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Были найдены и съедены конфетки-свинки, предназначавшиеся для новогоднего стола)) sweets pigs food

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Igår havde Albamusen og jeg en fantastisk og glad dag ❤️ Vi var oppe og besøge mine grisepiger Mopper og Arne (og alle de andre grise, ænder, lam, hunde osv) ❤️🐷🐷 3 1/2 år er de nu, og de vejer ca 350 og 300 kilo 😀 Maria og Niels passer så godt på dem, de lever det sprødeste griseliv, en hel tønde land, mudder og råhygge, med faste foder OG klø på maven tider ❤️ Jeg kan aldrig takke de kære dyrevenner nok, for på 2 sek at sige JA Linse, kom du bare med de 2 grisepiger 🙏🐷❤️ msv_25 linsepigen1007 krisvind stellaresenstella14 og alle de andre søde mennesker der var tilstede, sikke en dejlig afslappet og tiltrængt dag ❤️ nobacon pigs lovetoallanimals albaduerkongeselskab. Swipe og se alle billederne 🐷

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among my own kind

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Swipe 1⃣& 2⃣ Share this as much as possible. अब कोई मुझे ये मत कहना में हिन्दू मुस्लिम के बीच नफरत फैलता हु , में तो बस लोगो को जागरूक करने का प्रत्यन कर रहा हु। आप देखे ये सूअर की औलाद किस प्रकार हमें ,हमारे देवताओ को बुरा कह रहा है ,हमारे देवताओ को रेपिस्ट कह रहा है,हिन्दुतान से सारे हिन्दू ख़तम ही जायेंगे ,हिंदुस्तान पर पाकिस्तान का झंडा लहराएगा , हिंदुस्तान के टुकड़े टुकड़े हो जायेंगे। अब भी कुछ सेक्युलर हिजड़े होंगे जो कहंगे की सब मुस्लमान गलत नही होता तो आप खुद के ही पैर पर खुलाड़ी मर रहे हो। जय हिंद🇮🇳 जय श्री राम🚩 जय गौ माता🙏🙏 pigs islamrapist islamicterrorist islam muslim muslimgirls hindustan hindustaniyodha hindu hindugirls congresshataodeshbachao congress conversion likes like4follow likeforlikeback likeforlikes like4likes like followers followforlike likesforlikesback follow4like followforfollowback follow follow4followback

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Video 5 of series MirzapurWildlife Did you know that a herd of wild boar is called ‘Sounder’? Wild Boar (Sus scrofa) is protected as Schedule III under Wildlife (Protection) Act, 1972 . Wild pigs are normally most active in the early morning and late afternoon, though they become nocturnal in disturbed areas. Major threat to their survival are habitat loss and hunting for food, sport or in reprisal for crop damage. This clip is part of the first ever camera trap survey conducted in Mirzapur Forest Division by us in partnership with wildlifetrustofindia dswfwildlife earthmatters and Mirzapur Forest Division. The report will be published soon. For more of such videos subscribe to vindhyabachao and follow MirzapurWildlife cameratrap wildlife vindhyachal Mirzapur wildlifephotography conservationbiology vindhyachal forest junglefever mammalsofinstagram   wildlifephotography wildlife_india wildlifeofindia wildlife_vision wildlife_shots wildlife_captures wildlifeonearth wildlifeofinstagram wildlife boar wildboar pig sounders boarsofinstagram pigsofinstagram pigs pigstagram earthday

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Bánh này ngon lắm luôn hôm trước mua ở Aeon là hình con gà giờ là hình con heo hihi🐷🐷

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When you've eaten one too many chocolate eggs Pssst. Today is our last day of our NEW Easter Wizard of Oz event!

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Little Rooster 😂 too cute 💕Repost By emmateu: When you are still a baby but already speak a second language 🔊😄😍💓🐾 How innocent and sweet, looks like someone just woke him up! 🙈 This precious angel crowing like a rooster made me smile, he is just too adorable! 😍💕 Hope he will have a life full of Love and respect 🙏❤🐾 ☆ Dogs are one of the purest Souls that inhabit this Earth ❤ Innocent like a , they will give us their trust again and again, no matter what. Please never betray their pure hearts 🙏❤🐾 ☆ sweet precious pure adorable puppy heartwarming amazing smile cutenessoverload please love all animals ❤🐾 Vid by unknown, please tag credit if you know it 🙏 dog puppy rooster cackling animals cuteanimals vegansaroundtheworld vegan vegans puppiesofig dogsofig veganism veganlove happyvegans pigs cats savetheanimalssavetheearth vegansaroundtheworld

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Broward County Deputy Christopher Krickovich & Sgt Gregg LaCerra pepper spayed 15 year old Lucca and smashed his face into the concrete and punches him repeatedly in the face 😡 I hope your inherit your karma you racist piece of 💩 The police are funded by our taxes, we pay their salaries. They work for us When the public calls for two officers that abuse their authority to be fired and have their careers stripped, we expect it to be done so swiftly. browardcountysheriff browardcounty crookedcops kkk racist pigs ihopeyourentirebloodlinedieoff SgtGreggLaCerra DeputyChristopherKrickovich ChristopherKrickovich

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Pigs great ♥ ⤵ Double tap & tag your friend Love it 😉💖 Would you like to wear pig T-Shirts or Mugs, Legging, Hat? Grab yours by clicking the link in my profile Bio 💗 * Follow my instagram if you love 😍 pig : ➡ pigs_of_gram 👫Love to tag? Please do!⤵ * Credit: little_piggy_pigi welovepigs pigs_of_gram

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Look at that face! How can you not love her 🐽💕 What’s your favorite animal??

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Happy Earth Day to every single member of our Earth community who shares this incredible planet we call HOME! 💚🐝🐜🐞🕷🦋🐛🦞🦑🐙🐡🐬🐊🦈🐋🐆🦏🦘🐎🦒🐄🐐🐖🐕🦙🐑🐕🦚🦃🐇🐿🐀🐓🦆🦅🦇🐚🌳🌻🌴👩🏻‍🌾👨🏾‍🌾🦜🐍🌻🦉🦔🦡🦓🦍🦒💙🌎 Not only are pigs wonderful friends but also the best pillow ever! Thank you South China Morning Post for capturing this moment and for sharing the story of our founder Justine Kwok. 👉🏻 Please check out the full article in our bio. 💖 scmp hkahf woh2018 dongdongthepig theirplanettoo happyearthday earthdayeveryday flowfarmsanctuary

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I love animals more than humansbut there's a small handful of humans I love as much as I love the animalsits the highest compliment I can pay anyone micheles_altruism is someone I adoreher powerful unapologetic personalityher relentless pursuit to spread the TRUTHher love and caring for the defencelessand opening her home to feed me with her delicious foodthank you Michele for caring about the animals and meseeing you with them this morning made my dayworld would be grand if more humans were like you my dear 🤗 forever my friend vegangirl vegan vegans reginapigsave moosejawsk moosejawphotographer YQR regina saskatchewan canadianvegan regina endspeciesism VEGANWARRIOR stopeatinganimals freetobemeanimalsanctuary animalsanctuary cows pigs friendsnotfood love truth itsnotfooditsviolence family compassion thefutureisvegan animals animalliberation moosejaw