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Dear friends! This weekend we would like to treat you with our very SPECIAL WEEKEND OFFER that includes not one, but TWO PRODUCTS at a discounted price! ✨ Please enjoy two types of Tulip Petal molds at our special price, 12.50 EUR each (regular price is 13.99 EUR each): 🌷 Parrot Tulip Petal Mold - CLAYCRAFT™ by DECO® 🌷 Standard Tulip Petal Mold - CLAYCRAFT™ by DECO® 📍 Special Weekend Offer is valid on 23-24 March in both our online shops: 🛒 www.myhobbyshop.eu 🛒 www.etsy.com/shop/myhobbyshopeu. 🌍 We ship WORLDWIDE from Europe! 💳 We accept payment via PayPal, credits cards and bank transfer. 🌸 Clay flowers on the picture were created out of ClayCraft by DECO soft clay by the art studio marissafleur students.

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Get your spells ready! Made to order Apprentice Spellbook Armory Pendant. Enchanted from polymer clay and mixed media. On it's way to a new mage in training!

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More brooches 🧡💙 in my shop with orange or blue to choose from, ready for your fave lapel. I think a brooch is a good alternative for those not too keen on wearing earrings 👌🏻 etsyshopowner handcrafted bauhaus makersmovement makersgonnamake handmadeloves craftsposure handmadeshop shophandmade etsystore memphisdesign ihavethisthingwithcolour supportsmallbusiness shopsmall jewelry jewellery carveouttimeforart broochhandmade cylcollective iliketoartyhard polymerclayearrings waketomake polymerclaycreations memphisdesign polymerclayjewellery

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Continuing with the weather vibes, the High in the Sky Collection will be exclusively available at the rawaustralia IMPACT Event held at themetbrisbane next Thursday March 28 at 6:30pm! Book your tickets through the link in my bio 🌩 pastamamaearrings pastamama earrings earring studs stud dangles dangle hoops hoop polymerclay polymerclaycreations polymerclaycreation polymerclayartist polymerclayjewelry polymerclayjewellery polymerclaymaker polymerclayearrings brisbane handmade maker artist myearringaddiction handmadebrisbane brisbanehandmade handmadeaustralia rawartists rawaustralia showcase weatherearrings

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marchmeetthemaker ✨ Throwback to 2013-14ish when I started making cute miniature food jewelry with little faces. I’ve updated a lot of those designs over the years and I’m working on bringing back some of those designs again. 💕✨ marchmeetthemaker2019 makersgonnamake makersmovement tbt throwbackthursday artistsofinstagram artist macaron smores icecream cakepops wiltoncakes cookiedecorating cakesofinstagram polymerclay polymerclayjewelry polymerclaycharms polymerclaycreations fimoclay fimo handmadejewely handmade artoftheday potd kawaiiart miniatures miniature

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Hmm I’m not sure what to say about this piece; he triggers an emotion, but it’s so complicated that I can’t find the words. • The word I hear is surrender. • There is obviously some sort of disturbance, and even though internally he’d like to change what’s going on, he knows that would just make a bigger mess of the situation. So, he surrenders to what is, just allowing the disturbance to flow, instead of manipulating the outcome. • Don’t we find ourselves in situations that are uncomfortable sometimes, and as much as we would like to change what’s happening, we know it could make the outcome messier? • I’m learning to surrender more and more every single day. • it’s been such a beautiful and enlightening process. I feel much lighter and happier when I just let things be. 💕 • • acryliconwood acrylicpainting portlandartist visualart creative driftwood driftwooddecor driftwoodcreations driftwoodsculpture polymerclay polymerclaycreations polymerclaysculpture claysculpture clayface etsy etsyshop etsyseller etsysellersofinstagram visualart sydsloan sydsloanart sydneysloan hangingwallart driftwooddecor driftwoodart artists seattleartist oregonartist portlandartist arkansasartist fayettevilleartist driftwooddecor driftwoodart OOAKsculptures OOAK

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La pareja más bonita de nuestra tienda! 💕 ⠀ Ajolotitos orgullosamente mexicanos 🇲🇽 hechos a mano por personas muy especiales. No olvides visitar nuestro sitio web para conocer más sobre nuestro proyecto.⠀ ⠀ axolotl axolotlsofinstagram ajolote axolotls axolotllover axolotlaholics ithecrafter DIY kawaiipolymerclay polymerclayjewelry charms miniature polymerclayminiature handmade plannercharms kawaiicrafts polymerclaycreations sculpey biscuit arteembiscuit omelhordobiscuit biscuiteiros amobiscuit claymodelling pastaflexiblemex porcelanicronfiguras nicron coldporcelainartist

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Good morning! One of my first unique creations sold this morning. Woke up to a message to buy these earrings as my cousin in Australia has fallen in love with them. So my first pair of earrings have sold before they’re even finished 💫 . These are still in the formation process as they need to be sanded, buffed and assembled 🌼 but how happy and gorgeous are these unique polymer clay earrings 🌺 polymerclay polymerclayjewelry polymerclayearrings polymerclaycharm polymerclaycreations clayfulhandmadejewellery handmade australianmade polymerclaypendant sold

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* . オーダー作品です♪ . 「自分で作るトーストセット」💕 Kitchen toys☆ Toast sets for playing house. 3 slices of toast and 7 kinds of ingredients トースト3枚と、上にのせる具材が7種類😊 . パンと具材はバラバラなので、自分で組み合わせて楽しむことができます。 . トーストの大きさは、約7×6cm。 お子様でも握りやすい大きさです♪ . カプレーゼや、シュリンプにかかっているオリーブオイルも、カチコチに固まっています😊 . 親子でたくさん遊んでもらえると嬉しいです♪ . オーダーありがとうございました😊 残りの品ももうすぐ完成予定です♪ 樹脂粘土 食品サンプル おままごと トースト カフェごっこ ベーカリーカフェ フェイクフード ミンネ polymerclay polymerclayfood polymerclaycreations clayfood claycreations toast playcafe playshop playhouse girlstoys bakery minne handmade

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Swipe for details! Man, painting tiny designs all over a dragon takes forever, but I think I like the way it looks! Painting on a small scale is very therapeutic, and it helps if you have a nice brush. I love the color combo for this guy, black and gold go nicely together, do you agree? In other news, I will have a huge shop update this coming Monday, March 25th! It will include this golden boy, the flower covered dragon, the blue butterfly dragon, the pink and silver painted dragon from a while back, and the lil leprechaun dragon! I’ll post an exact timer in my story soon dragon dragonart dragonartist dragonartwork gold golden clay clayart clayartist polymer polymerclay polymerclayart polymerclayartist polymerclayjewelry polymerclaycreations polymerclaycharm polymerclaydoll claydragon polymerclaydragon sculpy premo fimo handpainted ooak etsy etsyseller etsysellersofinstagram etsyshop

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Here’s No Face from the movie Spirited Away, I put gold instead of food in his red plate🍊⛩🎎 ⚡️This magnet is for sale, DM for info⚡️ . 🔥Check my shop icreateuimagine 🔥 icreateuimagine handmademagnets handmade polymerclay polymerclayart polymerclayartist clay clayfigure charm polymerclaymagnet miniature figurine spiritedaway spiritedawaynoface ghibli anime studioghibli fantasy noface etsy etsyshop etsyseller etsyusa miyazaki faitmain ghiblimovies polymerclaycreations premo fimo polymerclaycharm

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pink, purple, sky blue - ⠀ (Unicorn theme personalized keychains)⠀ Thank you for patronizing local and handmade products for your personalized souvenir needs. 👌⠀ ⠀ Find something unique, or ask for one.⠀ 📌 Accepts bulk orders for souvenirs.⠀ 📌 Limited customized orders/month. ⠀ 📌 DM to inquire. ⠀ 📌 Ships within the 🇵🇭⠀ ⠀ bakedideasph polymerclay polymerclayph polymerclaysouveneirs polymerclaycreations polymerclayart polytmerclayartist handmade handmadegifts handmadecrafts handmadeph souvenirs souvenirsph keychains claykeychains nametags namekeychains philippines lipa hellolipa batangas

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Meet Ethan Adam, my newest thimble gnome. He is named in honor of two special boys that I love. He will be available in my Etsy shop (link in bio), or dm me if you want him right away. A portion of the profits from the sale of Ethan Adam thimble gnomes will be donated to "Autism Speaks". baublesandwhimsy, art, artist, autism, autistic, specialneeds, gnome, gnomes, gnomesweetgnome, polymerclay, polymerclayartist, polymerclayart, polymerclaycreations, thimble, thimbles, thimblegnomes, thimbleart, fairygarden, fairygardens, fairies, faeries, miniatures, original, handsculpted, NorthCarolinaArtist, grandmotherartist

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The rain kept coming down on and off throughout the day, so these guys got indoor photos too. I call this color orange burst 🧡 It has a kind of lemonade feel to it also 🤷‍♀️ Both these resin buddies will be available in my next sale on March 30th! resin resinart resinfigurine clay polymerclay polymerclayart polymerclaycreations clayart clayartist claycreations sculpture figurine figurines handmade dogs horses pets animals colorful orange lemonade yellow pink glitter glittery sparkle sparkles etsy etsyseller etsyshop

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🌠FOR SALE🌠 Pokemon sleeping Legends spoon pipe🌿 Is a hand sculpted clay NO PAINT Setting of Charmander Squirtle and Bulbasaur sleeping😴 by the waterfall with a Pikachu in the Moonlight on the Bowl. this piece is also UV☣ the Stars mushrooms and charmanders tail🔥 all glow in the dark as well DM me if interested. pokemon Charmander cannabis marijuana Squirtle Bulbasaur Pikachu moonlight pipe spoonpipe mcslabb polymerclaycreations waterfall mushrooms THCA CBD THC puffpuffpass highlife stonernation bud packabowl Stars glowinthedark anime moon Sculpey clayart 🌠

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Harold is finished! I love him so much. It’s hard to see all the cool details, like the gold flecked rocks and the pink moss under himbut It’s fun anyway. Can’t wait to do another! The box was handmade by the incredibly talented resurrectedsalvagellcthank you! — polymerclay resinart lakemonster bunny mermaid turtle resinsculpture polymerclaycreations monsters cutemonster supersculpey sculpey instaart sculpture creatures terrarium mythicalcreatures magic seacreatures iloveit brushquibblies goes 3D

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I love my cat dust plugs 💕😻💕 I also love SPRING! 🌱 We don't have any flowers yet but the snowbanks are finally starting to melt. I'm so happy!

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: Miser sur la crème des Tendances! _ Comme dad_le_bledart_francais , venez customiser votre ensemble et mettez-le à votre goût. _ Toutes tailles disponibles, existe aussi en couleur bleu. * 📸 : peeaceandsmile * Carnalparis design style creations customorder fender designers customjewelry designspiration custombike wealthcreation designing customcasemurah customshoes designlife customdesign polymerclaycreations designlovers customised godscreation custommade designing mythoughts customfurniture Carnalshop