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Props to TIME for getting the president's son-in-law and senior White House adviser Jared Kushner to agree to an interview. And Hillary Clinton and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi hours later. 💯 time100 mostinfluential journalism politics nyc

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Democratic presidential candidate andrewyang2020 made his stop in Los Angeles to speak to his supporters. Yang is looking to become the first Asian-American president in U.S. history. His signature policy plan this is what he calls "Freedom Dividend"' also known as Universal Basic Income, every American once turning the age of 18 receiving $1000 every month. Yang believes the need for UBI is due to rapid development of Automation or known as AI that is changing the current workforce. What are your thoughts on Andrew Yang? -The Ventura Report losangeles yanggang andrewyang yang2020 trump ubi democrats reporter journalist journalism content news politics election election2020

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তোমার আশেপাসে কী হচ্ছে দেখ, সতর্ক হও 🙂 ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ 🖋লেখা- _i_am_rasel ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ 📱Edit- _i_am_rasel ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ Tag with us- thebongaddicted or thebongaddicted ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ politics vote voterrun2019 . life love sad happy breakup feelings blogger kolkatabloggers kolkatagram ig_ bengali kolkata berhampore dhaka bangladesh socialmedia instagram facebook edit picsart logo sticker artist writer thebongaddicted tba

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I can't wait to edit this Guitar Day Graphikcs GraphicDesigner " LeGattiPanashe Marketing Art TheTeleporter Education What If? Finish the thought 1levelaboveTargetMarket MusicIndustry baggOfKcandyi TheReturnOfTheDrippionaire TheLastOfWestsideHerdonHomesAtl Go Follow yattooakcademyi mixtapeinonenight Twitter Youtube subscribe guitar architect drawing GattiBabiFreestyles †å††ðð G円ï ""Art Updates"" Milliard Ballat60 YattooAkcademyi art tattoos Celebrity tattooing tattooGattiblog blog digitalillustrations BlackForbes hiphop business assets wealth Design finance podcast Fashion service drawing ink health breakthrough illustrator entrepreneur success audience tech sex writing Royalties Billionaire dreams Fashion Followers meditation invest music Yoga Consulting wisdom designer Growth Consumer ChildrenChildren Worldpeace MixtapeInOneNight Podcast adobe consciousness painting Skateboarding rockstar IoT GattiBabi illustrator Guitar MusicProducer augmentedreality Dancing Powerfulthoughts networking Performer freestyle bigger sales Instrumentals rnb rap ownership architect design motiongraphics digitalarts Politics programming Writer TheTravellingApprentice

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What has been a very exciting and productive Earth Week so far (we don’t just stop at a Day around these parts) will culminate in my getting to participate in a small gathering in town at which berniesanders will be present I’m looking forward to meeting Senator Sanders and I know I have a number of questions for him What I want to know is what questions YOU would ask Senator, and Presidential hopeful, Bernie Sanders?

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The Canadian Mint is issuing these gay pride loonies. I'm really sick of the government shoving gay pride in our faces (no pun intended). There is no need to change our currency to reflect people's sex interests. I would have preferred a more updated look, but not this hideous abomination. And leave it to the liberals to say "look at Canada's new 1 dollar coin" as it says 10 dollars _ maximebernier peoplespartyofcanada conservative rightwing freedom freedomofspeech liberty libertarian populism politics unity prolife prosperity progun alberta saskatchewan manitoba ontario quebec reform responsibility republican jasonkenney donaldtrump jairbolsonaro stephenharper change uk brexit brexitparty

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The things people write fourwords about the mind sets of humans who happen to have spray paint with them 🙀 Not really sure what Orwell was right about from this statement but perception makes what is right and wrong so this was a waste of paint. And surely you'd agree not to agree with someone who is willing to spray judgment on public concretenow would ya? No film needed. Allston MA April 2019 TheRecluseMongoose captions politics society graffiti woosh 1984 orwell allston streets street misfits pop spraypaint

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Regarding climate change, _marioadame, candidate for San Antonio City Council (District 6), believes the city's focus "needs to be on energy sustainability and renewable resources for future generations." 📷: fabulousfrijoles marioadame mariofordistrict6 glitterpolitical glitterpolitics satx instasatx sananantonio campaign politics political climatechange satxbloggers columnist jadeestebanestrada igsatx election2019 purosanantonio earlyvoting buildingthecityyoudeserve meetyourneighbor gregbrockhouse picoftheday equality progress interview compassionatesa downtownsatx ambassador politician vote

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Not spoken about enough on the news is the race for fifth generation (5G) technology. Senators have been on the subject questioning the health concerns the congressional report lacks to mention. The concern would be with the small cells that would need to be installed within a fair proximity of each and the radiation it would create on top of what we already deal with. Any thoughts? Any facts anyone can share? Keep an open mind.Full report included in link as a pdf)What position do you take? 5g arguments science business money law politics militarystate or advancement

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"Курганская областная Дума глазами детей". Конкурс рисунков к 25-летию Думы. Вот так нас с Дмитрием Фроловым увидела ученица 8 класса Белозерской школы Маша Корюкина. Рисунок по мотивам фото Ильи Карпенко. дума депутат рисунок молодежныйпарламент myway mytime selfmademan businessmen businesslife dailymotivation lifeline boss ilovemylife public politics state social development meeting workday молодежь команда дела

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USA c. 1950 When we look back at the 1950’s, generally the mainstream description that is given to paint a picture about this era was that it was a time of sexism, racism, homophobia and extreme social and cultural conservatism. In my mind, this is extremely disingenuous and ignorant to the fact that there are also positives to this era like there are positives to any era. For myself and for many of those individuals that have actually lived through the 1950’s, this era is best positively characterized by a strong sense of familial and communal ties, a strong emphasis put on religion, a strong sense of culture and identity, personal initiative, and innovation. For me however, above all of these positive factors, the thing that really stands out is the fact that anyone who wanted to make their own business, livelihood and their own way for themselves in life could do so easily without having to worry about excessive taxation, regulation and corporate monopolies that would swallow up new promising innovations and ventures. This was a time where individuals bought into the concept of the “American Dream” and did what they could to provide a better life for themselves, their family and their community alike. What’re you thoughts on the 1950’s? Comment below. ⬇️⬇️⬇️ Follow ➡️ 💈 tradsociety 💈 💈 tradsociety 💈

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Public service announcement from Myself, Damon Whitaker, and "Caps." . Thank you to all the artists that have been sending music over for our upcoming "I DISAGREE" radio show! The influx of tracks has been overwhelming and we are so excited to have an additional platform that can showcase your raw talents! Through our network of industry connections, (especially our brother Damon Whitaker who many of you know has been heavily entrenched in the Film Industry as an actor, writer, and producer) will also be reviewing your music submissions and when applicable, can assist in helping to place your work for film projects as well! So keep them coming Send all music to the following email address: idisagreeradio gmail.com . We'll keep you posted on the official launch date for the shows first episode! You'll be contacted if we choose your song to play on the show and shout you out Continue to follow your dreams, NEVER GIVE UP, and always strive to persue your passions no matter what! Much love! ✊🏽

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En esta fecha nació una leyenda de la era dorada de Hollywood. Recordada por su exitosa carrera como actriz infantil, le pondía fin a su trayectoria actoral en 1950, con tan sólo 22 años de edad. Ya en su vida adulta realizaría apariciones esporádicas en la televisión, junto con entrar a la política. Entre otras labores en este rubro, se desempeñó como embajadora de Estados Unidos en Ghana y en Checoslovaquia. Una enfermedad pulmonar la haría partir de este mundo a sus 85 años. En el que hubiese sido su cumpleaños número 91 rindo un homenaje póstumo a la actriz estadounidense Shirley Temple (1928-2014) 👏🎂🎁📺🎥🎬👏 shirleytemple actress singer dancer politics diplomat movies film tvshows hollywood brighteyes curlytop heidi rip icon posthumous legend happybirthday homenajesbacanes cumpleañosdepersonasbacanes

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I can hardly wait ———————————————————————— “I prefer dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery” - Thomas Jefferson ———————————————————————— Follow The Liberators: • anarcholeavemethefuckaloneismlibertarian_renegaderevolution.and.rebuttalscletus_the_redneck.77freak_the_statedeep.fried.tyrannicidenew.libertarianismx.geronimo.xtheboogaloomichael.mp7 ———————————————————————— libertarian freedom liberty conservative liberal government constitution republican democrat progressive taxationistheft 2a guns guncontrol politics america rebellion joinordie revolt usa TheLiberators rightwing leftwing police thinblueline makeamericadefiantagain boogaloo resistance libertyordeath politigram

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Go give americanattitudeshop a follow and check out their website for some great patriotic attire. They make awesome stickers and many other products that are really cool and very affordable. Go check them out and let them know how great they are! ————————————————— Leave your thoughts down below ————————————————— Partners: latterdaysaintfortrump .conservative2020 trump.is.president trumpfor.president2020 saltyliberaltears the_silent_majority_ trumpnation2020 young_libertarian1776 ————————————————— Make America Great Again 🇺🇸 ————————————————— maga makeamericagreatagain republicans trump conservative redpilled facts factsdontlie based 2ndamendment right americafirst patriot donaldtrump guns prolife american president trumptrain politics debate freedom liberty police armedforces blueline rightwing

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Our first date I could not believe I was going a date with her, after some months of liking her I finally had an opportunity. I remember how anxious I was, specially because I had no idea if she also thought of it as a date. I barely slept. I got ready, got into my car and drove off to pick her up. Back in Mexico, we lived significantly far away, I remember driving a 25 min highway drive in 12 min. I was so nervous, driving fast helps me deal with that. I picked her up, she was so beautiful, I opened the door for her and drove off to the nearest Starbucks. We got there, got something to drink and just started talking. We talked for 6 hours straight; economy, politics, religion, family, interests, goals and fears were some of the topics we talked about. The conversation was so smooth, as if I had known her my whole life. And I think in a way I did, because in that moment I realized she was the woman I was looking for. It sounds crazy because we were just some , we still are, but when you know, you know. After that day everything changed -R • • • ldrcouples germany🇩🇪 canada mexico colombia starbucks firstdate coffeeshop love ourworld ourstory teamo nuestra summer winter heidelbergcastle family religion politics conversation goals mexicocity longdistancerelationship longdistance ldrmeeting ldrcouples ldrquotes

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Lindsey Moon told us it'd be a low-key, stress free member testimonial recording. Three minutes behind the mic and I was on record saying my fave radio story was about attempting to hook up with a serial cannibal killer. I also got the name of the serial cannibal killer wrong, my bad Jeffreyin summary I feel this recording was an unqualified success iowapublicradio nationalpublicradio ipr npr iowacity coralville iowa midwest radio newsradio news journalism politics civics openhouse adobe lightroom prohdr vsco vscocam shotoniphone