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1 month ago

Half blue/half purple I think I have done a good job by myself for the first time art beauty postivevibess

3 years ago

My vegan journey is starting. And it never felt so clear. I've tried several times to be a vegetarier. But all of the times at a certain point things would turn around again. I think it has to do with mostly peerpressure. Didn't want to be a pest for my environment (readi had no balls) But now it feels different. Like a knowing. The next step. I'm a passioned woman. I can't do this quitely. Especially when i'm excited about something so huge for me. This is the BIG step for me. I've been inspired here on IG by lots of the vegans here. All the stories, the passionthe knowlegde. Thank you for letting me feel safe into this new journey/adventure .The next step into my healing. And my body is the same as our beloved Earth. Taking the next step for the healing of MY WORLD jump vegantakeover veganlife healingofournation nextstep earthneedsyou postivevibess

4 years ago

Word to my brother ROCK, "We make niggas we ont brake niggas", which is our MOTTO for our LABEL STAY BLESSED & TUNED Folks Ratchet Soul Mixtape AVAILABLE on SOUNDCLOUD & YOUTUBE! BuildUp PostiveVibess LOVE