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Day one and I approve of this lighting🙌🏻❤️💪🏻

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Took a selfie today just for the hell of it . Didn’t get to compete today I’m Powerlifting like I wanted to . My fucking Disabilities strike again. Was very irritated but I’m calm now . Got to train Jiujitsu with two of my students and work out arms and lats did a hard cardio session as well . It always amazes me how my mood changes when I put on a Kimono & tie my belt. It’s still an adjustment to being a black belt and being called Professor. Being under jaycmar10 is an honor and a privilege. I ask him for mentor ship but most of the time I do things myself. I’ve had to deal with my disabilities on my own and I feel like I’ve done good but theirs those times where I do need to lean on my support . It helps and thank u. Just get irritated when I can’t do things myself . Like working out 90% mental 10% physical or like Jiujitsu . Both help me deal with these demons or myself . Being 💯 % fucking sucks but it’s what I make of it . Oss spartan spartanbrazilianjiujitsu personaltrainer sportsnutrition functionalfitness kinesiologist kinesiology kinesiohealth kinesiotaping powerlifting powerlifter powerliftingcoach powerliftingmotivation💪 powerbuilder bodybuilding bodybuilder gym💪💪 gymlife💪 jiujitsusavedmylife jiujitsulifestyle

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ProRaw 11 - Part 2 – Thank you to my people Still so much to dribble on about. I never get sick of competing with critta_ we both had so much stress to get through but it didn’t stop either of us, even gave each other small pep talks during prep. I knew he needed 317.5 for his first 800 total or 322.5 for the win, naturally he didn’t disappoint, going for the win. I knew this was a huge lift for him I said to my handlers “I can’t let him go it alone”. Ran through backstage to get to him, I wanted to win but I was so damn pumped up so I had to support & banter him to give it hell. Scared the hell out of me when he got it off the floor haha! Unfortunately for him just a tiny bit too heavy. I am thankful for his consistency which keeps me consistent. Thank you to all competitors for their kind words & support before & on the day. wcroz for on the day help & some pre comp breathing/bracing work. dreadnoughtstrengthequipment for a tip very early in prep which changed my squatting world haha. Thank you to all my sponsors for the amazing help this prep. Hand Repair rxdrepair Lifting gear cerberus_strength_australia cerberus_strength carlsherry Physio work bjclarke dovestonhealth Supps houseofsupplements callanreborn Thank you to everyone from crossfitduality ptcnorthside northlakescryo for their support. As well as anyone else who sent in messages. Thank you to the spotters/loaders/judges & organisers of prorawpowerlifting beatsoftheboss Thank you to my travelling support crew Hayley, Baby Jax (slept through my 300 squat), Mum, Jason, jazzybelle_93 & izar8 A big thank you to nathbasso who gave up so much time in my last 3 weeks of prep to help load/spot etc. To my handlers on the day big_cox_lord & caleb.downs89 amazing assistance. Literally wouldn’t have happened without you 3 guys. The biggest thank you to my girl ncgiesberts who wasn’t just a handler on the day but a handler for the prep when I was broken down & sucking at life. She stuck with me while I was at my worst & she was there to see me at my best. She literally told me exactly what I needed to hear before my lifts. I love you. I probably forgot someone in there 😐

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Provincials registration is open! Go to www.apuprovincials2019.com to register! Repost apuprovincials2019 ・・・ Registration is now open Watch video then go to www.apuprovincials2019.com for link to registration (link in Bio)! Bookmark the webpage for updates and more info! You can also go to the albertapowerlifting webpage for link to registration! apuprovincials2019 grit gritpower albertapowerlifting apu cpu powerlifting powerlifter squatbenchdeadlift yeg alberta albertachampionships

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*Re-Up. A little trip to the Stirling Ranges. Always fun getting amongst the great outdoors with your best mates. Gotta get this years planned soon, more fitness this time though

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Here’s Brody hitting a 200kg squat after only a few months of working together. Before this he had a one rep max of 175kg ✅ • Brody wasn’t even peaked for this, being in the military means things can change at any moment and in this instance that’s exactly what it did. This squat was taken 4 weeks earlier than we planned for because of his abrupt change of location, imagine if we managed to finish the whole prep 🤭 • Good work Brody 😊 • Stay Safe. Stay Strong ✅ • Email me or DM for no bullshit, no gimmicks Strength & Conditioning programming/coaching and 1:1 sessions that truly work 🏋🏻‍♀️ • We are taking clients out of etcgeelong just shoot a message to get involved ✅ • supremacystrength supremacystrengthsquadpowerlifting coach powerlifter strength bench gym personaltrainer pt strengthtraining motivation fitfam transformation muaythai gymlife fitness strong physique strongman crossfit healthy ufc deadlift bodybuilding muscle fitspo health food

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. "I'm just what you made God not many I trust I'ma go my own way, God, take my fate to wherever you want" Feels beastly to be squatting 315 for 5 reps again and hitting triples without a belt Not feeling 100 percent this week have had an on and off cold. Want wait for it to be over "Early in the morning, I'm wakin' bakin', drinkin', contemplatin' Ain't no such thing as Satan, evil is what you make it Thank the Lord for that burning bush"

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Another week, another 5 rep squat session. This time at 210kg/462lb, with a 7 rep AMRAP finisher. Excuse any missed depth, looking after my knees with the pool noodle bar.

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I’m bragging tonight and there’s nothing humble about it. Today I was missing my best girl lovelyleona during my awesome modsquad classof2020 session because she was participating in the State Powerlifting championship (that had been rescheduled from 2 weeks ago bc of the weather.) She was the only girl to compete from our school. This was her very FIRST competition EVER (because of travel and other things). It’s the first year our school has offered Powerlifting thanks to her incredible Coach Casey Raaen who is her ELA teacher. She just started this in January and missed some practices because of basketball and orchestra. Today this phenomenal girl placed 3rd in her weight division. She bench pressed 80 pounds, squatted 160 pounds and deadlifted 210 pounds. Two hundred and ten pounds. She is 5’2” and weighs 111. I am speechless and beyond proud of my girl. A huge thank you to Coach Raaen and to sflutheranschool for encouraging and supporting her as well as her SFLS classmates and families cheering her on today (and in all her many adventures!) Her sweet girlfriends, Samantha, Moriah & Melanie. And did I mention this wasn’t a middle school competition?? This was the High School competition for my 13 year old 7th grader. I am so blessed to be her momma. Strong Women: May we know them. May we be them. May we RAISE them. Congratulations my beautiful girl. You are my favorite girl in the entire world and I am so grateful and proud to call you my daughter. sdhsaa powerlifting powerlifter powerliftingwomen hifromsd proudmom mygirl lovemygirl

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About a month out from my powerlifting meet! Hit a bunch of singles with about 90-95% my 1 rep max. Did 435 for 4 singles on squats, 480 with deadlift, and 225 with bench. Man it’s been awhile since I’ve felt good enough to do this again in the gym! This medicine is helping so much and I’m getting stronger squatlife deadlift squat squateveryday powerlifter powerlifting traineveryday motivation inspiration grind gymmotivation lift leaveyourmark positivelifenegativemind 405 olyshoes baregrip crohnsdiseaseawareness reps4jesus strong thecolormorale warmbodycoldmind maxeffort maxeffortmuscle tattoos juglife drugfreelftr oldschool vegeta crohnsdisease

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raw deadlift 235kg/518 lbs x3 reps (two sets) at bw 179.4 lbs. This calc max is 572 lbs. It's better performance than prev where I was at 551 (with the straps). Very surprised I performed this well considering mentally I had checked out. The very best thing I was able to do was to completely & temporary, force a blank image into my mind and mechanically, go through the motions. Otherwise I would called it a day and gone home. At least it allowed me to do something. And since my body was almost 💯 this is straight raw strength without any psychological boost. For sure the 1st set was RPE 9. If I was focused and amped, I'd have gotten a 4th rep on that first set and put my calc max at 588 lbs raw. That wouldda tied my recent peak (with the straps). Instead, I got two sets of 3. Usually, I decline on reps in my 2nd set, not stay the same. It may looks like it was a grind, but mentally pumped these wouldda moved faster. Back feels fine today. I didn't over do it. Again 🎶🎵🔊 Delerium - Silence ft. Sarah McLachlan (Tiesto's in Search of Sunrise Remix). This beat is too🔥not to have some more of it. powerlifter powerlift powerlifting guyswholift liftheavy liftingweights beastmode lifting gymrat gymjunkie garagegym weightlifting training legsfordays workout legday glutes hamstrings quads legsfordays quadzilla backworkout strong beast

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Open 2019! Comienzo de año deportivo, no tengo palabras,la felicidad en los vídeos habla por si sola. Físicamente no fue así pero para mi estuviste ahí en cada momento, antes de salí, escuchando tu voz en mi cabeza. Dedicado a vos que pusiste confianza y fé en mi. leo.strength ! Gracias a alexdalessandro_coach que acompañó siempre. Primer torneo del año de alianzaargentinapowerlifting_ 🎖💪 Sq 185kg Dl 180kg powerlifting powerlifter powerliftergirl powerliftingmotivation stronger strong staystrong strength fuerza lafuerzamanda gpa alianzaargentina

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. [BCAAs –vs– EAAs] . BCAAs are 3 specific amino acids: Leucine, Isoleucine, and Valine . EAAs are all 9 essential amino acids . “Essential” meaning that the body cannot produce them itself, it must come from an external source — food . If I had to choose one, I’d choose to supplement with EAAs (I actually have a bottle of pure EAAs. I do not recommend that because it tastes like ass in its pure form). If it’s not obvious by the list above — you get more amino acids. Now in some cases “more isn’t always better” may be true, but in this case it matters BCAAs is one of the most overhyped supplements. Many who take BCAAs mainly do so to help build muscle. BUT you need all 9 essential amino acids to build new muscle tissue Leucine (which is in both BCAAs and EAAs) turns on mTOR which is basically the “powerhouse” for protein synthesis (mTOR regulates cellular metabolism, cellular growth, cellular proliferation, protein synthesis, autophagy, etc.). This is why BCAAs have gotten a lot of hype for muscle building – because of Leucine. However, without all of the other essential amino acids, BCAAs alone won’t be able to sustain muscle protein synthesis long enough. If Leucine was a car key, then the other amino acids are like the gas; If you don’t have enough gas in the tank you won’t get very far Now I’ll be honest, even though I have EAAs, they aren’t necessary to have as a supplement. If your protein intake, mainly sources of complete proteins containing all the essential amino acids, is adequate then you’re all set. I just mix my EAAs with some pomegranate juice as an intraworkout drink (again, not something I recommend because EAAs in its pure form tastes like ass 😂) health nutrition macros fitness fit powerlifter bodybuilder bodybuilding bodybuilder powerlifting powerbuilding powerbuilder gains gym protein gym gymmotivation motivation motivate strength bcaas eaas aminoacids

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🏋️‍♀️225-295lb Snatch Series🏋️‍♀️Want to improve your technique AND get stronger? Our NEW CYCLE of Invictus Weightlifting launches in 9 days on Monday, April 1st! Video analysis of your lifts is included (I do all of the video analysis personally). We have programs for both CrossFitters & Weightlifters as we have 3day/wk & 5day/wk program options available. Let’s get strong this year Start your journey with Invictus Weightlifting TODAY- Link in bio!

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Double Digits - 10 weeks in to the bodybuildingcom All Access Challenge (TRAILER- YouTube link in bio ⬆️📹) - 🏋🏻‍♀️This week I pushed the pace with powerlifting & boxing. 🥊Working hard to take my gains to another level. 💯Sometimes it's all about action & less about planning - Just do it. Wisdom from teddy_atlas , and kaigreene to take us in to the final 2 weeks of the challenge. consistency, princesspumpzilla,👑💃🏻 fitspo, bbcomchallengeseries, boxing, powerlifting, bodybuilding, weightlifting, fighter, strong, transform, strengthtraining, girlswholift, fitness, instagood, ilovemuscles, determination, thisisfemalepowerlifting , khalid, thisgirlcan, thegym, ethosstrong, powerlifter, goals, unitedcombatassociation, noeasyfights, conjugatemethod, videography, gymmotivation , queenbodyshot programming: veggie_lifter

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well since i do post good and bad Here is a horrible, catlike, shitty, meowing looking, fatcat, back breaking 535 DEADLIFT THAT MIGHT OF ACTUALLY CAUSED DEATH! 😂 to my eyes! What came out of this? Well now i know i can stick to grinding a rep out! DONT GIVE UP! Or do idc anymore😂 usstrengthlifting i will mot be bringing this form to the platform absolutely not Time to sharpen form and play smart day by day 5 weeks out! I’m coming! strengthtraining strengthandconditioning strength strengthening deadlift deadlifts ussf strengthlifting powerlifting powerlifter powerlift gym fitness fit fat gymmemes likeforlikes like4likes likeforlikeback bmfitgear originsquad teamorigin like4like powerbuilding

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Bench deload Bench - 240 lbs; 225 lbs

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Thanks to Jeanie's Weenies of Flowery Branch for coming and proving food for our grand opening today.

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And to finish off my longest workout of the week (7x10 SBD), here is my last set of deadlifts 😅 goodnight y’all my body is burnt out.

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End of week 3. It was a long week exhausring and then today turned into a challenge. Finally I just turned off the phone for an hour and headed to the gym with my own damn playlist. Thought to myself, what would coach do? goblet squats and slams for sure mentally I needed a challenge so I decided to dig in tackle the 80lb slamball today. leadbyexample encouragement fitfam whitneys12roundfitness . Bench was moving well. Tried wide grip today, and it was solid for reps at 125lb vanfitfam girlswholift goals kettlebell bcpa powerlifter mentalstrength strength lifting conditioning fitness fitnessjourney healthywholestyle w12r anxiety depression stress fitnessmotivation fitover40 riseandgrind liftheavy womenwholift therapy keepmovingforward motivation dontquit standanddeal

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Proud of this athlete 👏🏻 g.a.powerlifting.181 First time bombing, butfirst time truly enjoying the company of those around me. The support I felt far surpassed my single ply suit 😁 Squat was justI have no ideastrength was there, brain wasn’t. Bench ended with 402. Deads came together. 666 opener, 705 second, 727 third but got called for downward movement which was the right call. Aside from that shesnorookie81 thank you so much for being my rock through this. Means more to me than you’ll ever know and I love you! jeris.hall3 thank you for encouraging me to continue with the meet. maroonroo thank you for handling my good friend, swolicusstrength thanks for coming to support brother. forsakenwarrior thank you for the amazing advice and words of encouragement uspatexas Thank you for the opportunity! and to all others who offered words of encouragement and support, you all are truly truly appreciated. willymakeuwonka coachbigbam g_sosasavage thealbinoscorpion _trillagorilla_ brandon_ellis100kg thebigduke50 seansname marissacambora coon_dawg thevillanbigdae charles_uncaged kelkosborne i_am_ivan217876 alexis_92ch you all are fucking badass. powerlifting yes deadlift conventionaldeadlift sumodeadlift powerlifter strength goals sport power determination inspiration dedication gym physique squat bench strongman bodybuilding biceps quads abs bigback traps diet fitness fit workout getfit cardio

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BW: 52.6 Snatch: 55kg, 50kg I did not want to wake up at 7am to go train this morning then I did anddddd we have a new PR 55kg. Following a well structured programs really does paid off, never cherry pick your programs Do what was handed to you! Bitch and whinge but just DO IT These couple of months I have been focusing so hard on my techniques, remembering what was taught to me by the great coaches in CBR weowww 💕 If I had such a bad technique the weight have have gone up but it would look like a complete trash This sport is so damn beautiful when it is done right. People who just chase the numbers and never work on tech, bye gurl I don’t know you 😂 So happy I have such supportive people around me and those who is just as passionate about the sport and knowing why they started oly lifting in the first place, bless your soul 🙌🙌 snatch snatchtechnique olympiclifts olympicweightlifting olympiclifting squat frontquat overheadpress strengthtraining strengthandconditioning strongminded fitness fitnessaddict lifting liftingaddict liftingislife gymjunkie stronggirl pocketrocket motivation trainhard lifestyle weightlifting weightlifter olympicsnatch workhardrestharder gymaddict powerlifter weightliftingact girlswholift

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Seated Leg Curls: This is slowly becoming one of my FAVORITE hamstring exercises! I used to hate them because my body would move too much and I did not have a good mind-muscle connection. But now, they are one of the best versions of Curls for a STRETCH on the back of your legs. Just like incline curls for your biceps! - Try to sit as far back in the seat as you can, and push AGAINST the handles to keep your body back. Setting the thigh “clamp” in harder will help too! Go for 4 sets of 12 reps with SLOW negatives, and try to stretch all the way to the top. Good range of motion and control is key here, as is mind-muscle connection. Grow those leg biceps! Keep Growing Y’all lifestyle gym love fitnessmodel healthylifestyle strong powerlifter fitspo instafit fashion eatclean motivation exercise training fit photooftheday healthy powerlifting health bodybuilder fitnessmotivation fitfam gymlife abs gains workout bodybuilding fitness muscle diet

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Congrats to cody.brooks.94 for winning 1st place on his first usapowerlifting meet at 93kg class. Glad to see him compete in person and got rewarded for them hard works putting in and breaking prs. Good job man! (Still smaller than me tho😉) His numbers are S457/B320/D500 and he was able to get all the lifts(9/9).

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Ending WEEK 5 of Powerlifting training 💪🏼 — with little sleep & bad allergies I wasn’t expecting much, but was able to push through and hit multiple PRs, yay! 🎉 Honestly, just sticking to a schedule and giving it 💯% has made all the difference enjoying the process and excited to see where things are a few months from now 🤗🔹225 Deadlift PR (yes those are my racing shoes 🤣) 🔹185lbs x 3 PR (couple weeks ago this was my 1 rep MAX😱)

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*Re-up. Just some cheeky extra curriculars in the gym car park. Need to do this again soon.

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Tested out my strength today on my sumo deadlift.started of with 215 for two sets of 8, then got two sets of 315 for 2 reps. I probably could've gone for 1 more rep and one more set but I played it safe! Lol. Hopefully I can rep this weight one day!🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻💪🏼

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Surprise😜 I’ll be doing my first giveaway! Yay! Why? Because I feel generous ❤️ especially for the ones who have been following me. Never would’ve I thought of sharing my fitness journey with the internet. I’m not a coach nor an expert. I just share my journey so I can at least inspire someone in this world 🌎❤️ - You’ll be winning a $50 gift card to Gymshark ❤️ (not sponsored) I was going to buy the leggings but I wanted everyone to enter because what if it didn’t fit or it’s not your size so you didn’t bother to enter , you know ? - Anyways the rules are: •You have to be following me heymsmarshall 😁 •like this picture 🙈 •comment your goal for this year (doesn’t have to be fitness related )❤️ I just like to read your guys goal that’s all❤️ •if you don’t a have goal or you just don’t want to share it than ➡️ comment an emoji & tag a friend. •extra entries share this post on your stories 😌 - My goal is toning up my arms and back so I can see muscle 😍 & a bigger 🍑 & quads 🙈 - - I’ll be choosing the winner on 3/28 Good luck 🍀😘 ———————————————————— - - - - - - - - - - - - - If you got this far - Im going to tell you now this pose was hard af 😂😂😂 I had to tell my toddler to press the timer for me at the end because I was hitting the timer and racing to sit 😂😂😂🤷🏽‍♀️ - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - giveaway fitness fitnessgirl fit fitmom fitjourney fitnessmodel fitnesslife goals gymwear bootybuilding bodybuilding powerlifter powerlifting momswholift girlswholift fitnessgiveaway girlswholiftheavy liftheavy gains muscleup fitnesslifestyle physique fitstagram fitspo curves inspire gymshark gymsharkwomen gymsharkleggings

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𝗧𝗔𝗚 𝗬𝗢𝗨𝗥 𝗙𝗥𝗜𝗘𝗡𝗗 𝗡𝗘𝗘𝗗 𝗧𝗢 𝗚𝗘𝗧 𝗠𝗢𝗧𝗜𝗩𝗔𝗧𝗘𝗗🤩 . 2011 i was diagnosed with a pituitary brain tumor. i gained over 100lbs in 3 months do to it. after i had brain surgery to remove it i lost 40-50 lbs off the bat. however, after 5 years of blaming my weight gain on my brain tumor i finally decided to do something about it ! it has been 8 months of clean eating, cardio, and being self determined and dedicated. there are days when it’s hard and you want to revert back to your old ways but then i remind myself i love what i see in the mirrorand i would not trade that for the world ! never will i go back to the old me! it is a lifestyle change but if you put your mind to it and overcome all the things telling you that you can’t do it then you are golden. you owe it to yourself to be healthy and be the best you possible ! don’t ever settle ! work it out and be awesome do it for you ! i did and i love what i see in the mirror always a process always making more progress turn post notification on best facts on instagram follow weightloss.nutritions , like and comment tag your friends credit photo: brookeoden absolute respect for your amazing work all rights and credits reserved to the respective owner(s) lowcarbideas fit workoutathome teamo powerlifter congratsgrad mombod ketoaf transformersg1 royalnluxury lowcarblife weightlossmotivation mentalhealthsupport weightwatchersonline grind tüpmidem girlswholikegirls ketoweightloss foodporn plussizebeauties beforeandafterweightloss ketos fitspirational heal followforfollo aestheticpage bingewatching weightwatchers