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Crazy what you find folded at the bottom of your purse. poem

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Custom GPT-2 poetry model, gen. 3 303,104 training iterations (approx. 230 hours on GPU) Climaxes The sun climbs in little peaks across the wet surface, the little layers of muscled earth shatter like dry stalks of glass. Rocks, gulls, trash trees, the word "tropism- generative" comes to mind. An old scrap-metal door framing a space of air from which the birds have lived, who inhabit the word, and dwell the word, which becomes, by being actual, the more intangible. Familiar, the sounds of the street, the traffic, the hum, the bird's hunger, the ice-cream truck and the red bread thrown in the driveway. Not the same as the drawn, still confused he who knocks at the door of the biology class, of clamped hands and cold muscles feeling through him, I'm told. Why ask if he himself has died? Or does he? What if he's there, Athena, now once again using her eyes? As if any other eyes in this nature are fair, are peaceable, capable, just the look of some small animal tearing through the sweet air, breathtaking. I ask people who know what they are doing when they move. If they move then there's no one here to complain to. No one. The bell has tolled in the odd, quiet dialect. She can see what is hard to be said, and tell it, impression too. Only what has been unthinkable can go now, only a sound rising, small, distilling in the gutters, the air sweeping by, rasping its faith on the ground. In the back room on the sunny desk latter hummingbirds stroke their wings, starting small circles, howling. Dieserevoic, the sings, In time, he shifts his head, his head, which is in turn raised high rice-flakes falling on the blanket like last year's snow gpt2 lstm poetry ai aiart aipoetry deeplearning computationalcreativewriting writing deepwriting poem aipoem generativeart generative generativetext neuralnetworks neural neuralnetwork neuralart

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and maybe if we thought about ourselves less as separate trees and more as branches of the same tree, all growing and gaining energy from one source, not oil or coal or even air or wind or sun but kindness and compassion, maybe then humanity would be a little more okay.⁣ ⁣ ~ but people don’t want to be trees, they want to cut them down⁣ ⁣ 🌴🌳🌲🌴🌳🌲🌴🌳🌲🌴🌳🌲🌴🌳🌲🌴⁣ ⁣ but what do i know anyway?⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ trees connectivity war politics hate humanity life poemsaboutpeople poemsabouthumanity love nature energy compassion kindness poem poet poetry instapoet instapoem poetsofinstagram writersofinstagram ericagracepoetry ericagrace bookstagram

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Full poem ⏬ . You are broken and unsure And you think I am full of light and laughter and wholeness But none of these are mine They are gifts from my Father In place of the broken mess that I gave Him Though I have gladly offered introduction You refuse Wanting the gift of my Father's light And none of Him Happy to drink your fill from me But what you want Of this light This laughter This wholeness Is more than I have to give You need to go back to the Source Ask Him 4/05/19 8:31p in prayer service (17/30) cmrprindle cmrpwrites poetry poem christianpoet blackpoets poetsofinstagram poetsofnyc poetrycommunity poetsofig writersofinstagram writersofig writercommunity spilledink poetryisnotdead napowrimo 30in30

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I wrote an obviously negative perspective that was inspired by a prompt from emberpoems. I chose if I were the sun and looking down on earth, write what I would see. I've been super into politics lately and I've always loved our Earth. I'm clearly not happy with how we are treating it. I'm going to challenge myself tomorrow though and write a positive outlook from the sun's perspective. Thanks for reading. poetry poet poets poem art inspiration poetsofinstagram poetess writer writing words poetryprompts poetrycommunity communityofpoets poetess femalewriter femalepoet floridapoet sun earth climatechange fate

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"A REASON TO HOPE" A Reason In Your Hope A Reason to still dream A Reason when it's worth it to try A Reason to know you are blessed A Reason in your Hope A Reason as you see tomorrow A Reason for this life you to live A Reason as You truly rise A Reason In Your Hope A Reason to have this abundant Joy A Reason To Have confidence in happiness A Reason when it's for these moments A Reason In Your Hope A Reason when it's great to love A Reason when you always care A Reason when it has meaning A Reason In Your Hope A Reason with your life your given A Reason when you have heart A Reason when its the unexpected A Reason In Your Hope A Reason When your bright eyes A Reason For This Hope To Your Life (C) EDWIN PIERROT 2019 Always have a Reason to live your life, always have a reason to have something worth fighting for, always have that strength that with Your hope you can accomplish anything that life throws your way, have The Reason to hope, because it can open so many doors to you to choose. Poetry Songwriting Poem CountryMusic ThankYouJesus inspiration Motivation WednesdayWisdom GoodEvening Hope Faith passion Heart Soul Hopeful AboutLife HaveHope AReasonToHope PracticeWhatYouPreach writer writersofinstagram

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Not everyone love to wait for long hours and walk. It need lots of patience. Now It’s upto you what’s your choice a crowded road which is travelled by everyone or another Untravelled road which is travelled by few. Theroadnottaken poem robertfrost writerscommunity words work dailyquotes quotes wordsofawriter dailywords dailywork dailyquotes workofig wordofawriter wordplay writer writercommunity writerofig igers writergram writersblock writerscommunity writersonig writerslife keepfollowing keepsupporting Happydaytoall Follow unrevealed_talks for more quotes

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thank you for asking

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terang tak suka keraguan

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Mama, It's that girl from church🌹