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Repost cityoflakeoswego with get_repost ・・・ A beautiful day in LO to get outside, get moving and explore an LO Park or discover new LO art! _ What is your favorite LO Park to explore? _ Picture of Wormy Apply by Ed Humphreys ( 9 in the artscounciloflakeoswego Gallery Without Walls walking tour permanent collection at Millennium Plaza Park) _ livingwellinlo lakeoswego gallerywithoutwalls sunshine pnw pnwweather pdx clouds bluesky sculpture publicart loparks oregon exploreoregon

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“Existence Through You” is now officially complete and ready for the trip to Bonita Springs, Florida for installation. (In case you were curious that is 121 pieces of pipe that were each individually cut, grinded, welded, grinded again and finally spray painted). finishedart finishedproduct installationart installation install bonitasprings florida spraypaintart spraypaint steel metal steelwork metalworking metalworking public publicsculpture publicart art fineart studio studioartist studioart artist

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*Kalido* the mosaic koala is part of the koala sculpture trail, and is located in the University House courtyard at ANU. There are 15 other koalas at the Botanic Gardens and 4 at Tidbinbilla and the Zoo. Check them out until the end of March sculpturegarden hellokoala anu sculpture publicart canberra canberrart

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Nice day at the beach to make a start of my latest muralbringing the Mullalloo Beach Primary school drawings to life! city_of_joondalup

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So good news is you don’t have to reserve tickets online for The Vessel anymore. They now hand out tickets on site. That being said you might still want to try reserving for the weekend or getting there early while the hype is still high on Saturdays and Sundays. The bad news is some of the popular shops and eateries at The Shops at Hudson Yards were mostly closed or delayed opening today which was disappointing considering how most of them were open on opening day last week and even got write-ups in the local media. It reminded me of the non-working exhibits in the first Jurassic Park movie. Lame. hellohudsonyards thevessel heatherwickstudio hudsonyards art? publicart nyc newyorkcity

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Legendary mural artist, Rodney Monk does it again! marrickvillehighschool has transformed one of their buildings into a dreamlike piece of art, a project funded by Inner West Council’s 2017 Stronger Community Grants. Both visually stimulating and relaxing, the scene invigorates students between classes and inspires creativity in the classroom. This is part of the schools P&C’s ‘Inside Out’ program which aims to use the school as a canvas for public art for the community. Great pic by local lens warrior innerwestart

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This mural project is coming to an end soon and it makes me so sad! Although, I will be able to view it hanging for my city. There is just something so sweet and nostalgic about being shopmesamall late at night and jamming out to music while I created the biggest piece in my career thus far. I will always hold this protect close to my heart. Are you excited to see it hung?

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“Beth Campbell’s work delights the eye and stimulates the imagination,” said Andrée Bober, founding director of Landmarks. “It simultaneously investigates and celebrates the human psyche, illuminating our commonalities, our differences, and the relationship between the two.” For more info on Campbell’s new project, visit our website.⠀ ⠀ (link in bio)⠀ ⠀ bethcampbell7 seeallsides landmarksut DellMed publicart bethcampbell

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For my VAST class: The Coin Project. Each coin I gave to you is worth two minutes of my time. 5000 will be dispersed to the public in the coming weeks This commemorative coin features on the back of it, an underwater Vancouver skyline. ‘This is Fine’ Dog wears a MAGA hat while orca J-35 pushes her dead calf for 17 days. THECOINPROJECT

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3hrs of time

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Happy 80th birthday, isaiahzagar! Thank you for making Philly unique and colorful!

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Steel tear Still here

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Seattle, my magnificent home - I miss you already. Thanks for everything. I’ll be back soon. 💗

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Lots of great, new, shiny, tall and useful buildings are continuing to go up in downtown St Petersburg. Our town keeps growing Here, the new police headquarters building - rolling out its opening in April - is getting a major piece of artwork for its foreground. It's a outsized gladiolus plant done in steel. Why the choice? Here is what the gladiola means: . The gladiolus flower symbolizes honor and remembrance, but it has other meanings too. It can also symbolize the following: Strength of character Faithfulness, sincerity and integrity. Never giving up So that's why it'll be in front of the SPPD HQ publicart policeheadquarters gladiolas

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Anyone who goes to the Riverfront knows this statue. Although this statue is named “Treaty of Holston”, it should be pointed out that within a matter of months, practically every one of the terms of the treaty was broken. Knoxville was founded on stolen land. I’d like to see a statue created based on that fact. ———- Knoxville, Tennessee is the ancestral land of the “Cherokee” / Tsalaguwetiyi people ᏣᎳᎩ ᏣᎳᎩ ——- knoxville easttennessee historyfacts historyofeasttennessee scruffycity knoxvilletennessee thisisamerica tennesseeriver nooneisillegalonstolenland southernhistory allyall southernappalachia historyoftennessee publicart statuesofinstagram universityoftennesse utk

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Have you seen New York City’s newest landmark? . Meet the Vessel! It’s the centerpiece of the new Hudson Yards on Manhattan’s west side. It’s an architectural masterpiece — 154 interconnecting staircases, 2,500 steps, and 80 landings. It’s unlike anything we’ve ever seen in NYC and the city views from here are incredible as you climb up. Best part about it is that it’s free for anyone to explore. Free tickets are available the day of your visit (go early to avoid the crowds) or reserve tickets online before you go at the website. FAMILY FUN: Take the ! They’ll love exploring this staircase maze and taking in the city from different angles and at different heights as they climb to the top. As you climb you’ll also get great views of the Hudson River and Weekawken, NJ across the river. Make it all the way to the top of the Vessel and you’ll be standing 150 feet above ground level. The city views from here are impressive! There is an elevator for disabled visitors ONLY. No strollers allowed. You’ll have to park those outside before you enter. Once you’re done checking out the Vessel, don’t leave without exploring the rest of Hudson Yards. There’s so much to see and do here! Check out the shops, grab a yummy bite, and see some cool art too! Don’t leave without checking out Snark Park, an immersive exhibition that will house three different exhibitions per year. “Lost and Found” is the current one (now though August). There’s lots of family-fun to be had at the new Hudson Yards and the Vessel is definitely an experience not to be missed! No matter if you’re a tourist or if NYC is the place your family calls home. Go! The climb to the top is totally worth every step hudsonyards vessel hudsonyards thevesselnyc newyorkcity seeyourcity kidswhoexplore travelingkids kidstravel artlovers nycart publicart hellskitchen citykids nyckids familybackpackadventures kidsthumbsup hellohudsonyards thevesselnyc travelingfamily visitnyc nyclife hudsonriver travelgram travelblogger bigapple seenyc nycgo nyctravel nyctmtravels nyctechmommy

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What’s your favourite colour and why? 🌈 🌈 🌈

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Community House🚶🏻‍♂️🏃🏾‍♀️🕺🏼 SP1054 중앙의 바닥분수 광장을 중심으로 길게 뻗은 대형 커뮤니티 하우스입니다. 아이들이 분수에서 뛰어 노는 모습을 바라보며 즐길 수 있도록 공간을 다양하게 기획했습니다. 푸른 그라데이션 지붕 유리가 공간을 더욱 아늑하게 합니다. spacetalk playground streetfurniture playpark publicart product playspace gardendesign landscapedesign outdoorfurniture outdoorfitnessequepment health IoT smart 스페이스톡 조경시설물 조경디자인 휴게시설물 공공디자인 놀이터 가든디자인 티하우스 야외운동시설물 스마트운동기구 핏플 가든소품 푸르지오

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From the latest blog post. See link in bio. “Anchor in the Storm,” (2013). A bensonsculpture production. Sponsored by metroartsnash . The sculpture commemorates how during the 2010 floods nearby Reostone quarry absorbed 700 billion gallons of water that otherwise would have inundated West Nashville. (That’s a raft anchored to a rock from the quarry.) The mural in the background is by erichennmurals . nashville westnashville thenations sculpture publicart urbanart park memorial flood 615 mixedmedia mural

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Did you know that there is a free public Salvatore Dali sculpture museum right in the middle of a park in Mexico City. I was happily surprised to bump into it exactly a year ago today when galavanting around this amazingly vast city. There are so many randomly cool things to discover, but this was definitely my favorite! 😍 • Have you visited Mexico City? Share your experiences! 🙏👉 • • • backdrop destinationearth escape girlsthatwander iamtraveler jaw_dropping_shots mindblown outdoors readytogo travel traveldiary travelinspiration traveltogether voyager wonderfulplaces letsgosomewhere makemoments earthfocus blogger momentsofmine dali sculptures art publicart mexico mexicocity cdmx clock art_spotlight

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Recovecos de la Ciudad (20): Elegante Candelabro, ubicado en el "Salón de Recepciones", del Museo Nacional de Arte. Coronado por una piña, en alusión a la abundancia y riqueza cultural del país. _ _ Nooks of the City (20): Elegant Candlestick, located in the "Reception Hall" of the National Museum of Art. Crowned by a pineapple, alluding to the abundance and cultural richness of the country. _ _ candil candelabro light culture retro publicart museum museo historia elegante gold majestuoso munal art mexico publicbeautyinjection urban arte lovely cdmx discoverings oro dorado explorations wonferful amazing voyages luxury urban vintage