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Turn the sound up 🔊 I don't care if you have to leave the room, grab ear buds or get in trouble, whatever it takes. Turn the sound up. 🐷🔊🐷🔊🐷🔊🐷 Video shot by my friend the.hungry.tourist the.hungry.tourist wholehogbbq churrascoterapia puppup_foodlife pig hog wholehog culinary wholehog bbqpork bbq porcoassado barbecue barbekü barbacoa Барбекю churrasco instabbq kingofthegrill foodstagram bbqlads 🐽 🐷 foodpics pork bbqpork gettingpiggywithit gettinpiggywithit

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Avsluttet tidligere i dag en rå session med Emil Nikolaisen i Malabar. Emil brillierte som fyttirakkern med miks på Harpoons og Pig. Emilie Lium Vordal kom innom i går kveld, og løftet det opp enda noen etasjer med sine vokal fills. Tuuzzzenn takkk Harpoons pig malabarstudio serenamaneesh oslo

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The factory is open for business! Join Captain Cutie as he uses his magic wand to open Surprise Eggs full of fun and excitement! Want to check out the video? Head to our YouTube channel in our bio and click on the latest video! We hope to open some Surprise Eggs with you soon ❤️

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Don’t you hate it when your family comes to visit and it totally inconveniences you? Don’t get me wrong, we love our families, but sometimes they can be much. 🍄 My family is probably gonna see this and be so mad 😂 hamiltonandfriends hamilton hamiltonpig pig mushroom family truffle farmlife comics comicstrip handdrawn drawing lemonadestand illustration character originalcharacter comedy art artist artistsoninstagram cartoon exhaustion bartender cute friendship friends

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Suuuuuuuuueyyyyyyyyyy pig

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My cute little piggies eventually they won’t be so cute ❤️ pig

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Had to stop at Publix for a sub before heading back to California!

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Cada momento especial se merece un detalle super especial, complementa y personaliza tu celebración 🎉🎂🍰, que esperas contáctanos 📞 0996451644 o envíanos un mensaje privado, búscanos en Facebook como Melek Pastry melekpastry reposteriacreativa cakestyle pastel chocolate peppa pig arboles cumpleaños ibarra ecuador allyouneediscake detalleespecial made_with_love regalo fondant colores postres delicioso pidelosya personalizado detalleespecial cakestagram flores pastel

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Ashley J. Williams Perks: Flip Flop, Mettle of Man, Buckle Up Holy fucking shit i posted all the survs yay me. Im not posting all the killers, just the ones i like 📸:amnezis on vk

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Ist es bei euch heute auch so warm? Morgen sollen es bei uns wieder 39 Grad werden🥵 Meine Freunde der Bär 🐻 und das Schwein 🐷 sind auch ganz schön müde von dem Wetter, deswegen liegen wir jetzt einfach hier rum und entspannen auf dem kühlen Boden Habt einen schönen Abend ❤️🐕 • • • französischebulldogge evening hot summer dog relax pig bear love frenchbulldog frenchie plants home frenchielove bully picoftheday photooftheday homesweethome tuesday doglife summertime toohottogooutside instagood instadaily hund warm beautiful baby animals

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" kendrick_bbq - How did I break in my Traeger Timberline 1300… with an 80 pound whole hog. Seriously nose to tail touching sides but it fit and 9 hours later it was ready to eat. 275° for first 6 hours and 320° last 3 hours traegergrills whiskeybentbbq traegerbbq .⠀⠀ .⠀⠀ .⠀⠀ .⠀⠀ .⠀⠀ .⠀⠀ .⠀⠀ .⠀⠀ .⠀⠀ .⠀⠀ .⠀⠀ .⠀⠀ traegergrills traegernation traeger wholehog hog pig piggy swine pulledpork $pork loins porkbutt porkbelly bacon baconporn bbq churrascada Churrasco lowandslow ham meatlovers beastmode gobigorgohome getinmybelly flavortown porky"

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Heute ist die Katze meiner Oma gestorben und genau das war das Thema. Sie leiden wegen einer Katze und essen gleichzeitig andere Tiere. Ich will nicht immer darüber reden aber vor allem solche Momente sollten zum Nachdenken bringen. Wenn der Tod eines Tieres so schmerzhaft ist, wie kann man andere tote Tiere essen? Credit: lukaleonvlahovic vegan veganism cats cat pet animals animalrights life alllivesmatter compassion love crueltyfree sentientbeings katze tiere liebe tierrechte veganismus leben likeforlikes spamforspam pig cow meat fleisch sheep chicken think

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I fcking hate myself Yesterday I did so well, I've eating around 400 calories and workout in the morning and walked a lot through the day, also I was swimming in the noon to work everything off. And at night I didn't binge! I was so proud at myself, I only ate 2 salads without dressing. But never the last, today I totally fucked up I binged whole day long With no exercise, no purging no nothing. I'm fcking disgusted. Am at 2 hours fast atm almost 3 and tomorrow I won't eat until the evening, by then I'll just eat a salad and I'll drink a lot to get it out of my fcking body I don't have laxatives atm so I'm fucked. Also I'm going to workout as hell tomorrow. Ugh. I hate myself so much I just want to be skinny but my stupid boulimia always kicks in. I'm sick of it. • • Done Fat Need2LoseWeight Alone ED WannaBeSkinny Girl Boy Workout Nothing Don'tEat Dirty Pig

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Sorry not sorry for the piglet spam! 🙈 They’re just too cute 🐷🐷

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BBQ time!

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