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Today's my favorite day of the year. 💖 Welcome Spring! 🌹🌼🌻🌺🌷🌸 And today's is even more magical thanks to the Full Moon in Libra (which is also my rising sign). 🌕♎💘 The New Year starts now and the energies of Rebirth, Renewal, and Revelation are with us. Happy New start to every Creature. You are Loved. 💖🌍☀ Here's a little poetry/mantra to enter the new season with the right vibes. 🍓 . «Now that winter's over I rise, digging from within, So that I can uncover The hidden Light beneath my skin. Like a seed covered in dirt, Now I sprout and I bloom With this new Spring's mirth: I am reborn from my own womb. Free. All illusions dissolve. Fierce. All fears vanish. With each Full Moon I evolve, And with each Spring I flourish.» art artistsoninstagram artwork artist arte instaart illustration drawing doodle sketch digitalart digitalpainting digitaldrawing digitalartist astrology fullmoon witch tarot alchemy libra procreate spirituality mantra spring equinox aries loveyourself divinefeminine woman vegan

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Development of drawing. I decided I wanted to try a different style and make the characters look more three dimensional. I also took out the background to focus just on the characters. speeddrawing illustration ipadpro procreate

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It’s been a whilethis one is for my mom who says she is depressed because the sun hasn’t come out for a day. bekind procreate leoni.theron

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🦄 Mr. Deadpool today, adding to Jess's marvel sleeve. Sits next to the hulk piece I posted a lil while back. Thanks for looking! electricinkaus orbtattoomachines

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During last weeks 1h livestream I painted this. Painting live is like all my worst fears rolled into one. Public speaking, tech hassle, other people peeking over my shoulder when I paint and time limit. I don’t think YouTube allows me to save a stream longer than 60 minutes However we could do a 2- part stream sometime if anyone’s interested? . I’d love someone to paint same time as I do so we could share the pressure of painting under pressure \o If it’s not obvious I thought the experience was awesome. It’s like bungee jumping with art “The Surprising Lightness of Cattails” artwork

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Thingo I did in an hr and half which is pretty cool, and yeah I apologise it looks like Flat earth.

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Trusted friend. That’s the kindest compliment someone could say about me. I used to work in a corporate setting where our team was supposed to be considered a trusted advisor to the leadership team. It meant we would use our expertise to give advice that benefited the entire company. Today i definitely care more about being a trusted friend then a trusted advisor. What do you think? Tag someone you consider a trusted friend/ally/partner Made with the iPad Pro 3rd Gen, 12.9”, Procreate 4.2 with the Apple Pencil . digitalart ipadpro procreate ipadwatercolor ipadart ipadproart digitalartist marble zaishanghai lifeinshanghai bffgoals lovenotes trustworthy

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👩🏻‍💻 Once a gooner always a gooner 사실 무슨 뜻인지 모르겠어요 무슨 뜻인가요😭💦💦 hyermcalli

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🍂 autumn has arrived in New Zealand 🍂 illustration

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I am very excited to be starting a YouTube channel over the coming weeks! After some in depth conversations with co-workers, I decided to get this into action! I’m currently looking for what YOU want to see from me! It is primarily an art channel so I would like to stick to that genre. Feel free to comment ideas ⬇️⬇️ Swipe ➡️ to see a timelapse of this drawing art youtubechannel artyoutubechannel digitalart illustrationartists artistsofinstagram digitalpainting illustrator feralfurry cat catdrawing youtubevideos season feralcharacter oc originalcharacter catart procreate drawingtimelapse timelapse digitalartist computerart artoncomputer takingsuggestions

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~Commissions prices~ Painting commissions- $7 (price may vary) Reference sheets come in two options! « Simple- $3.50 ( third image) « Complex- $6 (fourth image) DM me if you have any questions or concerns! If you are interested just dm me a 🌿!

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“Being Human” Entry for The Batsford Prize Finally submitted to Pavilion Books!

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This is the very first drawing of a guy that I completely finished. There's something about guys that makes them so difficult to draw. I think what I struggle most with are the eyelashes they always look like they have mascara on💃 plus, men's skin normally isn't as smooth as girl's skinbut how the hell am I supposed to draw this? ps. I forgot to draw his left eyelid, which fcking triggers me procreate artsy drawing illustration illustrator digitalart hair ipadpro digitalpainting guy color study design cartoon art portrait realism character kunst face doodle sketch sketching