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With the right approach, you can turn a normal backyard flower into a work of art. Amber Fite did just that in this case! The interesting shape of the flower is eye-catching enough, but the razor-thin depth of field that highlights just a few petals takes this image to the next level.

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Leaving Hotham on a gorgeous day wasn’t easy but a week in snow have been absolutely awesome. 💙😍 ❄️ Blue Ribbon was only opened the day we leaving, thats a big disappointment for the boys as they badly wanted to do some blue and black runs from there. 🏂🏂🏂 Average natural snow depth of 150cm is fairly good this season. Oh dont forget your wheel chains ‘folks. Icy roads ahead ❄️🏔❄️ mthotham exit snow drivingdown instasnow picturesque victoria sunshine snowtrip july2019

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Say hello to my friend Mello. Protected and cared for by Old Heggs Turtle Sactuary. Photography by klphotographytt

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Clearly, The Passion burns brighter than the Fear 🔥 —————————————————— PC : myfotografypage retinacreativelab makeupbyme styledbyme ——————————————————- passion photography photographer photoshoot thelook lookbook cosmicspice makeup makeuplooks studiophotography studio portrait portraitphotography perfect attitude chic fashionista doseofcolors stylegram stylish instafashion instalook igerusa igerindia igerboston model picturesque magezine

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Life can get so confusing sometimes. Yet tell yourself that you're perfectly imperfect just the way you are. Have the compassion for yourself and all the decision you made in life good or bad forgive yourself and most importantly trust yourself! We are all doing the best we can and the most important relationship in this lifetime is the one with yourself , it's all that's left at the end of the road so love love love yourself and the rest will fall into place. And when you're there, you can finally say, it's worth the climb. 🙌 grammerph livetowander wonderful_places earthfocus wanderlust lcrph love locals picturesque travelphotography wanderlust travelgram lightroomspresets afterlight s8photography feedpost vibe livetowander beautifuldestinations phwanderlust lakbaypinas philippinelocal photooftheday uriver cliffhanger igers travelinspo sinopinas vscodaily vscohub igdaily igers urivergaming cliffhanger

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La Boca is the type of place one simply wanders around in, taking in the sights of the pseudo-art galleries lining the laneways, the sounds of buskers entertaining the crowds, and the smell of grilled meat wafting out of the restaurants. Those who choose to visit in the evening can also enjoy one of the many tango shows that continue into the wee hours of the morning. - - - - - - - - - - - - amazing laboca labocabuenosaires labocabuenosairesargentina buenosaires caminito caminitobuenosaires bsaires instagrammablespot instabuenosaires instagrammable instagrammableplace instaworthy argentine picturesque architecture byebyeargentina

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The specific area to explore is El Caminito (“Little Walkway”) which was formerly a rail route. There, travellers find themselves surrounded by a vibrant streetscape, with a kaleidoscope of colours in every direction—all thanks to the immigrants who settled the area and painted their houses with whatever leftover paint they could find from the nearby dockyard. From the facades of the storefronts and shanty houses to the sidewalks themselves, it’s like a rainbow at every turn. - - - - - - - - traveldiaries travelling traveltrip trippyowl destination_earth destination discover wonderfultravel instagrammableplaces instagrammable destination laboca labocabuenosaires labocabuenosairesargentina buenosaires caminito caminitobuenosaires bsaires instagrammablespot instabuenosaires instagrammable instagrammableplace instaworthy argentine picturesque

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Linen has the ability to simplify a world that has become loudly overcomplicated ☁️

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📸 *insert gazebo emoji*

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GUTMAN'S CAVE is the widest and highest cave in the Baltic Countries, located on the Gauja River in the National Park of Sigulda. It started forming more than 10 000 years ago when meltwater eroded the sandstone rock after the Ice Age. It is the oldest tourist attraction in Latvia. On the walls of the cave are inscriptions from the 17th century 🏞 - latvia summer july sigulda trip beautifulplace gutmanaala cave amazing view summertime wonderful sunnyday gauja national park sightseeing walk incredible landscape awesome sandstone rock mountains picturesque place beautifuldestinations adventure travel discoverearth

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GAUJA NATIONAL PARK is the largest national park in Latvia, with an area of 917.5 km² running from north-east of Sigulda to south-west of Cesis along the valley of the Gauja River, from which the park takes its name. The territory has a great diversity of species – some 900 plant species in all. The Gauja is Latvia’s most popular river for water tourism, and many tourist accommodations are found along its shores. The Gauja National Park is one of the best-appointed protected territories in Latvia in terms of nature trails and tourism routes 🌳 - latvia summer july sigulda trip beautifulplace gauja national park panorama amazing view summertime wonderful day forest walk gaujasnacionalaisparks beautifulview incredible landscape awesome riverview beautyofnature picturesque place beautifuldestinations adventure travel discoverearth

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good friends, today I wanted to post something different, as I never upload several photos and just stay there, I think it's better to have them here, I forgot, the first picture is not my middle finger, but my little finger, hahaha, just to clarify 🐊👌📢 fingerprintofgod finger lifestyle love pic picoftheday picsart pics pictureoftheday pictures picture picturesque liverpool day instagood picofinstagram goodmorning good me meditation fotostumblr tumblr foto fotos dia vida differentlook

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KRIMULDA MANOR 🏛 Krimulda Palace was buid in 1822 and is one of the last remaining examples of the boarding-house type buildings which were common here during the 19th century. Before World War I, it was a boarding house for aristocrats and higher government clerks. In 1921 the state took over Krimulda manor allowing the Latvian Red Cross to establish the only sanatorium in the country for tuberculosis treatment. The house continued as a healing facility through World War II. Nowadays it is a certified rehabilitation center with both hotel and hostel types of lodging available. - latvia summer july sigulda trip beautifulplace krimulda manor amazing view summertime beautifulday sightseeing interesting walk incredible landscape krimuldasmuiza palace beautifulview awesome modern history building picturesque place beautifuldestinations adventure travel discoverearth

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SIGULDA CASTLE was build in the period from 1204 to 1209 by The Brothers of the Sword, who controlled the left bank of the Gauja river. Originally, it was a 'castellum' type fortress with a chapel. Later, the castle was rebuilt into a convent-type building. The castle had a wide outer forepart, where a bustling settlement of traders and craftsmen was formed 🏰 - latvia summer june sigulda town trip beautifulplace medieval castle ruins amazing view summertime wonderful day sightseeing citywalk incredible landscape spectacular fortifications wall watchtower beautifulview picturesque place beautifuldestinations adventure travel discoverearth

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อ่อนก็แพ้ไป กระแต อาร์สยามเต็มวง MyMomRichTrip

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They are Indian and Burmese. On the road and street in Yangon, you will see various race of people but they are Myanmar citizens. The Union of Myanmar, there are not only one but 8 Major National Ethnic Races. awesome allshots hellonovember

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Today our trip was fantastic and amazing. Myanmar showed us their soul, Buddhism that Burmese people always respect. This is a reason why that all of temple in this country is always crowed with people going for praying and showing their respect.