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First run of JR Redford T-shirt’s is in and they look amazing! Thanks to my beautiful lady shann.flood for modeling them for me! Also shoutout to the amazingly talented alex.gillespie90 who drew this album cover up in the first place so we could slap it on our t-shirts/merch! * * Shannon and I had a great time at Burgess Falls last week with lil Indy dog, what an incredible part of the world! Nature is where I feel most at peace and present in the moment Except when I’m trying to find stuff to take pictures of for a social media post 🙄😂. But other than that, nature=zen for this crew! * 🛸〰️🎶🌲🎶〰️🛸 * * * nature waterfall naturephotography musicmerch musicmerchandise originalmusic albumartwork promisesthealbum jrredfordmusic forgivemysentiment tshirt doggo lilindygirl indypup doggosofinstagram nashvillemusician nashvillerock alternativerock guitarist professionalmusician singersongwriter music2019 rockandroll nashvillerecordingartist albumart artist psychadelic

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More bass pls

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On July 26th, I’m playing an epic show at thetroubadour with fox.wilde ! It’s gonna be such a sick performance at this legendary venue! It’s my favorite spot to see live music in LA, so it’s an honor to get to play. We’ve got a bunch of new tunes that you won’t wanna miss! We go on at 8 pm. I hope to see you there! ferfuentesdrums foxwilde staywilde chic retro rock pop guitar bass singer drums troubador lamusicscene meditation manifestation loa lawofattraction freelancemusician bassgirl girlbass professionalmusician newmusic

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I'll be playing cello with moonsongmusic this upcoming Friday. The show is at a house-venue, so DM me if you'd like the address and other details! • Also, this picture was from my first show as a member of Moonsong, which was at georgesmajesticlounge. If you were at that show, you'll remember we played a 20+ minute long drone-metal song (think Swans crossed with Big Brave or the doomier Neurosis songs). We'll be playing that song again at this upcoming show, but it is now even longer, has more cello soloing, is heavier & louder, and is tighter than it was last time. I now have a pickup installed on my cello, so expect some crazy sounds when I run the cello through my pedalboard!

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This is the Best offer in Europe for the aged&signed edition 🔥🔥🔥 gibsunday ! gibsoncustomshop Robbie Krieger Low serial aged&signed 1954 Custom les Paul for sale . First owner guitar! Perfect for musicians, collectors and investors . meisteredeguitars guitarshop boutiqueguitars customshop vintageguitar gibson gibsonguitars musician gearporn guitarporn guitar guitarplayer guitars guitarlover guitarboutique boutiquegear guitartrade professionalmusician beautifulguitars guitaraddict guitarnerd guitarsofinstagram lespaulforum lespaul lespaulcustom blackbeauty gibsonlespaul guitarsforsale

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Feels amazing to be back. Photo creds to _bellarios

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I promised and I deliver. On Wednesday I thought of starting a 2etudeseveryweek challenge for all instruments and to be honest I've had a terrible week. After I got really cold coming back from Vienna, I got myself an infection which was misdiagnosed at first, so I ended up with antibiotics, which didn't do the best job to be honest. My kidneys still hurt and I have to visit a doctor tomorrow again. Long story short, I spent this week in bed (and couldn't practice more than 20 minutes every day, yesterday I didn't practice at all) and that's where I'm at again straight after recording these lol 😅 Join in! Grab a book of etudes and let's do a summer workout together. So anyway, this is Andersens Etude No.1, Op. 30, the second one follows soon! 100daysofpractice classicalmusician orchestra studio harp fluteplayer professionalmusician deutschland flûte practicalmusician flute classicalmusic music musik flutelyfe clarinet musician querflöte orchestralexcerpts violin piccolo piano harpist cello piccoloflute flutist

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Concerto de abertura da Semana Internacional de Piano de Óbidos 21 de Julho de 2019 J. Sousa Carvalho - Abertura de "L'Amore Industrioso" W. A. Mozart - Concerto para piano em Lá Maior N.º 12 K414 W. A. Mozart - Sinfonia N.º 29 em Lá Maior K201 Manuela Gouveia - piano Maestro Nikolay Lalov Orquestra de Câmara de Cascais e Oeiras • viola alto violeta bratsche violadarco catiaalexandrasantos freelancer freelancermusician musicofreelancer classicalmusician orchestramusician orquestra classicalmusic orchestra professionalmusician

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Hello to all my fans . I’ve decided to do a little afternoon of live streaming via facebook of all my past works and projects through youtube Showing a big chunk of the music I’ve been part these many years as a musician, writer, composer & lyricist Il be talking in between the music about musicians I’ve worked with, some of the processes I had to go through with the songs and much more So if you just want to chill at home, listen to some music and ask me anything then this is the place to be :) . Looking forward to talking to you all here \m jeremyrosslawler musicianjrl livestream music wintersedge gossamerveil alexandrasymphonicmetalproject metalcharity uk pulborough live questions answers professionalmusician home composer writer lyricist keyboardist guitarist vocalist bassist facebook darkmindpromotions messyjezzy

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3rd Function gig in 3 days with 3 different bands Phew! All 3 where great in their own way with really receptive audiences. Blessed to be making a living in bass/guitar and having a great time in the process! Bit of work round the house today and off to a rehearsal tomorrow to make some orginal music excited ethiopianfunk guitar bass vintageguitar vintagefender vintagebass funk functionband coversband precisionbass professionalmusician sessionguitar sessionguitarist sessionbass livemusic

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🔥🔥🔥our friend gitarrenonkel is creating some cool tones with this superb Gretsch 6129T Special silver sparkle Ltd with two toggles For sale . meisteredeguitars guitarshop boutiqueguitars customshop vintageguitar gibson gibsonguitars fenderguitars musician gearporn guitarporn guitar guitarplayer guitars guitarlover guitarboutique fendertelecaster boutiquegear guitartrade professionalmusician beautifulguitars guitaraddict guitarnerd guitarsofinstagram rockabilly gretschguitars gretsch knowyourtone guitarsforsale

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Fresh Cut Kinda Vibe 😎

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Throwback to the last time sidewalkpoets_official played at the Harp and Hound in Ogden. We will be there again next week, Saturday the 27th at 7 pm!

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It’s a beautiful day in Minnesota! I’m spending this afternoon with this pretty thing. 🎧🎼🎸 I’m really excited to be playing tonight with Lindsay Beaver at the Mississippi River Festival in Grand Rapids, Minnesota! 8pm start gibson gibsonguitars gibsonguitar ghs tone guitar blues ghsstrings guitar reunionblues gibsones330 es330 musicians musicianslife austin austintx austintexas professionalmusician gig texas blues bluesmusic gearporn vizztone bradstivers guitarplayer gibsonguitarjunkie gibsonguitars gibsonguitarjunkie gibsonsofinstagram minnesota dippedinthewatersoflakeminnetonka lindsaybeaver lindsaybeaverofficial alligatorrecs

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Had a great time this week at OKCU Bass Camp! It's been fun getting to know and play with all of our campers. We still have the concert at 1:30! Photo cred gracelewisbass

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I don't think it could've been any hotter, but fasterhorsesfestival was so much fun! Thanks for having us!

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I’m excited to announce becoming a part of the 64audio family! I’ve always loved companies that help inspire my expressiveness! Can’t wait to hear all of my korgofficial gear through my new custom molds! When it comes to music, hearing is EVERYTHING. These will for sure impact my performance. I’ve found my newsound. findyoursound professionalmusician producer 64audio 1964audio inears inearmonitors iem gospelmusicians worship worshipmusicians custommolds nashville summernamm2019 hearing 64fam 64AudioFamily

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Singing in a group boosts mood! 😄🎶Multiple studies have been conducted that prove singing as a part of a group provides numerous physical and emotional benefits. Researchers have discovered that singing is soothing and does indeed raise one’s spirits and mood. When you sing with others, the body releases feel-good hormones, like oxytocin, and reduces stress-causing ones, like cortisol. ⠀ ⠀ summerworkshoplondon musicworkshop summercamplondon teambuilding kidsworkshop confidencebuilding group jazzband coolcatslondonmusic professionalmusician musiclondon camdenmusic performer rehearsal musicstudio northlondonmusicacademy progress musiceducation northlondon musiceducation

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Hoje este trio de raparigas lindas vai estar nos jardins do palácio de Belém a tocar no evento organizado pelo Instituto de Astrofísica e Ciências do Espaço e pelo Palácio Nacional de Belém, em celebração dos 50 anos da chegada do homem à Lua. O evento é de entrada gratuita e começa às 21h30 terminando à 1h00. Venham descobrir as surpresas, venham observar o céu noturno de Lisboa através de telescópios profissionais, e venham ouvir-nos num curto programa dedicado à Lua. Esperamos por Vocês hoje! • viola alto violeta bratsche violadarco catiaalexandrasantos freelancer freelancermusician musicofreelancer classicalmusician orchestramusician orquestra classicalmusic orchestra professionalmusician

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So I thought I’d share with you all my new approach on writing lyrics it may help other writers it may not but I find it helps me when i have a-bit of writers block What I do is I listen to 8 or 9 songs that fall into the category of the type of song I’m writing and after listening to that particular song I write down in a few words the theme of that song etc what is that song about? . Then when I come to singing a rough melody or idea for the song I’m trying write words too, il look at those notes I gathered to help me theme each section of that song writers writing writinglyrics lyrics method example jeremyrosslawler musicianjrl artist music professionalmusician composer lyricist uk pulborough westsussex singing melodies notes listening helpful guide encore tesco musician passionate

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Hey All Greetings! My name is Nichole. As the founder and Creative Director of Harp and Soul, I just wanted to take some time to share a little about who and what we are. Over the next few weeks and months, stay tuned for a series of posts designed to do just that. To start things off, I have always wanted to play the harp and music was a huge part of my life from an early age. Born and raised in a suburb of Philadelphia, My father's passion for music led him to enroll me in piano lessons at 4 years of age. Later on I began violin lessons and finally received my dream instrument at the age of 13! I performed for my first wedding at the age of 14 (my piano teachers) and auditioned for the principal harp position of my Youth Orchestra at 16 where I also played violin. Fun Fact: This photo was taken the day before my wedding 😊😍 My marriage is what returned me to the south allowing me to serve studios in both Philly and Atlanta! harpnsouln

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I wish I could record something new for you, but I'm still really sick and even the antibiotics seem not to work I'll be back soon! Here's something I wrote a while ago. I hope you like it. 100daysofpractice classicalmusician orchestra studio harp orchestral fluteplayer professionalmusician deutschland flûte practicalmusician flute classicalmusic music musik flutelyfe orchestralmusic musician querflöte orchestralexcerpts composer piccolo piano harpist tinwhistle piccoloflute flauta flutist

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You see this guy here official_sq_ , he's legendary. Greatness defines him. He ain't just no musician, He is MUSIC Baddest Producer, one of the very few Nigeria's Finest Producers. A Producer Song Writer Multi-instrumentalist Greatness I celebrate you Sir official_sq_ producer billionareproducer billionareboysclub naija naijamusicauthority professionalmusician greatness official_mcnuel_music goldmynemusic official_mcnuel_music iceberg drumnetworkafrica drumuniversity yamahamusicusa yamahasynths_official flstudio_official flstudiotips tobibanksempire

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Yeah. This will be an okay place to play tonight. 😉

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3 types of customization that are 100% FREE Custom branded heat shrink, colored ID ring, and a custom engraved connector 💪 We love doing this for all of our customers! Great shot, mgassociatesavl 👌

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[MELODY]_ The top three reasons songs become hits are: 1) melody 2) melody, and 3) melody. 😄 No but seriously. We are not implying that lyrics are unimportant. But it doesn’t always matter in today's music how amazing your lyrics are. Try writing something relatable to the listeners, and then melt the lyrics and melody together so that the song is unforgettable to the listener ears. Some hit songs set themselves apart from the pack with distinctive melodic intervals, which can be defined as the distance between two pitches played in sequence. When you listen to hit songs; pay close attention to the melodic intervals. You will hear how important this tool is in creating exceptional melodies. Also catchy rhythms in vocal melody play a big role in the success of hit making songs. For example; the repetition of the quirky rhythms that accompany the hit song “ Boo'd Up” by Ella Mai’s. This is a great vocal melody placement musicproductionlife musicproducer songwriting studiolife vocals producer trackmasters professionalmusician music studio studiowork recordingsessions recordingmusic recordmaking hitsongs musiclovers Photo Credit: garrett24fps

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Knowing which creative direction to put time and effort into is important. Raise of hands 🙋‍♂️; how many times do you feel stuck trying to pick out WHICH creative interest you want to pursue?? Apparently this issue is more common than you might think. A close friend and I talk generally about once a week. And it’s always about how to use our creative talents to make a sustainable income. We both work jobs and are limited on time. Sound familiar?? Anyways, he shared with me this idea he had about how to quickly narrow it down. For some reason, it made a lot of sense to me. And with his permission, I asked if I could use his quote to share with you guys. He of course said yes! Thank you marshallmeers Love you guys! -B

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My new band "Fry" is playing its first two shows next month! Come see us at one or both of these dates: Saturday, August 17th at backspace479 Friday, August 23rd at westandwatson

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[MAKE YOUR MELODIES MEMORABLE] Making a melody memorable means it needs to be unique. Unique, doesn’t mean you need to create something so complicated that no one can understand, follow or learn what you’ve written. Memorable melodies are those chords with just the right balance of originality and repetition so that listeners can’t help but sing along and remember what they’ve heard musiclovers musicproducerlife musicproduction greatmelodies songwriting music musicians musically musicvideos professionalmusician creativemusic studiolife studiomusician studiomusicians recordingstudio recordingsessions keyboardplayer keyboardist chordchanges Photo Credit: garrett24fps

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Um dos momentos altos das celebrações dos 50 Anos da Chegada à Lua, amanhã dia 20, a partir das 21h, no Museu da Presidência da República será o nascer e ascensão da Lua no céu, acompanhados por um momento musical dedicado. Sara Llano (violino), Cátia Alexandra Santos (viola d'arco) e Raquel Merrelho (violoncelo) interpretarão três peças de música clássica: - Moonlight Sonata, Op. 27 No. 2 de L. V. Beethoven - Air from Suite in D de J. S. Bach - Clair de Lune de Claude Debussy Não perca este momento mágico! As celebrações dos 50 Anos da Chegada à Lua são organizadas pelo Instituto de Astrofisica e Ciências do Espaço e pelo Museu da Presidência da República. Poderá consultar o programa completo em: IAU100 MoonLanding50viola alto violeta bratsche violadarco catiaalexandrasantos freelancer freelancermusician musicofreelancer classicalmusician orchestramusician orquestra classicalmusic orchestra professionalmusician

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Не хватает несколько миллионов на Ферарри? Зачем переплачивать?! Хватай и езжай на здоровье) Дизайн для компании Dexibell произведён компанией Ferrari! А Ferrari знают толк в дизайне! Цифровое пианино Dexibell только в магазине Мир Музыки, так что бегом в Мир Музыки!) мирмузыки mirm_ru мирмузыкикраснодар музыкальныймагазин музыкальныеинструменты музыкантыроссии музыкантыкраснодар dexibell ferrari профессиональныйпианист electronicpiano electropiano professionalmusician

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Really cool shot by joshbonanno 🙏🏻🤘🏻

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Good day to be behind the bench !

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Making a new fingerboard for a Juste Derazey violin, loving the curl of the ebony shavings !