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. Silenzi che parlano Ti ritrovai in quei silenzi amari che parlavano più di mille parole. Farfugliavi a bocca chiusa e cuore serrato. Mi respingevi a braccia aperte e volto coperto. Solo gli occhi resistevano. Ma il tuo cuore aveva già deciso. Allora mai più sentii la tua voce. Allora mai più sentii la mia. N. M nature naturephotography sunset sunsetlovers tramonto campagna countryside poetry poesia writing poetryisnotdead scrivere poem poems delicate italy italia bologna poetrycommunity poetryporn photo pic

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One of the things she’s good at

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iseng" aja. ketika foto sendiri digabung sama puisi ciptaan sendiri, ditambah direkam pake suara sendiri 😆 . mon maap ya masih newbie, suaranya annoying😭 dengernya di mute aja wkwkwk puisi musikalisasipuisi quotes poems

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*** I’ve Learned *** If I’ve Learned Anything From Life, It’s That Sometimes The Darkest Times Can Bring Us To The Brightest Places, I’ve Learned That The Most Toxic People Can Teach Us The Most Important Lessons, That Our Most Painful Struggles Can Grant Us The Most Neccessary Growth And That The Most Hearbreaking Losses Of Friendship And Love Can Make Room For The Most Wonderful People, I’ve Learned That What Seems Like A Curse In The Moment Can Actually Be A Blessing And That What Seems Like The End Of The Road Is Actually Just The Discovery That We Are Meant To Travel Down A Different Path, I’ve Learned That No Matter How Difficult Things Seem, There Is Always Hope And I’ve Learned That No Matter How Powerless We Feel Or How Horrible Things Seem, We Can’t Give Up, We Have To Keep Going Even When It’s Scary, Even When All Of Our Strengh Seems Gone, We Have To Keep Picking Ourselves Back Up And Moving Forward, Because Whatever We’re Battling In The Moment, It Will Pass And We Will Make It Through, We’ve Made It This Far, We Can Make It Through Whatever Comes Next. 🙂💔🙂💔🙂💔 poetry poem poet poetsofinstagram writersofinstagram writing poetsofig writer poetrycommunity poems wordporn writersofig words spilledink instapoet typewriter prose poets creativewriting instapoem writers write writerscommunity instapoetry writingcommunity spokenword poetryisnotdead igpoets

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Lately, I've been sick of livin' and nobody knows how I'm really feelin' I always hated to smile, but it keep what is killing me hidden inside I didn't sign up to be the hero, but I don't want to wind up a villain I put my mother to bed, then attempted to kill myself in the kitchen Yeah, I should've screamed, but nobody listened So I passed out with the blood dripping In this glass house, feelin' like a prison Me and death keep tongue-kissing I just fell out with my little brother The life getting to us, the drink getting to us, the drugs getting to us It's highway to hell and everybody knew What the fuck were we doing? I'm feeling like Why don't you throw me in the damn flame? Bury me in gold chains writing writersofinstagram writer poetry love quotes writingcommunity poetrycommunity poetsofinstagram poem writerscommunity poems writers writersofig poet words art reading author wordporn life write books amwriting writerslife creativewriting quote quoteoftheday inspiration bhfyp

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"Solo cose minute all'improvviso mi mancano E vorrei ricercarle: la contentezza E il sorriso, questo animaletto furtivo Che ormai non vive più fra le mie labbra." juliocortázar Ho terminato questa bellissima raccolta di poesie, edita da edizioni_fahrenheit_451. Non avevo mai letto nulla di Cortázar, perciò l'ho trovata molto ricca e fatta bene. Alcune poesie mi sono piaciute davvero tante, di altre ho segnato alcuni versi. È stata una lettura davvero piacevole. leragionidellacollera razonesdelacólera edizionifahrenheit451 poesie poetry poems poetiargentini argentina literature libri libridaleggere reading bookshelf books booklover instabook bookpictures booksph bookpic bookphoto bookaddicted bookstagram sea summer argentinepoetry libridipoesia vivalapoesia leggerepoesia readingpoetry

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Хочется просто, легко и изящно, Поступью невесомо-парящей, С грациозностью балерины Перешагивать рвы и лавины. Под изгибом тонких запястий Ощущать мимолетное счастье, Ловить нежное прикосновение Хрупких трогательных мгновений. Но говорят, чтобы стать таким лёгким, Нужны длительные тренировки, Нужны стойкость, терпение и труд, А изящество с грацией после придут. А хочется сразу, без слёз неудач, Прорваться к вершине, как ловкий трюкач, А хочется сразу, без жизненной школы, Стать счастливо-парящим и невесомым. 07.10.2016 © Copyright: Эмма Миллер, 2016 стихи поэзия лирика стихиру современнаяпоэзия балерина спорт шпагат поперечныйшпагат полдэнс легкость грациозность изящество невесомо счастье тренировкиврадость тренировки грация преодоление стойкость терпение учитьсянепоздно writer poems poetry russianpoetry sport poledance vsco

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Are you getting me guys?

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Just kidding and buy in the morning swedes, and it's the final thing. Why? I don't think I'm from the side in the US and didn't have a slave for this.

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Provided there is least of traffic 😅 ! punetrafficissuckinglikenothingelsecouldever

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And this change has made me so stronger and happier too So in the name of those shitty things be calm for the stronger version of your's 🙌

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Sleep can't be replaced with anything but sleep😅😁

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Similar English translation; Time isn't a culprit when you are lost in your life and I am lost from your life 😶