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🤡🍳Custom clown and fruits case 🍓🍌 just another reminder that my customs open this Friday 💕✨

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SHOP UPDATE: 1:6 scale bubble teas have now been added to my Etsy shop! OOAK- Only one of each flavor available! Visit the link in my bio to snag yours before they're gone! 🤗 Here are the "flavors" I have available: - Watermelon topped with Strawberry Jelly - Coconut topped with Mango Jelly - Green Tea (no Jelly on top) - Guava topped with Lime Jelly - Mocha topped with Coffee Jelly - Pineapple topped with Lychee Jelly Handmade by me from polymer clay minifood clayfood polymerclayfood polymerclayminiature tinyfood miniatures miniature miniaturefood dollhouseminiatures dollhouseminiature dollhouse polymerclay polymerclaycreations polymerclayartist polymerclayart clayart clayartist handmade artistsoninstagram sculpting etsyseller saradavisdesigns saradavisdesigns577 tinythings mini dollhouseaccessories dollhousefood dollfood bubbletealover barbiefood

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Marchmeetthemaker DAY 19 | COLLABORATION: Recently I have been honored with the opportunity to collaborate with the very talented Peggy of heirloomtextileart ! Peggy is a textile artist who creates exquisite, intricate 11 inch tall miniature wedding gown and tuxedo replicas Peggy also replicates each bride's bouquet, which have recently included some of my polymer clay flowers along with her beautiful handmade fabric blooms. The first two photos feature my 1:6 scale Phalaenopsis Orchids, and the last three photos feature my 1:6 scale Tulips and Dahlias Go check out Peggy's page heirloomtextileart and follow her to support this amazing artist! Thank you so much Peggy for the opportunity to be a part of your gorgeous art joannehawker minifood polymerclayfood polymerclayminiature miniatures miniature miniaturefood dollhouseminiatures dollhouseminiature dollhouse polymerclay polymerclaycreations polymerclayartist polymerclayart clayart clayartist handsculpted sculpting etsyseller saradavisdesigns saradavisdesigns577 tinythings mini dollhouseaccessories dollhousefood dollfood sculpey fimoclay clayflowers polymerclayflowers

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Aretes de perritos 🐶 Una pedido mas Hechos a mano Hacemos envíos a toda la república mexicana 🇲🇽 ✈ 📦 - - Siguenos para más contenido 👉 arte_karr 👉 arte_karr 👉 arte_karr - - - - - - handmade handmadejewelry polymerclay polymerclayartist polymerclaycharm polymerclaycreations polymerclayminiature miniature fimocreations fimo dogs fimoart fimojewelry hechoamano girasoles cool amigas cute kawaii nice slime perritos accesorios arcillapolimerica coldporcelain artesania arte regalosoriginales charms

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🍒Una delle miniature che mi ha fatto divertire di più! Lo confesso, ho un debole per lei! 🥰 Tagliere con preparazione cupcakes. Miniatura scala 1:12, disponibile. Per info scrivimi in privato!🍒 • deliciousminiatures dollhousefood miniaturecupcakes fakefood dollhouseminiaturefood cupcakes minifood miniaturefood dollhouse dollhousedecor 112scale handmademiniatures handmademiniature lovelylittleminiatures 12thscale lookingglassus lovelyminiature clayfood clayminiature polymerclayfood macrophotography delicious polymerclayart minikitchen miniatures polymerclayminiature

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🍡🌸🍦Custom Pom Pom Purin and Gudetama Japanese sweets case🍧🍩🍪

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2019.3.20 寿司ボールペンのシャリは、強度が必要なのでギュッと固く握ります。 でもチラリとつぶつぶ感が見えると嬉しいので、つぶ感を残しながら握ります。 つぶ感を残しながら固く握るのは、なかなか手間がありますので、熟練の寿司職人のような気分になれます😌✨ ・ 5月にららぽーと船橋の東急ハンズさんで一週間出店することになりました。追い込まれないと本当にやらない性格なので💦こんな風に急遽決まります😅母の日が最終日です🌹 すし研さんの納品分と合わせて寿司ボールペンを沢山仕込もうと思いま~す🍵😌✨ ・ ミニチュア 粘土 フェイクフード 食品サンプル 寿司 すし スシ お寿司 ハンドメイド シャリ miniature miniaturefood fakefood clay sushi clayminiature handmademiniatures polymerclayminiature polymerclay polymerclayart

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Piranha Plant Kirby — with angles! Still got two more to paint. Planning a unique facial expression for each 😬

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הבוקר אחותי נוני (רחל) שלחה לי את התמונה של מיני מאוס. מה שבא אחר כך, אתם כבר רואים. ירדן עדות, את החיים! פורים שמח! ❤🖤👑 Queenofcolors handmade

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🍱🍙🍣 Rilakkuma and kitty bento custom case for the Google Pixel XL 🍡🥦🐤 • My customs reopen this Friday! I’m going to do what I did last time with google forms. There’s going to be a link in my bio and if you click it you can enter what sort of case you want including budget. After I’ll then DM you in IG with the finalised price, design and send you a PayPal invoice 🌸

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Thank you so much everyone! I was just looking through your accounts last night and thinking how diverse they are even though they are about the same topic. There are so many talents and abilities out there and I am just in awe of you all 😍 Follow us: baby_tiny_lover Via: thescandidollhouse Thank you so much ! 💪👧👨👨👧👧💓💞 rementcollection miniaturetoys miniatures miniaturen minihouse dioramas minihome diorama dailymini fimoclay cernit 꽃가게 modernminiatures dollhousetherapy premo miniaturelife polymerclayminiature onetwelthscale cutefinds tomsenpainoticeme calicocritters foodjewelry polymerclaycharms myFimo claycharms clayartist tinyfood fimoclayartist

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Here’s a doggie charm 🐶💖 Again, this is a remake of my last pug charm from before. I really like this style of animal making, can’t wait for me next Etsy update 😁 dog puppy polymerclay polymerclaycharm polymerclayjewelry polymerclayearrings polymerclaycharms polymerclayart polymerclayminiature polymerclaycreations fimoclay fimo fimocreations fimocharms fimocharm fimoclayart fimopolymerclay handmade kawaii kawaiicharms kawaiiaesthetic kawaiipolymerclay etsy etsyshop myetsy

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marchmeetthemaker day 5 } Details / Up close ⁣ ⁣ Here’s a slightly closer look at one of four miniature English breakfast charms I made recently, 2 were for a custom order ☺️. ⁣ ⁣ The little breakfasts have bacon, fried egg, toast, beans, sausages, black pudding, tomato & mushrooms! A proper English fry up 😆 ⁣ ⁣ What do you guys like to eat for breakfast?⁣ ⁣ I’m more of a cereal & fruit kind of gal! 🥣 ⁣ ⁣ Let me know your thoughts, I’d love to hear them ❤️ These are for sale In my Etsy shop, link is in bio! ⁣ ⁣ Plate mold is from miniaturesweethk⁣ ⁣ etsyseller polymerclaycreations handmadewithlove miniaturefood polymerclayjewellery polymerclayjewelry uniquegifts polymerclayfood handmadejewelry etsysellersofinstagram handmadecrafts etsyuk etsyshop giftsforher handmade giftideas miniature handmadegifts supportsmallbusiness etsyjewelry polymerclaypendant polymerclaycharm handmadegift polymerclaycrafts polymerclayminiature fooddrink etsy fimo englishbreakfast

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Привет, друзья!✌ Хотите пончиков? 🍩 Вкусные, хрустящие,нежныес сахарной пудрой) А может вы хотите американских донатсов с разноцветной глазурью или с начинкой внутри!?🍩(листаем карусель,2-е фото) А знаете историю происхождения пончиков? Самую сказочную?! Легенда гласит, что пончики изобрел капитан датского флота Хэнсон Грегори. Он стоял у штурвала и ел какую-то булочку.Начался жуткий шторм, капитану для управления кораблем понадобились обе руки и он надел свою булку на ручку штурвального колеса.Так и появился пончик ) Пончики 🍩 сделаны из полимерной глины для третьего задания марафона yum_yum_марафон . Всем вкусного настроения 🍩 natalya_drozd_art

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Are you guys ready for this? 🧝‍♀️ 🎉 🍕 👯 After popular demand, one of my top-selling etsy and buzzfeedfood features, the BFF Pizza set (previously sold as necklaces only) are being launched as BFF and single charms this week! 🎉 🍕 🍕 🎊 Today’s marchmeetthemaker is Lessons and Things I’ve Learned! - in my opinion, one of the trickiest lessons for a new business owner, especially in the handmade category, to learn the ins and outs of handling wholesale. This is something I did not do until I was a good 2 to 2 1/2 years into my business, because if you are a new business owner or a handmade creator, one or two mis-priced or mis-quoted wholesales can put you out of business within your first year. I would recommend looking up the etsy and shopify Help articles that address issues that not only apply to small businesses, but handmade small businesses such as ourselves that run into growth issues when trying to price wholesale while remaining profitable. Much love, keep on creating! Xx 🧝‍♀️ 💕 bffjewelry bffpizza bfffood pizzaismybff pizza premo sculpey fimo polymerclay polymerclayfood polymerclaycharm marchmeetthemaker2019 polymerclayminiature miniaturefood tagsforlikes instafood instamini instafollow instagood instapizza foodie fakefood followme foodporn foodjewelry fakefoodjewelry etsy stitchmarkers

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Rawr! 💕 es amor en tiempos jurásicos 💕⠀ ⠀ Pedido especial para nuestra cliente enamorada. Tú como ella puedes hacer tu pedido especial vía mensaje 💌⠀ ⠀ hechoamano regalosquenamoran ⠀ ⠀ dinosaurios polymer clay claycharms kawaiicharmspolymerclaycharms polymerclay art handmadejewelry ithecrafter DIY kawaiipolymerclay polymerclayjewelry charms miniature polymerclayminiature handmade plannercharms kawaiicrafts polymerclaycreations sculpey biscuit arteembiscuit omelhordobiscuit biscuiteiros amobiscuit

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Миниатюрные малышки всего 1.5 см в диаметре💜💜💜 В наличииДля заказа достаточно написать мне в директ💜 . ~850 руб~

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Find all of this hereapopupshop for ONE more week. Open daily 10-6 thru December 16. Fully stocked plus a fully furnished dollhouse in the window. Taking a few more custom orders for Christmas Send me a DM if you'd like some more information. follow me: lynndollhouse Via: project.furnish Thanks so much ! 😘👶👩👧👧💘🧡 dollhouserenovation dockskåp fimoclay littlethingsbyanna etsystore miniaturefigures cernit dollshouseminiatures miniaturefood thingsicollect minifurniture dockhus tinythings smallscale fimoclayart rementtoy polymerclayminiature cutetoys myFimo tinyart rementthailand toystagram claycreation miniaturescenery rementjapan premo sylvanianfamilies clayfood

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This is the first lamb I’ve ever sculpted ❤️🐑 Feeling happy with this little guy, especially the texture for the wool 😁. Let me know if you like 😘😘

2 days ago

It’s Piranha plant Kirby (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵) Most of you guessed the Kirby part right on my story! This one’s made with colored clay and detailed with acrylics.

2 days ago

YA’LL, can I get real for a second? — 🧝‍♀️ 👋🏼 I straight up almost cried because I realized I accidentally, while cooking last night on my day off, I didn’t see my marchmeetthemaker notification to be sure I posted for the 16th 😭 🙈 I worked a half-day until 3pm, even though I had scheduled the full weekend off to prepare for the mammoth work ahead of me next week. I missed the post, but you know what? I didn’t really miss a thing. ✅ Yesterday morning I finished some amazing charms I was inspired to make and hoped to have time to list this morning instead of during the week, I didn’t 🤷🏼‍♀️ The update will happen this week, and I hope you guys love what I’ve made as much as I do! 💗 Today, I woke up at 7am to get into daenerystargaryen cosplay for eccc2019 as a chaperone for as part of an olympiaparks and Rec special field trip day. I met some cool you guys- Cadence, they are GOING places, and know they have a place helping with astralapothic once they are ready for a part time job. Benedict? Kicked my ASS (that’s right, I cursed!) at magicthegathering: I had him down to 10 live vs 16, and he murdered me on the next consecutive turn with 4 4/4+ flying & vigilance creatures (sorry if you haven’t played MTG, I should have put a nerd cw 🙊) Rohan, he was laying down some awesome electronica beats on the bus home while Em and I told stories about cats 🐱 I got to play in a sprinkle donut pug palace. I met professorsnape and he gave me “10 points to House Targaryen” when I yelled out “ESRESSO PARRONUM” on the comic con sky bridge 🤣 I got a picture with an amazing guardiansofthegalaxy group (even when rockettheraccoon wasn’t into pics at the moment), got a shot with my most favorite wizards taako and lupcosplay from themcelroyfamily thezonecast, and I got a picture with my love, next to a very brave very kissy support dog 🙏🏼 I had a good day you guys, this is my March 16: Workspace (tidy/messy) and March 17th: What I’m Working On — here’s my weekend workspace, it’s messy but I met amazing people along the way as I traveled cross-time, cross-worlds and cross-fandoms. Here’s whatimworkingon: its new to me, and it’s called self care.

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ככה פותחים שבוע! עם מלא אהבה, כיף ויצירה משגעת! המלצה ממני, תהיו צבעוניים כל רגע ורגע! לא רק פעם בשנה🙃 פורים שמח ומבדח!❤💗💜💙💚💛👑 רוצים ליצור בעצמכם? סדנאות וחוגים בממלכה הקסומה שלי לפרטים והרשמה: 0546821885 בתמונות: ליצן שאני יצרתי והליצנים שהילדים יצרו. כל ליצן והאופי שלו. שלישיית האלופים שלי❤⭐ ליצןקטןנחמד🤡 Queenofcolors

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DAY 17 | WHAT I'M WORKING ON: Tiny cake topper I made yesterday for a mini cake replica commission. I can't post photos of the finished cake quite yet, but I hope you enjoy this sneak peak! I'm really excited about this one joannehawker minifood clayfood polymerclayfood polymerclayminiature tinyfood miniatures miniature miniaturefood dollhouseminiatures dollhouseminiature dollhouse polymerclay polymerclaycreations polymerclayartist polymerclayart clayart clayartist handsculpted sculpting etsyseller saradavisdesigns saradavisdesigns577 tinythings mini dollhouseaccessories dollhousefood dollfood sculpey fimoclay

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Happy St. Patrick's Day! I hope everyone is enjoying all of the green and drinking responsibly 😉 I'm having a very down to earth celebration as I always do. Despite coming from a very Irish family I grew up preferring a cozy home celebration with good food and family to going out into the crowds of crazy people. So you can bet that I will be baking Soda Bread and eating Irish cheddar later! That said, it is a gorgeous day out, so I'm tending to my new plants and decorating them for the occasion. Lots of green and gold mariposaminiatures polymerclay polymerclayartist polymerclayminiature polymerclaymushroom fairymushroom fairygarden stpatricksday terrariumdecor scarabbeetle succulentlover succulentlife terrariummushroom terrariumfigure