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Usually it's the ball. Sometimes it's the monkey or the reindeer or the bone. Today it was the rope. I can't explain why this happens. I just get the urge! I cant control the urge. I can only play until it subsides, and then I feel better and can finally take a nap. getit vicious gremlin dogsofinsta tugofwar

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Why do we emphasized so much on PLAY? Because PLAY is important to healthy brain development Next trial session: April 1-3. Come EXPLORE & DISCOVER the fun in PURE PLAY LEARNING with us. Whatsapp us at 016-225 6089 to book your appointment slot for 2019 intake (afternoon session) now kinderkaizen kinderkaizenkotawarisan championingchildhood empoweringparenthood play pureplay pureplaylearning playwork playmovement freeplay letkidsplay playmatters learningthroughplay childhood education tadika prasekolah preschool preschoolmalaysia kidsactivity funwithkids parenting kotawarisan saujanaklia sereniacity sunsuriacity nilai dengkil banting sepang

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(Chuckles) "I'm in danger"

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🎉GOOD MORNING INSTA FAM 🎉. 💚💛💙Happy Choti Holi 💙💛💚 Are you in that group of friends who wake up early in the morning and then meet up with their frnd's grup and then exercise / play alot burning loads of calories and then end the morning with having morning snacks like Choley Bhature and repeat this everyday 😂 Well welll well if this dont happen with me , i wouldnt be posting this right now 😂🙈 💰 70 📍 Om Di Hatti Seek permission before reposting ◆◆◆◆ FOLLOW agirlwithpassion . ◆◆◆◆ agirlwithpassion devourpower holi festival rangoli indianblogger foodbloggers delhifoodblog delhigram march marchmadness happyholidays mumbaiblogger mumbaifood choleybhature kolkata indians colours play thefeedfeed

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연극추천 포트폴리오 PORTFOLIO 김지원 강주희 유원준 최나라 조용진 이지연 김민혜 서울시극단 세종문화회관 PLAY 演剧 may梅 연극포트폴리오 연극PORTFOLIO 플래시 온 창작플랫폼 서울시극단 창작플랫폼 선정작 공연 일본군 '위안부' 피해자 할머니 이야기 신선한 전개 연기 잘 하는 배우들 심각하게 만들지 않고 힘 뺀 위안부 피해자 할머니 스토리 일본군위안부'피해자 할머니를 향한 색다른 시선이라 더 좋음 3월 14일부터 3월 17일까지 세종문화회관S씨어터 에서 공연

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Quem conhece esse pregador? Pr. Manoel Brito reside em João Pessoa PB começou ainda pregar muito novo aos seus 16 anos aproximadamente segundo minhas pesquisas (lembrando esse Instagram quem administra é um admirador do pastor e seu ministério), acho sua trajetória muito parecida com Davi da Biblia a sua juventude foi moldada no anonimato, perseguições o prepararam para ter equilíbrio na Chamada e assim como Davi aos 40 anos reconhecido por todo Israel como ungido do Senhor começou a viver o propósito (revelei a idade do Pr Brito espero que o senhor não se incomode). Resumindo esse homem tem sido um profeta para nossa nação e principalmente para seu estado e cidade então aperta Play e veja o que tá acontecendo em João Pessoa. prmanoelbrito

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Got a mind, to keep in mind, a powerful state of mind What makes you think I’m afraid of your lines? When I’ve destroyed and killed the demons inside my own Keep in mind, I’m a winner you’re a sinner. Just forget about the rhyme I wrote. Don’t need any fame, cause nothing will keep me tamed Just remember my words are more lethal, than the lethal injection Skills as sharp as Just write the word “sword” what do you get? Just take the letter “S” out and you have my word. Word play that literally confuses you and leaves you reevaluating your “career” Damn rhymes got more baggage than the trunk of your truck, and trump 😂 💎 (Don’t go against me Next time I’ll use your name and destroy you that way) You f*cking hillbilly, probably wet your willy and got you shaking Quit faking, you ain’t shit 🤲🏼 💎 bnw blackandwhite model pose word play photography rhymes positivevibes all mind power instagram insta instagood photooftheday photoshoot picsart photogrid pic beyou love yourself wednesday blessed instadaily me portrait bnwphotography leather