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I have an appointment with my podiatrist this morning to talk about how my orthotics are going. Unfortunately, it looks like I won't be able to make it because there is a pup in my lap and I cannot move him 😋🐶 pupstagram havaneseofinstagram havanese havaneselovers havaneseofinsta havaneseoftheworld spoonie spoonielife ehlersdanlos EDS POTS potssyndrome ehlersdanlossyndrome spooniewarrior posturalorthostatictachycardiasyndrome warriorstrong careaboutrare zebra hypermobility hypermobile disabled disability invisibleillness invisibledisability orthotics podiatry thespooniesisterhood goodmorning raredisease dysautonomia

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The harp may not be the first thing you think of when you think accessible instruments, but it's as easy to learn as piano, sounds absolutely heavenly, and a lap harp like this one can be played while seated, from the floor, or, my personal favourite; while lying down. It's one of my favourite ways to lift my mood when I'm stuck in bed, and I will never get over how beautiful it sounds 🎼❤️

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⚫️⚪️💥New little drop💥 ⚪️⚫️ S W I P E These beauty’s are currently available! DM me if you’d like one ✨ Perfect for people who like something a little more subtle/ monotone! These are in the size small but can be made into any size you’d like pots plants white black copper cutiepot

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• cu atelier •

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Are you in New Zealand and want to get your hands on our pots? Head to our exclusive NZ distributor the_greenerynz They'd love to help you out with your gardening needs.

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Robust und unverkennbar: Kollektion Marmo von Flonal - Pfannen - Antihaftbeschichtung verstärkt mit harten Mineralpartikeln - durch Hartsubstrat weiter verstärkt - langlebige Beschichtung - Antihafteigenschaft verbessert / Durable and distinctive: Marmo collection from Floral - internal coating - reinforced with hard mineral particles - further enhanced with a rough substrate - coating last eventuell longer - improves non-stick properties | Flonal | Ambiente 2019 | TOP FAIR BLOG ambiente2019 messefrankfurt topfair flonal flonalcookware kochgeschirr kochen cooking castiron aluminium nonstickpans pans pots pfannen topf wok woks copper guseisen antihaft antihaftbeschichtung kupfer https:www.topfair.de/blog/kueche-und-haushalt/robust-und-­unverkennbar/

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that feeling when you're doing inner work in therapy

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Looking up the in the supermarket car park 🍃 Intern learning this week - pick cases at schools that have a teacher who brings their dog to school everyday. I’m not back in the office til Wednesday as im away til late Monday night and our entire office is moving on Monday and wifi etc won’t be set up anyway so timing wise it’s perfect. I haven’t been to the new place so it’ll be a new adventure to deal with on Wednesday. I’m also really enjoying getting to spend more time out and at schools not so much behind my desk time.

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إلى كل أُم 💖 إلى كل وردة فاح شذى حبها في أرجاء منزلها 💖 إلى كل شمعة أضاءت درب عائلتها 💖 إلى كل من حملت وأنجبت و ربت وسهرت وضحت وتحملت 💖 تحية حب وتقدير واحترام 💖 ‏ shabbychic_flowers .‏ . ‏ ‏🅢🅗🅐🅑🅑🅨 🌸 ⒸⒽⒾⒸ 🌸 ‏Experience a vintage and a Shabby Chic Love ~ ❥❥ . ‏Whatsapp us 90990438 . ‏We deliver within Muscat💕 العامرات_الخامسه محل_شابي_شيك بوكيهات_مميزه تميز ورود تنسيق_مهور تغليف_شوكولاته تغليف_هدايا ورد شابي_شيك_ستايل shabby_chic flowersgifts pots vintage gift_box Amerat شوكولا_لي مسكة_عروس صندوق_أكريليكoman dubai bahrain kuwait ksa qatar

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I can feel my mood shifting ever so slightly everyday- on a decline. Winter and I have never gotten along very well. My joints ache, my asthma flares, I'm even more fatigued. Depression creeps in and I end up being hospitalised every Autumn or Winter in an acute depressive episode. I'm scared. I want to break this cycle, though I'm not sure how. I have so many skills in my back pocket from years of therapy and it's never quite enough. My mantra in the past has been: be gentle with yourself. But I need to be a tough loving mama to myself instead. I'm making myself exercise, eat, get sun, take supplements. engaging with friends. Taking moments to hold my plants. Snuggling my cats. Rubbing one out mindfully. Enjoying something decedant for breakfast when I feel like it. Sitting in the quiet and praying, connecting with the earth and my loved ones beyond this realm. Taking that time to put my phone away and study for the afternoon, boppin to fresh tunes. Finding those moments to check in and hold myself close. Keeping on top of the delicate balance of pushing, resting and treading water. Its tedious and tiring and honestly I just want to let loose. Go on a holiday somewhere warm and skinny dip in the evenings, drunk on peach and lavender sunsets. Check in with yourselves, with those around you. So many of us decline at this time of year. Be gentle. Be a tough mama. Hold yourself close.

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Samian ware, black burnished ware and red and grey wares. From the 1st century - fourth crntyry, and the iron age. Frangments of history found scattered in wiltshire fields. Art has a way of being found to those who are looking. vegan veganlifestyle plantbasedlife permaculturelife creativeliving creativeminds creativewriting writing artwriting archeology pots pottery ceramiclove ceramicartist ceramicart ceramics handmade craftsmanship historyofart history yayforclay pottersofinstagram artlife fieldtrip ironage salisbury wiltshire puzzlepieces livethelifeyoulove vegansofinstagram

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È primaveraaaaae per me quest'anno è tempo di mostre 😍😍😍 dopo la trasferta per la mostra con il collettivo DonnArgilla che mi aspetta a Roma a fine marzo, il 13 e 14 Aprile giocherò in casa con una mostra personale che sto organizzando da un po di tempo mirata alla sensibilizzazione per il rispetto e la salvaguardia del nostro MAREed ecco "A-Mare" mostra personale di pensieri e forme in ceramica per ricordare che senza Oceano non c'è Terragrazie alle bimbe del ilcorridoio che hanno reso possibile ciò ospitandomi nel loro spazio materia_ceramica ceramicart mostra ilcorridio venturinaterme savetheocean lessplastic reuserecycle ceramictableware ceramicdecoration artigianatotoscano pots ceramiche ceramicart ceramicdesign ceramicacontemporanea clay pottery ceramicsculpture contemporaryceramics artceramics ceramicsmagazine artgallery artmagazine artshow exhibition modernart woman seashepherd

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Hope you are all having a great week! Visit our website www.palmtreehomeware.com Great idea for Mothers Day gifts!

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It is almost 4 am and yet I am awake :) thanks body • • {Image description} a post by chronicallycoral. The background is coral coloured and the words are bold and black. It reads: “disabled people don’t exist to inspire you”. Between the words ‘don't’ and ‘exist’, there is a simple symbol of somebody using a wheelchair. • • • • • ~tags~ chronicpain pain fibro fms fibromyalgia eds ehlersdanlos chronicfatigue cfs pots spoonie spooniememe cpunk cripplepunk arthritis endometriosis caneuser cane wheelchair wheelchairuser mobilityaid imagedescription id disabledqueer disabledgay disabledtrans disabledlesbian disabledbisexual

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Im still here. 🤔 Den längsta tiden jag befunnit mig i en annan del av Köping 😆 ketoner går upp 8ch ner, som dom brukar göra alltså. Blivit av med, och fått till baka alla dropp en massa gånger och är säkert nu även ökänd i Söööping, den (omöjliga) svårstuckna. Tycker att dom kan ha lite utmaning jag. 😉 Och sen påminner Jsg alltid att se det positiva i det hela. 😋😘❤️ Nu vekar det vara på rätt håll, har fått sluta med droppen igen så vi håller tummarna extra idag, plus lite extra för en annan orsak där jag behöver lite tumhållning. 👍❤️💪 morhanna hannastruelife mecfsawareness mecfsfighter mecfssverige mecfs millionsmissing millionsmissingsweden millionsmissingsverige svmecfs pots fibromyalgia hashimotos fibrofighter multipleillnesses multisjuk diabetestype1 öppendiabetes jaghardiabetes vårdiabetes diabetic ketoner ketones

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CERAMIC TRAYS AVAILABLE. A PERFECT SOUVENIR FOR EVERY OCCASION. A PERFECT TRAY FOR EVERY HOUSEHOLD. KINDLY PLACE YOUR ORDERS AND MAKE ENQUIRIES VIA OUR WHATSAPP NUMBER 08092022096. followforfollow kuddyskitchen kstores homeaplliances hustlersquare naijabrandchick nationwidedelivery kstores souvenirs sourvenirsinlagos sourveniritems business businessgoals enterpreneur enterprise naijasalesmaker influencer cooking pots bellanaijaweddings householdaffair naijavendors lekkiwives souvenirsinLagos Souvenir ideas

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Can’t wait for another banging Summer with this lot 💯😍🍹🎉

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Freshly turned

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My large Barrel Cactus went into this pot, and it looks magnificent ❤️💙💚 succtus talavera

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It’s always exciting when new stock hits the Succtus shop! These pots are very pretty and will weather well. Visit www.succtus.com.au succtus newstockalert nice

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The pharmacy looking very Hamptons with all our new Blue pots and stunning range of flowers💙💙💙💐💐💐Just arrived at Inglewood Amcal Chemist 💙💙💙

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First day of spring, Dakota on a swing 🌺🌸🌼🌻