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willsmith would make a great Silver Surfer 🏄 marvelThe Silver Surfer is a humanoid with metallic skin who can travel through space with the aid of his surfboard-like craft. Originally a astronomer named Norrin Radd on the planet Zenn-La, he saved his homeworld from the planet devourer, Galactus, by serving as his herald. Imbued in return with a tiny portion of Galactus's Power Cosmic,Radd acquired vast power, a new body and a surfboard-like craft on which he could travel faster than light. Now known as the Silver Surfer, Radd roamed the cosmos searching for planets for Galactus to consume. When his travels took him to Earth, he met the Fantastic Four, who helped him rediscover his humanity and nobility of spirit. Betraying Galactus, the Surfer saved Earth but was exiled there as punishment. megavideopower silversurfer herald galactus galactusherald marvel silversurfermovie powercosmic norrinradd comicbook artistsoninstagram

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My man Galan. Sad story for everybody really. Norrin stayed with him. The first two didn't. When his pledge was made he knew it would be for life. cbfc 🦇 moebius galactus silversurfer powercosmic

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Silver Surfer is an old school favorite of mine. Maybe there’s just something about a sad lonely man wandering the cosmos on a surfboard that’s speaking to me extra these days. But yeah, now that the MCU is gonna have the rights to the Fantastic Four back from Fox, does anybody out there doubt that Surfer and Galactus are going to happen in the movies? I don’t! I dunno if we’ll see them first in a Guardians or in a Captain Marvel sequel, but I think Norton Radd here is a sure bet! To Me My Board! marvel marvelcomics marvelstudios mcu marvelcinematicuniverse theavengers avengers avengersinfinitywar avengersendgame whateverittakes thanos eternals infinitystones infinitygems marvelcosmic marvelcosmicuniverse guardiansofthegalaxy captainmarvel fantasticfour ff powercosmic heraldofgalactus galactus norrinradd silversurfer thesilversurfer tomemyboard phase4 mcuphase4 kirbykrackle

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The Silver Surfer wields the Power Cosmic, granting him vast levels of superhuman strength, endurance, senses and the ability to absorb and manipulate the universe's ambient energy. The Surfer can navigate through interstellar space and hyperspace, which he can enter after exceeding the speed of light allowing traversing interstellar and intergalactic distances to other galaxies millions and even billions of light years away. Even with all of those powers, he couldn’t defeat Thanos! silversirfer34 marvel silversurfer powercosmic travel space time hero norrinradd

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And so the Silver Surfer is born! Now, utilizing his cosmic powers he searches for planets that his new master, Galactus, can consume. His task is lonely and hard, but he must continue. That is his sacrifice. Source: Silver Surfer (1968) Issue 1 marvellegends marveluniverse randomcomicpanels cosmic power powercosmic stars universe jackkirby kirbycrackle stanlee fantasticfour avengers comicbooks graphicnovels classicmarvel marvelcomics marvelcomicsgroup silversurfer galactus space spaceship spacestation power sacrifice peace war comingofgalactus dccomics collectors

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🍃Bem Vindos!💓 É momento de revelar os mistérios do amor, aprender, celebrar, compartilhar e renovar-se no silêncio, na essência, no estar Celebramos a chegada dos Novos Consteladores, Renascedores e Homens e Mulheres Medicina Alma da Terra, uma honra receber sua presença, história, caminho e juntos trilharmos chão na Jornada da Alma Esse é o caminho do amor. Sahwenyapassuello retiroalmadaterra retiroformacao amor amormovimento novascontelacao berthellinger powercosmic almadaterra jornadadaalma

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You have my attention, Mr. Cates. I am very happy to see Norrin Radd aka Silver Surfer get some love once again. It has been way too long my friend. Though this is a six issue mini, I pray to the comic gods the community responds well to the series and Marvel gives the greenlight for a ongoing series we've been lacking for quite some time. thecomicnewnetwork silversurfer marvelcomics powercosmic heraldofgalactus marvelcosmic

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TheRiseOfTheJedi 🖊 ➖➖➖➖➖➖ I am always amazed by women. The Power they possess are unmatched and infinite. - My affinity for my Melanin Rich Women can never be questionedas I traveled through a Goddess's Womb that possess the Marvel of the Universe 🌠 - I pay respect to this woman's performance and welcome the introduction of more female heroines in our stories told through Film and Books. - Shout out to michelle.c.smith - With that said I would LOVE to see my Sister thesamurider freak her own rendition with one of sonsofobiwan Sabers. ➖ www.weprovokethought.com WeProvokeThought OnlineRadio WSHH Like4Like London StarWars Jedi JediKnight Solo LukeSkywalker BlackWomanExcellence BlackGirlMagic MelaninMarvel Skywalker DarthVader R2D2 ReturnOfTheJedi PowerCosmic MarvelComics MCU

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🍂REPOST 🍂 "Muita gente julga que o amor tem o poder de superar tudo, que é preciso apenas amar bastante e tudo ficará bem. (…). Para que o amor dê certo, é preciso que exista alguma outra coisa ao lado dele. É necessário que haja o conhecimento e o reconhecimento de uma ordem oculta do amor. ” Bert Hellinger Gratidão a todos aqueles que disseram, sim! Bem vindos.Retiro/Formação Alma da Terra. De 18 a 25/05.Constelação Hellinger Sciencia-Alma da Terra-Renascimento. 26 a 28 de maio.Em Garuva-Monte Crista Laços do Amor- Atendimentos Individuais. Bem Vindos, o amor pulsa em sintonia com o "Caminho". retiroalmada almadaterra retiroformacao amorpodedacerto amormovimento Sahwenyapassuello novasconstelacao powercosmic

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“I am Galactus, and my power is absolute” Galactus Legendary Scale Bust by sideshowcollectibles Sometimes called The Devourer of Worlds, Galactus must consume inhabitable planets to maintain his existence, absorbing countless planets and eliminating entire civilizations. Galactus is able to impart certain aspects of the Power Cosmic to others and has appointed Heralds to do his bidding The most infamous of these heralds is the Silver Surfer, who pledged himself as Galactus' envoy to save his home world. The Silver Surfer travels the universe in search of new worlds for his master to devour. This was released 10 years ago but I finally got my hands on him today! devourofworlds galactus marvel marvelcomics stanlee silversurfer marvelcinematicuniverse MCU marveluniverse fantasticfour Avengers Avengersendgame AvengersInfinityWar theinfinitygauntlet sideshow sideshowcollectibles jackkirby powercosmic

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🍂Natural Medicina Alma da Terra🍂 Palavras de Sahwenyapassuelo 💕 “ Temos um mapa Ao que vem a possibilitar o amor se derramar desde o centro com espaço para se moverVocê o sentirá Quando o amor se mover livre pelas celulas Nadis, meridianos, chakras, Kundaline Masculino livre, Feminino livre Dançando no corpo Isso é amor💕 Energia livre circulando O nome que os homens deram em sua crença a algo sagrado e externo a eles é Amor, Deus, Alá, Bramhani, Shiva, Kuan Yin, Deusa, So Chee, Atenas, Afrodite Arrianode, Rhianon, Parmavarti, Sarasvati, Durga, Kali, Lakishime Medita por amor.💓 E deixe teu coração Impulsiona-la como o desabrochar de uma flor”🏵 Sahwenyapassuelo naturalmedicinaalmadaterra almadaterra comoamorpodedarcerto powercosmic constelacaofamiliar berthellinger sahwenya retiroformacao casalalquimico ocaminho mentoringpersonal

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💓Vamos falar de AMOR💓 Existe uma receita para o amor? Eu já senti o amor? Como saber se amo de verdade? Eu ainda vou amar de verdade? Como saber se alguém realmente me ama? Por que amar às vezes machuca? Qual é o caminho para se chegar ao amor em sua plenitude? Tudo isso e muito mais 💕 Dia 13 de maio, um bate papo no puro amor.💕 . 👍 VENHA🍃 . Sahwenyapassuelo naturalmedicinaalmadaterra almadaterra comoamorpodedarcerto powercosmic constelacaofamiliar berthellinger sahwenya retiroformacao casalalquimico ocaminho mentoringpersonal

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"My only limit is your imagination. Which is a problem. We should work on that. You know what fuels imagination? Fear." - The Technical Boy huge thanks to sarahlevyart for giving me this print of a drawing she did in my likeness. All of the artists in michaelgrimaldi class gave me an amazing welcome today. Its such an awesome group and its a privilege and a pleasure to be a part of this Kevo LegendarySuperSaiyan Quicksilver SilverSurfer PowerCosmic GodOfDestruction TheKingUnderTheMountain DragonOfTheNorth TheNewGods Art Model UndefeatedFighter CreamOfTheCrop Boxing MMA TheBronx NewYork

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🍂repost🍂 A mãe e a profissão - O Êxito É através do trabalho que podemos nos sustentar. É através dele que alcançamos novas possibilidades para a vida. Muitas vezes, são as situações profissionais que nos retiram de nossa zona de conforto e nos empurram para o mundo. Muitas vezes o trabalho nos impõe desafios que, se pudéssemos escolher, não vivenciaríamos. Seus movimentos nos fazem mudar, e assim, caminhar para frente. É o trabalho que nos chama para o mundo, um movimento atribuído ao nosso pai. É o trabalho que permite nosso acesso ao alimento, à segurança e à vida, movimentos atribuídos à nossa mãe. Então, uma boa dica para olhar para nosso papel profissional é olhar como estamos como filhos. Ou até mesmo ampliar essa percepção: a forma como nos colocamos no trabalho é muito semelhante à forma como nos portamos com nossos pais. almadaterra retiroformacao retiroalmadaterra amormovimento powercosmic curandorelacionamento