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Quick Mixing Tips. Ep 12.(Part1-5) ●track sa ke iamvblack ap feyn nan moune music li rive sou mwn anpil ●Its a short breakdown of the track that iamvblack will sing on And check her out guysshe is a great artist.

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I Love you, I do. Love Of My Life Vevo ❤️

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The people have spoken seanvaly and I are gonna preview a new tune on Friday. Show some love if you’re hype 🤘🏻😎🤘🏻

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QuiChain I wrote this song a while back. I am not too familiar on writing an EDM song, so this was definitely a challenge. But hey, you don't grow unless you challenge yourself, right? Check out the full version on my soundcloud. If you like the visuals of the video, and want something similar for your videos, shoot me a DM!

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Quick shoutout to my messy lil bedroom studio. It is a slew of tangled cables and used electronics but it’s mine :) I produce pretty much all my work from here in this room and this is my current setup to edit and produce content Shoot if anyone needs help setting up their space let me know let’s rig it up

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Live Concert in Switzerland Zurich with humoodalkhudher • • 🇨🇭 ‎حمود الخضر لأول مرة في سويسرا • • For more Videos : YouTube - dar_al_farah 👉🏼 • • • ——————————————————————————— humoodalkhudher humoodalkhudherzurich humoodalkhudher_fans dar_al_farah freudeinallenfarben kun_anta كن_انت حمود_الخضر اصير_احسن zurich switzerland concert konzert premiere schweizerpremiere liveconcert 15عامًا folkmusic worldmusic 15jubiläum festival دار_الفرح event shukran thankyou arabicschool schulfest concertlighting productionmusic arabicforkids

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🎶 “Katina” via Abaco 🎶

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🎶 “I Gotta Move” via Abaco 🎶

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🎶 “Love So Strong” via Abaco 🎶

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See my full music video for ‘Destiny (The Eternal Offer)’ in my signature production style of ~A Selfie Short Film Music Video~ — link in bio. Subscribe with notifications on to see everything I post, first. ▶️🔔👍🐇❤️🎀♣️♠️♦️🃏☕️💎🎥👩‍🎤🤳🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶💙 onewomanshow onewomanband spiritualmusic singersongwritercomposer alicewonderland voiceovers singersongwriters newyoutubers2019 volife voiceactor voaudition voiceartist voiceacting voicerecording voiceoveractor voiceover voiceovers composerlife composerslife newyoutubers musiccomposer originalsongs musicproduction singingvideos productionmusic producerlife newyoutuber veganactress veganmoms youtuberlife

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NewMusicAlert Announcing a brand new label - STEREOSCOPIC (SCOP) - produced by MYMA’s artistic crew! Music by renowned composers and established musicians with no-frills approach and structures crafted for sync. Featuring electronic, urban, neoclassical, pop, rock, folk and more. Discover your new favorites by Stereoscopic in our catalog at the link in bio!

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We are Scapetunes 🎹🎸🎤

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This could be us Could you see yourself having a go of this? Repost from life_of_a_producer .

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Really excited about this cover of the 90's theme song 'Doug'. This is for every pog-playing, skateboarding, yo-yo slinging, pokemon collecting, totally rad 90's kid Link in my bio let me know what you think! Thank you for the love! 🎸

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AUDI A6⁣ ⁣ It’s all swing, smart cars and ultimatums in this new spot for AudiUK. Featuring the aptly named LET’S GET AWAY from ‘Timeless Vocals: Vintage’ on our 5 alarm label, with thanks to the talented folk at Black sheep Music.⁣ ⁣ audi cavendishmusic productionmusic sync musicformedia ⁣ ⁣

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Sound check. Babe I love how magical the beginning of your musical journey was sitting under a tree in Austria playing your guitar, it fits how magical you are ❤️ it also cracks me up 😂. Meanwhile I was growing up shouting in the shower. I love him, he is magical indeed. newvinemusicstudio cinemurnan

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Mother Earth Tones’ latest release, Inifiniti our now! Check it out on any streaming or download platform. Link in bio. ambientmusic ambient

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This Tuesday comes another release from Mother Earth Tones Music. If you like ambient music, check it out! ambient ambientmusic

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The Story Of You🖤

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Some new ambient sounds for some cool ocean sunset footage. Check out the rest at ambientmusic sunset