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Please looking cearfuly

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매니저한테 도장을 맡기는게 아니었어😨 유튜브 소희TV 검색 구독 좋아요💗

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Modi Ji 🧓🏻 please 🙏🏻 please 🙏🏻 please. 😭 मेरी सुरक्षा 🔐 बढाओ क़्योकि 🤟🏻 मुझ पर कई छोरीयाँ 😍 ाईन मार 👩🏻‍🦳 रही है और 😘 😱 मुझे डर है कि 😎 मै कहीं पट ना 🥰 जाऊँ😂 I

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Not the Titanic-Lex

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Wow, what is this. Me posting again without a month in between? That’s crazy! Anyways, like I said on my story, you need to watch this show! It’s amazing, based off of a real person, and it deals with somewhat relevant topics to today, despite it being set in the 1830’s. Yeah, that right! 1800’s lesbians! Your out of your mind if you haven’t watched it yet (or now plan too after this post). But in all seriousness, this is an amazing show and I love it so much. Anne Lister was a real person and her story is finally being told, through amazing cinematography none the less. (I should warn those who are younger, it has a few explicit scenes and some more mature content in a few places) but please don’t let that deter you from at least looking into this wonderful show. Also, if you do not identify as a lesbian, this is still a great show for everyone, all LGBTQ+ people are 100% welcome to watch it (Can you guys tell that I like it? I didn’t realize how much I had to say about it until I started typing. I’m also procrastinating studying for final exams 😬) gentlemanjack surranejones annelister watchthisshow please imbeggingyou doyourselfafavor

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Please like my song

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🐼 ‪ パンダの背中 🐼 彩浜 🌈 一生懸命 🐼 はしご 🐼 登る 🐼 可愛い 🐼 パンダの後ろ姿 🐼 ‪🐼‬ 🐼 ‪ 和歌山 🐼 ‪ 白浜 🐼 アドベンチャーワールド 🐼 AdventureWorld 🐼 🐼 🐼 YouTubePANDAKENJI Please Subscribe 🐼 ‪🐼‬ 🐼 神戸KENJI 🐼 KOBEKENJI 🐼 ‪ panda 🐼 giantpanda 🐼 パンダ 🐼 ジャイアントパンダ 🐼 панда 🐼 panda🐼 팬더 🐼 パンダ好き 🐼 大熊猫 🐼 熊猫 🐼 かわいい‬ 🐼 cute 🐼 pretty 🐼

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Please comment

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U r still the one that i need please

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こんにちは‼️大雨です🤢雨は嫌いではありません‼️ただ・・・洗車の次の日やん😧😧😧 どなたか、知りませんでしょうか?お隣の国のモニターのガイドライン消す方法‼️ どなたか、知りませんでしょうか? 教えてたもれ👽👽👽 大雨 洗車 rain carwash may ask please questions guide line monitor means red doyouknow

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Think we need some rain real soon bloody drought please rain soon 🙏🙏

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Whoops 😬 we feel sad that we missed World Bee Day yesterday! 🐝 on 20th May 1734 Anton Janša was born - the pioneer of bee keeping! Celebrate the bee! 🐝 we have some cute bee earrings too! by pignastudio. Be close to the bee 🐝 now we’re going to listen to ‘Be A Bee’ by French electronic pop duo AIR buzz buzz internationalbeeday beabee takebeesseriouslyplease please bee 🐝

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Season 2 Episode 6: “Joey gets tough” Jesse and his band get to be guests on Danny’s and Becky’s morning talk show😎. Meanwhile, Joey takes Danny’s advice to start being tough but it only makes things worse; making D.J. really mad with him😕 Swipe to see this episode👉🏼👉🏼 (Since this episode revealed my name😂I’ll let you guys all know thatYes my name is Tiffany!🤪💞) 🏠🏠🏠🏠❤️❤️❤️❤️ parent joey tough punish discipline dj mad jesse band tv sings funny fullhouse show family tannerfamily follow follow follow follow please comment like fanaccount bigfan fullepisodes edits enjoy loveyouall

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Who gets to decide?! The ONLY person who should decide is the pregnant woman and her partner if there is one. It's no one else's business. I can't believe it's up for (inter)national debate. Like homosexuality. What do people care who others sleep with?! Omg, get a life! What if the baby is born with a physical/mental handicap? Some families are up for that kind of commitment and sacrifice, and perhaps the can have a somewhat regular life, and that can be beautiful and life changing, but other families might not be able to commit to taking responsibility for someone who needs special care, and that's legit too, and maybe depending on the case it's not even a quality life for the and in that case an abortion would be a quick, painless death as opposed to a life of slowly, painfully dying. It really depends on the case. You can't generalize and pass a law for that - it's personal! Or what if it's a rape pregnancy? I cant even think about that one. Especially when it seems that still society would blame the victim instead of the perpetrator. Just crazy how the system works Or irresponsible who got pregnant, and imagine if those are still learning to take care of themselvesand now add a baby?! Some can and some can't. What I think is most important is if that baby will later be able to have a decent life or not, because if not, I think it's worse then. And the same goes for the mother. Of course there's always adoption, but honestly, every case is different and it's only the family's business, not the world's. There needs to be access to choice prochoice womensrights womensrightsarehumanrights womensrightsmatter mensabortionstories speakup please

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😸 운동도 열심히 하고 살빼서 나에게 있는지 몰랐던 브이라인을 찾으려 예쁜 척을 해보았습니다🙈 현실은 다시 동글동글로 가는 중ㅋㅋ 다리 화상 입은지 일주일이 지났고, 매일매일 치료 잘 받고 무지 잘 먹고 잘 쉬고 있는데 아직도 아프다니요 빨리 낫게 해주세요 🥺 나는나로 감사한날들 happyday goodluck please 🙏🏻

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please let us all denounce, another naughty who tries to use someone else's image of Andre Santos in SP) if someone had found him, call me at Direct anytime Enough of abuses with right people andresantosholf91 and a tremendous bastard using the image of a great friend of mine. policiacivil policiacivilsp alerta fbicbs

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Damn she’s hot🥵 ac I am gonna add it later cc angelicorigin nuditategrp lunicgrp | show: lucifer for annie, fleur, max, zaria, katie, bela, amrita, zozy, alexia, mia, amelia, allison, mersia, maya, liv and carper

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For those who prefer the documentary version, check out 'Reversing Roe' on Netflix. And then please use your common sense in favor of pro-choice and speak up and do whatever you can do about it. We live in the 21st centurylet's not travel back in time. Let's live in our times, and think of future generations and that we want them to have the best possible lifethey can choose. 🙏 prochoice womensrights womensrightsarehumanrights womensrightsmatter mensabortionstories speakup please

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