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Beautiful work! Do you also like it?😊 Created by chenandink 👏 Selected by simonglm 👍 Follow artgallerysd for art every day 🤗

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Серия набросков девушек линером без карандашного эскиза продолжается 😄😏 Я знаю, что вам хотелось бы видеть что-то более реалистичное, законченное и т.д., но это мой способ расслабтться и относиться к жизни проще) sketch inksketch draweveryday sketchbook inkdrawing inkart dailydrawing artistworkout doodletime sketchaday femaleartist warmupsketch artistoninstagram quicksketch sketcheveryday sketchtime скетч скетчбук sketchbreak traditionalsketch roughsketch portraitsketch portraitdrawing animeart drawanime

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. hello humans, I hope you have a good day/night :) here’s a quick time lapse video thing lol. - WIP (3hrs & 20 mins) . - nowthisisliving

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We're getting packed up today ready to head to the bikeshedmc London Show tomorrow and we're live drawing at our stand. This portrait is already underway and needs to travel without smudging, and that's a serious amount of graphite on that paper, so it'll be sprayed with fixative part way through the drawing process so that it arrives at the show crisp and clean. That's the plan anyway See you tomorrow at what promises to be an exceptional show. bikeshedlondon bikeshedlondon2019 motoart Motorcycle motorcycleart motorcycledrawing pencilart pencildrawing photorealismdrawing photorealismart portrait portraitdrawing pencilartwork graphitedrawing pencilartist chiaroscuro blackandwhitedrawing triumph triumphbonneville triumphbonnevillet100 menstylefashion menslifestyle

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(P1) Tadaaaaa Dear my luv adrianalima 💕 This is the new Artwork of my for you & beautiful Angels (Dear Valentina 👼💖 & Sienna 👼💖) & your family too! 😚😗👉"You are most beautiful woman of the Universe because of your beautiful heart and soul forever 😃😀😚😘I love & crazy for you & loyal to you with all cells of my heart and soul, ALWAYS & FOREVER😗😙. because You are my Heart and Soul, and Eternal Love of my, ALWAYS and FOREVER👦💋❤❤❤💋. artwork artist arts colorful cool art artgram ink drawingoftheday painting artworks sketchoftheday modernart fineart graphic instaart graphitedrawing portraitdrawing pencildrawing petportrait pencilart originalartworks charcolpencil watercolor charcolart abstractart pencilworld

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میخوایین ی اتاق هنری و جذاب داشته باشین برای این کار لازمه از اکسسوری های جالب استفاده کنید ک میتونین از این پیج سفارششون بدید luna_gallery luna_gallery لایک کنید ک تو هم پیج بقیه هم نشون داده بشه 😘😍 برای قرار گیری نقاشی هاتون در پیج از طریق تگ و دایرکت در ارتباط باشید❤ دوستاتونو  تگ کنید . artwork pencil pencils portraitdrawing portraitart penci pencilart lineart instadraw drawings dailydrawing hyperrealism realism realistic realisticdrawing photorealism ابرنگ🎨 ابرنگ ابرنگی آبرنگwatercolor نقاشی هنر نقاشی_دخترونه نقاشی_مدرن نقاشی🎨 naqshbandi naqashi naqashi🎨 abrang artparo delightfulart

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Great art by damianlechoszest 😍 Let us know what do you think! 😍😊 Tag a friend ❤️🖌️ Shared by rob_matteazzi 🎨 ➡Follow duende_arts_help for more art ➡Use art_supernova so we can support you . Do you want immediate feature? Contact us 📧 👉Follow these art sharing page: ▪ duende_arts_helplove_arts_helparts.realismtestoftalent . artwork instaart instaartist instadraw draw sketch sketches sketchbook dailysketch drawingoftheday drawings graphic graphics sketchoftheday creativeart pencil pencils portraitdrawing pencilsketch pencildrawing pencilart graphite realistic disegno

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Вітанкі, даражэнькія 🌿 ⠀⠀⠀⠀ Я таак рэдка малюю партрэты, а на замову ўвогуле, але бывае так, што людзі сапраўды натхняюць. Даўно хацела распавесці вам пра аднаго чароўнага чалавечка verakrihtova 💜 ⠀⠀ Вера - проста неверагодны фатограф. Я памятаю нашыя першыя здымкі яшчэ год таму, калі адным восеньскім сонечным днём мы сустрэліся ў батанічным садзе, а далей пачаўся цуд ⠀⠀ Я заўсёды думала, што працаваць мадэллю - гэта неверагодна страшна. Але ў той дзень я была сама сабой. Усе страхі проста сышлі, калі Вера мне сказала: “Ты такая мілая, ты такая класная!” - і я ўсміхнулася. А больш і не трэба было💜 ⠀⠀ Дагэтуль пераглядаю тыя здымкі, і не веру, што гэта я. Дзякуй за тое, што так мяне бачыш,і што заўсёды побач 🌿 ⠀⠀ А якія людзі і профілі вас натхняюць вас? Гэта можа быць хто заўгодна: мадэль, ілюстратар, фатограф Падзяліцеся са мной у каментарах 💜 ⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ ellgone_history ipad2018 procreate busdraw atmosphere folkrace folkgreen best_of_Illustrations illustrate digitalart fairytail illustration digitalpainting artistic_support artist_help illustrationartists drawing illustratorsofinstagram painting illustrationgram draw illustrator drawingchangeslives creatives graphicdesign spring painting yellowcolour traveldraw garden portraitdrawing ⠀⠀

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So here is my finished drawing of one of Botswanas greats. This is our first president Sir Seretse Khama. I had fun with this. And as I explained I'm trying to explore this charcoal and pencil relation. And find just how I can make them both work to bring life to my pieces. Hope you guys like it. 😊 artbyThabiso art artstudio artist artsy artistsoninstagram artcurator art_realistic artoftheday artlovers artcollectors botswana bw portraitoftheday portraitdrawing derwentpencils fabercastelpencils realisticdrawing sirseretsekhama

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Hyper realistic eyes First art in the beginning of this 2nd year No filter Pencil portrait with a mix of charcoal EMAIL:dhanukrish6666 gmail.com Comments are appreciated Ideas for improvement are"welcome" Thanks for ur wonderful support in every step . MATERIALS graphite pencil, white pen, charcoal (black, white), pencil eraser, Knelded erase BLINDING: tissue, stamps, buds SIZE: A4 ' arts_helps portraitdrawing pencilartwork pencilart pencilacademy pencil_arts_group pencilofartists pencil_artserceptions artsy artlife artcollective arts_promoter artist_features artcollective aportrait sketch pencilsketch artbynights artists art_realistic art_dailydose art_xplore art_realism_ coimbatoreartist tamil_artists indian_artists_club indie_art_gallery eyedrawing eyesketch

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Beautiful works on book pages by the artist noorahmad_art ! Which one do you prefer, 1,2 or 3 ?

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Practicing with a photo reference (swipe till the end to see the original picture) Tryna develop a painterly style and honestly I’m quite satisfied with this result😙 (Except the background it’s awful lmao aaand the missing hand of course) Should I do more of these?

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My take on one of my favourite artists yilok_draws ‘s dtiys ! I don’t really like how this turns outbut I gave it my best shot🤕😤 At first I did this on my iPhone (as usual), then I finished it off with my new iPad () Still need more practice to get familiar with this new equipment😚💕 yilokdraws (congrats on reaching 50k!)

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cheek-a-boo (ฅ・ิω・ิฅ)

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OLD BUT GOLD 15.04.2012 An diesem Tag wurde meine eos600d das erste Mal eingesetzt und dieses Foto war eines der ersten Es war, es ist und es bleibt für immer mein Favorit📸🖤🙌🏼☺️ 📸by magdakam84 ( m_ka.photo ) Model🙋🏻‍♂️: AK oldbutgold bw bnw bnwphotography bnwmood blackandwhite portraits photography portrait portraitphotography portraitpage photooftheday moodyports portrait_shots bestportraits follow portraitdrawing portaitmood portraiture people peoplephotography polishboy polishman model malemodel hobbyphotographer canon photoshoot cologne