogrid photo pics photographie photojournalism photographerlife photogenic picstagram photographylover travelphotography naturephotography photoshooting bestpictures photographersofinstagram bestsnaps sidewayseightprojects

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Solo chi ha un animale in casa può capire cosa significa: l'amore, la gioia, i piccoli momenti di dolcezza, la fatica e l'impegno che ci vuole. Diventa uno di famiglia e solo chi vive tutto questo può capire. Una gioia infinita🐕💖 🔸 Vi ricordo che sta per scadere il contest, tra meno di 24h verrà chiuso per poi l'estrazione finale. 🔹 campobasso campobassocity molise ilmoliseesiste ilmoliseresiste passeggiata walking walkinginmycity walk walkout style styleblogger curvymodel curvyman elegantstyle picstagram picoftheday pic instapic outfit love dog dastan ilovemydog puppy dogstyle balck red followme instalove

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📷 Restaurant am Himmel, Wien 🌌🇦🇹

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Scorcio de La casa de los balcones; il nome si riferisce ai meravigliosi balconi che, secondo l’usanza tradizionale canaria, fungono da facciata alla casa stessa, aggettandosi sulla strada antistante come una sorta di fregio architettonico. A La Orotava laorotava casadelosbalcones losbalcones canarias balconescanarios balconifioriti house beautifulhouse museo laorotavatenerife Tenerife tenerifenorte tenerifenorth canarie isolecanarie fotografia nikon photography fotogram fotodiviaggio photogram instaphoto picstagram scorcio puntodivista palmeras mood instagood loves_tenerife

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When he picks up trash with me Logan is always rewarded for his good action. Today he chose to have an hashbrown. Simple like that. / Lorsqu'il ramasse des déchets avec moi, Logan est toujours récompensé pour sa bonne action. Aujourd'hui, il voulait une petite patate de chez Tim. Pas plus compliqué que ça. instadaily instamoment instapic picstagram picoftheday hashbrown pickupyourtrash pickuptrash trashpicking trashpickup trashpicker toddler toddlersofig toddlersofinstagram goodaction earthdayeveryday

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Helloooo p'tite pastille ! Comment vas-tu ? La forme ? Moi, clairement, je manque de sommeil. Mais peu importe, il faut se bouger un minimum et surtout profiter du soleil ! Et l'occasion pour moi de faire mumuse avec mon nouveau jouet *Mme Irma* comme dirait ma fille. Elle : mais pourquoi tu as une boule de cristal ? Moi : pour pouvoir te voir en classe, savoir si tu es sage Elle : J'ai hâte de faire de beaux couchers de soleil ou bien faire de beaux monument 😍 Xoxo 📷: pastille_menthe picstagram picoftheday newday photography newtoy outside cherryblossom inthegarden magical spring bouledecristal nikon

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Burp! 🍘🍝🍣🍡🍥🍢🍤

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💒⚡"👶🏻"🌈👑 There is one and only such a thing as The One & Only Absolute-Sovereign Kingdom wherein Its King (beyooonnd all kings) ever did the most horrible sacrifice : CHRIST 'The Truth' 💒⚡ 🎼 The mighty fortress is our God, His Kingdom is forever 🎶 ~ 📖 10:15, Mark; by CHRIST 'The Truth' 📖 : "Verily I say unto you, Whosoever shall not receive the kingdom of God as a little , he shall not enter therein." (King JV) . "I tell all of you with certainty, whoever doesn’t receive the kingdom of God as a little will never enter it." (Int'l Std. Ver.) . "Truly, I say to you, whoever does not receive the reign of Elohim as a little , shall certainly not enter into it." (TS2009 {The Scriptures 2009 - Courtesy of Institute for Scripture Research []}) . "Truly I tell you, whoever does not receive and accept and welcome the kingdom of God like a little [does] positively shall not enter it at all." (Amplified) 💒🗺⚡ את~ΑΩ 💓🎰🌈 ś a r א ă n î 💓🎰🌈 JESUS THETRUTH TRUTH JesusSaves HolyBible SIN SpiritualWarfare REBORN BibleProphecy USA UnitedStates USA🇺🇸 bjj bjjlifestyle brazilianjiujitsu hdr hdriphoneographer shopstemdesigns hdrspotters hdrstyles_gf hdri hdroftheday hdriphonegraphy potd picoftheday pictureoftheday postoftheday picdaily picstagram daily