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FLURO FriYAY! 🌈🍍 Our Club Tropicana halter tops are back in action 🍍celebrating onewaveisallittakes 6th birthday today down at Bondi Beach 🇦🇺 One Wave is an awesome non-profit surf community raising awareness through saltwater therapy, surfing and fluro colour! 🌈✌🏼 So much fun to get involved this morning. Our club Tropicana pineapples were a hit 💌 DM to buy these LimitedEdition Club Tropicana (reversible) kini tops. or Fluro pride bottoms, we can custom make to your size and style. ( sideboob) Click the link in Bio to hear when our new collection drops.🌐 🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍

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My supplement station 🖤

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Cheers to the weekend babes! It's been a helluva week, thanks for joining in😘 . Wearing kiikluxe dress which could also be worn over denim shorts or jeansit's got freaking pineapples ❤🍍🍍and is roomy and fresh style name is 'four six three. I'll pop a link in stories x sp. pineapples adelaideblogger

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I am in an absolute emotional state. I do not understand the medication and drug protocol that my clinic has sent through. I have sent them 4 emails, and they have promised to call me twice, both times failing to do so. The bill for my medication is about R20,000 / £1000 and then the clinic is also charging R64,000 / £3500 for the process. I am an international patient of the clinic, so I can't just pitch up for appointments. I also can't just fly down when eggs are cooked - I have to plan these things well in advance and I am loosing all perspective trying to do this! I feel alone and terribly confused and angry that I have to keep forcing some communication when I should be looked after! And with spending such a huge amount of money, I CANNOT afford to make a mistake and I cannot afford to experience this stress either! At the same time, I feel so guilty for continuously bugging the doctor and clinic! RANT! 🤬🥵😡😭😖🥺

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Weird fruit like things hanging under a rock shelf when I was out sea lettucing. I think they are sea pineapples 🍍🍍🍍

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Pineapple, pineapples, pineapples! Comedian Kevin Hart is famous for a story where he explains how the word “pineapples” would help him get out of a sticky situation. But we’re happy to share that the actual fruit can help your body is so many ways, it’s incredible. Here are just a few… 1. Fights inflammation -Bromelain is an enzyme that has anti-inflammatory properties. Bromelain helps the body get rid of toxins by fighting off inflammation which impacts all the tissues and organs in the body. Regular consumption of pineapple can help to treat mild forms of arthritis and sports injuries by reducing inflammation and pain. 2. Helps with weight loss Due to the fiber contained in pineapple, it takes more time to digest, thus causing a prolonged feeling of satiety. Drinking pineapple water prevents sugar and fat cravings. Thiamine helps boost your body metabolism by converting carbohydrates into energy. 3. OH AND FOR MY LADIES- Eating fresh pineapples should be incorporated into your every day practices if you are concerned or worried about your natural bodily taste or smell. Always drink plenty of water too. While it may be tasty, foods that have heavy amounts of the spice curry, have been known to throw off a woman’s smell down there too. Keep your diet clean, make sure that you do drink a lot of water and hydrate. You don’t want your bodily secretions to be concentrated if you’re not hydrated. legacydetox smallbusiness smallbusinesssupport smallbusinessowner detox detoxdrink water fruit fruitinfusedwater health healthylifestyle batonrouge detoxwater healthyliving fit summer summervibes summerbody summerbodygoals louisiana louisianabusiness louisianasmallbusiness batonrougebusiness batonrougesmallbusiness pineapples freshfruits freshfruitwater

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Pass the blunt bruh

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💥FEATURE FRIDAY!💥 TOMMY HILFIGER-Golf. Price $24. Sporty sleeveless shirt in pale pink & white pinstripes w/ blue embroidered palm trees! The collar band is finished in blue w/white pinstripes. Features 5 buttons down the front, breast pocket & logo at left front hem. Size marked Med. 25” length, 36” bust, 40” hip. No rips/stains. 100% cotton. Excellent condition. A great warm weather addition to your wardrobe. SPECIAL PRICE though midnight, CDT-3/22/19. Comment “Mine” and DM your email & zip code w/the item you want. Invoice must be paid within 3 hours otherwise next in line is invoiced. Please note~shipping is not included. Thank you for shopping with us! tommyhilfiger pinstripeshirt tommyhilfigergolf golfshirt pineapples sportswear springfashion casualwear sleevelessshirt resale featurefriday flatlay instasale onsale shopallday flatlayfriday specialprice shoptvl dmtopurchase thevintagelabel

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Pineapple for the crew after each fitness session. Word on the street is it’s good for recovery post exercise. Plus it goes down a real treat. 🍍

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How to get a bikini body Put a bikini on your body And stop giving a shit what other people think!😝👙 . Little afternoon pool time with these two little cuties 🥰💖

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2019年発売、パインアメチョコレート! パインアメとチロルが駄菓子界の垣根を超え、コラボ! ドンキホーテ限定発売です! 袋を開けた瞬間から香るパインの香り! 南国を思わせます! 黄色いパインチョコにはザラメが見え隠れ! さらにザラメだけでなく、パインアメを砕いたものまで入っているそう! そのおかげでザックザク、ジャリジャリの食感! パイン味ではなく、きちんとパインアメ味として完成度の高いチロルです! tirol tirolchoco tirolchocolate chocolate チロル チロルチョコ チロルチョコレート チョコレート チョコ チロリスト チロラー ドンキホーテ ドン キホーテ ドンキ パインアメ パイン パイナップル アメ あめ キャンディ donquixote donquijote pineapple pineapples pineapple🍍 candy

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We are geared up for spring and tons of time enjoying our backyard and what better way to prep than these awesome hand carved pine apple bowls from Hawaii! Just think of all the yummy fruit you can stick in one of these and eat by the pool. Grab this set in the shop with tons more, link in our bio! pineapples pineapplebowls pineappledecor tropicaldecor tropicalparty tropical pineapplehomedecor springvibes summervibes backyardparty monkeypodwood monkeypod wooddecor woodenbowl bohostyle bohodecor boho bohohomedecor shopvintage shoplocal etsysmallbusiness etsyshop shoponline vintagehomedecor decor vintage vintageclothing vintagejewelry handmadedecor shopsmallbusiness

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marchmeetthemaker Day 19, 20, 21: 🧵Dream Collaboration: I have no idea! I've been working so hard on getting a solid foundation that I honestly haven't had time to dream that far ahead yet! 🧵Design process: First picture is of me planning out fabric choiceswhich is really hard for me. But to increase production I've had to limit prints20 might seem like a lot but I could easily pick 80! 🧵Throwback: Picture two is from my very first craft fair Fall 2015. The moses basket only came to a few fairsit was what I slept in as a baby and what my daughter slept in as a newborn as well!

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Our SPRING SALE is on, now until this Saturday! Enjoy up to 30% off the entire shop, including 20% off all barware, glassware, and bar accessories! (cocktail mixers not included). • We have gold plated cocktail shakers, locally made stemless wine glasses, pineapple etched glasses for the ladies, buffalo etched glasses for the gentleman, and everyone's favorite extra large silicone ice mold tray (👈 great housewarming gift! 🎁) + moreStop in and stock up for all of those upcoming Spring parties! 🌷🍾 Our shop hours tomorrow + Saturday are 11 to 8. • • • oak84shop secondwindfurnitureshoppe springhassprung springsale upto30percentoff barware stockup etchedglass glassware rocksglasses pineapples buffalos giftsforher giftsforhim goldplated cocktailshakers locallymade stemlesswineglasses shopsmall buylocal boutiqueshopping hartsvillesc experiencehartsville oak84xsecondwind

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Hi Spring, we missed you. 🌸☀️🍍

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I thought happiness started with an H. Why does mine start with U?