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Quale colore preferisci?!😎🌈💣🦈☀

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Se sei interessata ad uno shooting contattami per messaggio privato! - Ciao a tutti! Oggi per voi questo scatto! Cosa ne dite? Ditemelo nei commenti ☺⬇️ - - - Model: sofiadecarolisss - - Location: bathorytattoo - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - aspirantisenzatetto italian_portraits ritratti_italiani ritrattista ritrattiitaliani italianportraits portaitvision portaits_mf portait_shots portaitmode portaitshoot portait_perfection portaitphotographer videonauti artportrait italianmodel ritratti portraitfotografie portaitpage portaitmood portaiture portaitphotography modella portraitshoot portrait_universe portrait_star portraitvision_ portraits_life portraitart portraitmood

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вчера уснул одетый,пришел со съемок и просто упал.Я всегда снимаю 9 фотографий, такой у меня план и не думайте что это мало.

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Nigga how dare you stand before me and not respect my authority (God), If you fuck with my glory, I'ma drop the L and get gory I done did everything except worry Hella drama, my life story Faith of a mustard seed, I kept growing I knew that this life was meant for me Niggas change up more than wishin' wells Karma come around I'll wish 'em well Livin' like I’m on a limitless pill I kill the scene like I’m Denzel Crazy like my jacket strapped up Nigga, I don’t act but I'll act up Brown paper bag like the lunch packed up Back, back, back, back up - bigsean carpediem projectpraeditos

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hallstatt. incredible.

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