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Colours! 💖💙💛 Mukisa from a week ago, makeup by jaimejames_mua

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ты можешь говорить на русском? If you can't read that, probably you can't speak Russian 🇷🇺 My advice for today is "you only live once", keep it and use that phrase when you feel undecided. JUST DO IT *insert Shia Labeouf meme here*

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My BFF is the prettiest💕 We've both grown up a lot since we became friends but honestly seeing Claire in a pink dress, hair curled, makeup on, being a kick-ass model is some real character development😂⠀ •⁣⠀ •⁣⠀ •⁣⠀ •⁣⠀ •⁣⠀ seniorportraits portraitsMKE instagood MKE exploreMKE ig_milwaukee MKEMYCITY creativesofWI MKE_illgrammers DearMKE fromwhereistand whatmkewore discoverwisconsin seeninMKE thatsdarling creativesofWI mkeportraits portraitstream ssgmagazine seniorlovin featuremeseas l0tsabraids MODERNsenior seniorchic THEseniorcollective seniorinspire

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When you look into the future what do you see? I see a life of relaxation waiting for me! I’ll work hard now so I can chill later. I’m bound to become to target of haters! 📸 If you believe you are destined for greatness you are right! If you believe you’re notyou’re also right! Dream big! 🙌🏾💯 - In frame: whimsical_darling_cosplay 📸: phirexavierphotography

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When you look into the future what do you see? I see a life of relaxation waiting for me! I’ll work hard now so I can chill later. I’m bound to become to target of haters! 📸 If you believe you are destined for greatness you are right! If you believe you’re notyou’re also right! Dream big! 🙌🏾💯 - In frame: whimsical_darling_cosplay

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🌸🌼 lost in a flower field 🌼🌸

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You take the ones that send their nudes for money; I will take the queens. ⠀ ⠀ Like, proper ones. ⠀ maria_donatelli x dakotasamberg, makota.

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you’re my true north when i’m headed south

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This is my friend- Bethany and she is amazing! If you don't know her I feel genuinely sorry for you😊 she Is an amazing photographer, check her out at bethanywilsonphoto. I came to take couple headshots and we got carried away a little with 600 images outcome😆🤦‍♀️ so you will be probably seeing a lot more of her beautiful face on your feed pretty soon😉 portrait portraitphotography portraitmood portrait_perfection portraitpage portrait_vision portrait_shots portrait_ig moodyports portraits portraiture photography pursuitofportraits portraits_ig portrait_mood makeportraits portraitgames portrait_star top_portraits portraitvision discoverportrait portraitstream portrait_universe portrait_planet portrait_mf photooftheday portrait_shot model portrait_today portraitphotographer

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midnight memories 🌙 _majo.tc

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Awhile ago with Hana and Dempsey and Amelia but this is a photo of just one of em

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Blayke blaykefoppiano 💜 Glacier High school 2020 *When you were , what did you want to be when you grew up? •A veterinarian *what do you want to be now? •motivational speaker/entrepreneur *most inspirational person? •Noah Couser *favorite food? •chicken enchiladas *In 5 words, describe who you are: •enthusiastic, musical, determined, empathetic, goofy *favorite movie? •The Greatest Showman *What is something you learned in high school, that you’ll never forget? •Time flies by, enjoy every minute that you have. *favorite teacher? •Ms. Sauer *Biggest pet peeve? •When people fish for compliments *words to live by: •”What you think, you become. What you feel, you attract. What you imagine, you create” - Buddha

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Y’all notice this is my 3rd red dress on my timeline? 👀 I’m not complaining though 😂 How it was shot Sony a7iii, Sony 85mm f9.0, 1/200th, ISO 100. 7ft umbrella off camera right. 2 strip boxes on the right and left of the model In frame: sataradyse Studio: theklasikkreatives portraitphotography protraitpage earth_portraits5k portraitvision_ portraithood portraiture lightshapers portraitphotography dopeports houstonportraits houstonphotographer portraitstream moodyfilm lightshapers sonyportraits sonya7iii houstonportraitphotographer everlastingportraits bravogreatphoto offcameraflash gramkilla globe_people portraitproject discoverportrait portraitnyc dopeports portrait_society discoverportrait weshoothumans portraitpage

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Twiz a great night.

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Síguenos fotografoslatinoss y activa las notificaciones 🔔 •=•=•=•=•=•=• 🇺🇸 Talento Estadounidense 🇺🇸 ••••••••••••••••••••••••• Fotógrafo ☑ victoralejandrogm • Modelo ☑ naddya_michelle • •=•=•=•=•=•=• 🌒En busca de los mejores fotógrafos(as) a nivel mundial ®️ ••••••••••••••••••••••••• ¿Que te pareció esta fotografía?✨ •=•=•=•=•=• ★ Selected by: mikfoxes ㊙ ••••••••••••••••••••••••• Press here 💥 fotografoslatinoss •=•=•=•=•=• * ⬇Hashtags⬇ * * moodyports ig_muse portraitsshotz portraits_vision rsa_portraits igpodium_portraits majestic_people kdpeoplegallery aovportraits makeportrait top_portraits portraitstream pursuitofportaits moodygrams agameoftones portrait_vision creativeportraits marvelous_shotz earth_portraits endlessfaces portraitfestival portraitvision dslrofficial latin_america oph portrait_life photography art

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You’re making me feel like maybe I am somebody🔅 - Modelo: gioalcantara

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There’s so much beauty in the spring. ⁣ ⁣ Thank you natasha_nicole_s for the amazing shoot. Please go give her a follow.

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It is crucial to know who we are and what we are capable of… With time I simply accepted that there will always be those who would try to see me as the worst person possible and who try to present me from the weirdest frames. Always there are those who would see me as pure goodness even in the moments when I felt so depressed that even sound of my name was irritating for my ears. I simply treat people adequately to their behaviour towards me. After all, everyone is important in life from the perspective of experience and motivation! I am grateful to those who always support me and care - you are those individuals who make my life more meaningful and remind me that there is kindness in this world. I am sincerely thankful to those who tried to scorn me and put as many daggers in my back as possible - I wouldn't be that determined to go so far without you. Model/photographer/editorial: dante_heks danteheks colorado photographize instagood endlessgallery justgoshoot theworldofportraits globepeople yourvisiongallery ps10k photohunted photography peoplegallery photos_dailydose portraitpage model portrait portraits_mf portraitphotography portraitstream houseofcb

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sack & indigo on 35mm. with a tire.

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Weddings 💓

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top 15 list

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I will always be by your side.🌹🎉📷 photooftheday photography photographer travel beautiful love photoshoot instagood portraitphotography portrait_vision portraitpage portraiture portraitmood portraitstream vscocam vsco portraitgames portraits portrait portraits_ig pursuitofportraits ับถ่ายภาพ ่างภาพรับปริญญา ับถ่ายรูป ่ายรูป ่างภาพ หาช่างภาพ ตากล้อง นอกรอบ ่ายภาพ

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One day she finally grasped that unexpected things were always going to happen in life. & with that she realized the only control she had was how she chose to handle them. So, she made the decision to survive using courage, humor & grace. She was the queen of her own life & the choice was hers 🖤

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You’re the drug that I’m addicted to