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5 minutes ago

Absolutely ecstatic🙌🏻 Just completed my first run out in the big wide world 🌎! My plan was to get fit using the treadmill and then start introducing outside runs. I was expecting to struggle a lot after having two weeks of almost no running (thanks to my foot injury🙄)but I honestly loved this run😍 I don’t know whether it was because I feel grateful to be able to run (after having to recover) or whether it was the fresh air and nature in the park🤷🏻‍♀️ Either way I’m feeling on cloud 9 and already excited to head out tomorrow 🏃🏼‍♀️ With two weeks until my 10km, I’m feeling confident! • • • • • • runningshoes runningmotivation running run runner halfmarathontraining halfmaraethon halfmarathonprep halfmarathoner cardiff gym workout work workoutmotivation keepgoing challenge pushyourself gymmotivation gymlife positivevibes positive positivethinking body bodypositive thisgirlcan nike

6 minutes ago

GOOD AFTERNOON BEAUTIES UPPER BODY SESSION TODAY 💪🏻💥 SWIPEE ➡️➡️ to see this mornings workout 🤗 Follow me zabethfitness Superset 1 : 4x 8 chest press 10 bicep to hammer curl Superset 2 : 4x 10 tricep pushdown - cable machine 10 straight arm pulldown Superset 3 : 4x 10 bicep curl to shoulder press 10 laying chest fly 4x 10 rounds of rope pulls upperbodyworkout upperbodyworkouts upperbody upperbodystrength upperbodyexercises muscleup musclebuilding buildingmuscle mybeginning thisiswhereistart determination hardwork pushyourself fitnessmotivation fitness gymworkouts motivation weightlossjourney fitnessjourney

6 minutes ago

I'm not proud of where my body is at right now. Don't get me wrong, I don't hate my body- I love it! But, I recognize that my current lifestyle isn't leading me down a road of energy, fulfillment, and happiness. These pictures are really hard to post, because I don't have some awesome 'after' pictures yet. But believe me, they're coming. 😁 let's get to work! justdoit letsgettowork work fitnessmotivation fitness beforefitness lifestylechange lasvegas pushyourself challengeyourself changeisgood gymmotivation gymtime letsbegin letsgo motivation

7 minutes ago

While this may not be much to most, 3 weeks ago I couldn't go for probably more than 10 minutes on the elliptical without wanting to die a little. Last night at my second workout of the day, I accomplished 2 miles in 20 minutes. Small steps, but I'm feeling so much better and I can almost feel muscles in my arms and legs again! workhard keto ketolife notjustadietitsalifestyle pushyourself

7 minutes ago

"What was hard to endure is sweet to recall" French Proverb Gravel riders check us out at the Rasputitsa Spring Classic on April 27th in Vermont and compete in the mental toughness championships 💪🧠 . hard mind willpower endurance triathlete rewirefitness triathlon roadracing cyclocross mountainbike gravel pushyourself findaway showup athlete type2fun strengthtraining trailrunning climbing alpine endurancetraining sportscience coaching strengthcoach rasputitsagravel vermont braintraining nolimits waroncomfort stoic

13 minutes ago

When you are feeling like quitting remember WHY you started Things are not meant to be easy it takes patience, time and a STRONG desire to succeed. Don’t be afraid to fall, don’t be afraid to go at your own pace, don’t be afraid to make your own decisions AND always remember what got you here at the first place This comparison of me going rock climbing for the very first time is to me the perfect example of showing my vulnerability to you I am scared of heights and yet I challenged myself to try and succeed. This was after about 1 hour of not making it to even half of the wall I have taught myself in this very short exercise that I can push myself if I allowed myself to take the route that is leading me to OVERCOME my fears Be your own pride and don’t hold yourself back because someone said you can’t do it 🌸 pushyourself fears limits overcome believe ownpace doit rockclimbing firsttime exercise succeed

15 minutes ago

- Que vous soyez débutant (e) ou confirmé (e) nous avons un cours pour vous !🥊 Fit boxe avec koko_boxe_ ➡️ ouvert à tous les niveaux 😉 Dès déplacements, des esquives à la délivrance de coups en toute sécurité et sans opposition dans une ambiance sportive et chaleureuse 😃 Let' go! - Sportivement 👊 - - - - bordeaux bordeauxmaville boxing cardioboxe boxe training workhard strong fight motivation fitfam sport nopainnogain fitfrenchies shape goal borntomove pushyourself lifestyle instafit fitspo

16 minutes ago

Smiling bc life is good, I’m feeling strong and I couldn’t be happier with the choices I’m currently making In my life. Cultivate great relationships and cut toxicity out. Allow yourself to grow and be comfortable in your own skin. Do something kind for someone else without being asked and allow yourself to give AND receive. Stay positive and always know it’s darkest before the dawn. Too blessed to be stressed! 🖤

18 minutes ago

Hope you’re having a fantastic Tuesday! Things have been a little off this week after the holiday weekend but I am determined to stay on track! Wet hair for work today meant i had to wear a braid. Not my favorite but it does the trick! 🌼 💐 You always have the choice to be happy! ☀ sparklewithstrength sparkleon choosejoy positivity motivation journey fitfam girlgang furmama tattoos goals loveyourlife healthylifestyle inspired transformation selflove personaldevelopment strongertogether girlygains chickswholift beyourself makingchanges youcandoit bossbabe riseandgrind behappy dontquit pushyourself doitforyou

20 minutes ago

No physique update today. 😞 Sad, I know. I was feeling sick last night and this morning, so I took a day off However! I do have a book recommendation: The Gratitude Diaries Guys, I can't stress enough how important gratitude is in our lives. Keeping a grateful attitude is beneficial for your overall health. What would be the point of keeping your body healthy, if you aren't grateful for it? And gratitude is one of those things that is applicable to every person and every part of your life This isn't my first time reading this book, and it probably won't be the last. It's good to have a reminder to look at life through a grateful lens.

22 minutes ago

Body fat Kroppsfett Ångest! Idag gjorde jag min första mätning av kroppsfett. Jag var sket-nervös innan och fasade för att det skulle visa 50% (överdrivet, I know, men idag kom hjärnspökena till liv). Men sen kom förnuftet fram och jag tänkte: Camilla! Med en viktnedgång på nästan 23 kg och alla dessa muskler som faktiskt tittar fram på din kropp, så är du i ditt livs bästa form! (Trots åldern 😉) Och faktiskt, så här lite har jag inte vägt på 13 år! Och resultatet av mätningen visade att jag t.o.m är under gränsen för övervikt! 👊🏻 Jag som trampat runt på övervikt/fetma hur länge som helst, nu får jag intala min hjärna att njuta av framgången en stund. Sen, mot nya mål! 'Cause, I'm not done stoltgymråtta 😁💪🏻 transforming_camilla transformingcamilla vinnarskalle misspannben envishettarenlångt hardwork camillasviktresa camillasweightlossjourney ambition booyjafightercamilla believeinyourself pushyourself dontgiveup

25 minutes ago

Believe in possibilities with our hero Wellbeing app. You could log on to source excellent articles on everything from mindfulness, to handling finances to recipes 📲 Get in touch to find out more AchievedTogether

27 minutes ago

A big leg and lungs day. Hit like if you try it and leave a comment to let us know how you get on! More advice below. 1️⃣ Build on last week's Back Squats 2️⃣ Walking Lunges with a front racked barbell, this should be TOUGH! 3️⃣ Rear Foot Elevated Split Squat with a pair of kettlebells in front rack, they don't need to be too heavy 4️⃣ For the Barbell Romanian Deadlift use a 31X1 tempo 5️⃣ Keep your round times consistent in the circuit, don't go out of the gates too quickly squats legday quads glutes hammies legworkout stronggirls workoutoftheday circuittraining healthychoices keepingfit dedication fitspo fitfam fitnessinspiration pushyourlimits pushyourself fitnesscoach fitnesstips fitness fitnessmotivation hiittraining trainingmode bodybuilding muscle weightloss getbig functionalbodybuilding crossfit

27 minutes ago

Time to bench! And also row. And curl. Hit like if you enjoy this one! Should be done in around an hour. Make it count! 1️⃣Bench should be around 65% 1RM 2️⃣Incline bench with 90s rest, feel the burn 3️⃣Full range on bent over row 4️⃣No leaning on a bench for the one arm row, get the core involved, keep stable and full ROM 5️⃣Bicep curls to failure (keep good tekkers throughout) Enjoy bench benchpress chestday chinups backday pullups biceps girlswithbiceps strength strengthtraining fitnesscoach strengthcoach workoutideas makemestronger progress weightlifting lifting liftweights pushyourself functionalbodybuilding getstrong muscle shelifts strongwomen girlswholift fitgirls fitnessgirl strongisbeautiful

27 minutes ago

Center your focus around your strengths. (By education I don’t just mean schooling- any field you are well-experienced in or read/learn about is also education!)⠀ Tag a friend 👥⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ •⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ •⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ topfloor.ig⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ topfloor.ig⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ topfloor.ig⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ hustle hustlin mindright focus goal achieve success business mind mindset tip tips entrepreneurship entrepreneur pushyourself unstoppable allaroundbusiness earlybird workin fearless relentless topfloor topfloorig 🦅

28 minutes ago

New Client Testimonial🔥🔥⁣ ⁣ 💪I helped the man Greg Purdy get some AMAZING RESULTS IN LESS THAN 30 Days!⁣ ⁣ Do you want to be next?⁣ ⁣ Shoot me a dm or click the link in my bio and schedule a call with me to see if we are a good fit as part of my online coaching program.

29 minutes ago

The goblet squat is a great exercise to build strength and size in your legs. It can also help improve your barbell squat if you're wanting to improve your weight on that. Go deep as possible with your back being straight and your chest up. Aim for 10-12 reps for 3-5 sets. DM or email me for any questions or services!💪🤔🏋️‍♂️🍎🏋️‍♀️ DidYouDoIt DYDI

32 minutes ago

It's easy to settle for explantations presented by others. That's why MATTER mentor Dennis Erwin always tells our startups to listen deeply and do the hard thinking for themselves. Don't just accept what you're told — Dig for your own truths Dennis Erwin is the Executive VP of PresenceHealth and a founding partner at E2 Consulting, a boutique advisory firm that helps health systems enhance the financial and operating results of their organizations and serves 40+ hospitals entrepreneur mentor consulting thinkdeeply listen hardwork advice healthcare pushyourself

36 minutes ago

Some clips from training on Saturday. For me the majority of my day was spent thinking about the down pre in the last clip. Physically the easiest jump in any of these clips, but mentally the one that I was most daunted by. For me the draw of parkour is pushing my limits, especially mental and confidence related ones. Each of these jumps really made me focus on a mental block and felt so rewarding to achieve In the last clip, the wall in the middle stops you seeing the floor between your take off and landing, which for me is a big part of the depth perception. You can look at the wall itself and say "I know exactly how far it is and that I can jump that far", but that little thing just made it feel 10 times more off putting I ended up doing a bunch of other down pres that were way harder, and bigger in order to get my head right for it. In fact the slow mo clip might be the most horizontal I've ever been on a take off! 😂 I'm working that to a stick and then the other one in that clip from the top. Currently the biggest down pre I've tried As always, lots of help pushing myself from spiderdan He's a good egg parkour teamtraceur inspiredevelopovercome traceur freerunning freerunner parkourlife movement movementculture skochy shortsx forpeopleinmotion precision precisionjump downpre plyo training pushyourself progress height heightmedicine jumps wearenotgymnastics fightthefig

36 minutes ago

Fall in love with taking care of your mind and body. I can’t say this is the first time I told myself “I’m Going to focus on myself.” “Imma do me🤣💁🏼‍♀️” But I CAN say this is the first time I’m following through. I am giving it more than 100%. I am growing daily. I am making sure to learn something every day. I’m cautious and catering to the person I will become. I know the path to where I want to be will not be easy. I do not make excuses, I make solutions fitness happy healthy weightloss gym girlswholift workoutroutine smile dysfitness fitnessmotivation 90daysofexcellence strongwomen atilisgym fitfam workout motivation behappy strengthtraining mood leggings girlboss fitforher dogmom quoteoftheday transformation correctform gymshark glutes pushyourself motivationalvideos

37 minutes ago

Feel a little stuck after the Easter break? . Shake up your diet and lifestyle with naturally-flavoured, plant-powered protein. Forever Lite Ultra contains vital vitamins and minerals (including vitamin D, B12 and B6) and is available in two flavours. This versatile product can be used if you’re watching your calorie intake, or as a filling protein shake if you're trying to gain weight Blend or mix 1 level scoop (25g) with 300ml of milk (soy milk or water) Soy protein isolate vitamin E Vitamin A, B6 B1 vitamin D, B2 B9 B12. DM for to order. shake shakeitup aftermath diet mealreplacement summerbody summer beachbody deals ad pushyourself protein

37 minutes ago

Me looking around for this imaginary competition people are in with me 👀 First off, I NEVER compete with anyone. It’s pointless, and I’m sure kind of depressing. I ALWAYS worry about myself and DO ME! You either love it or you hate it, and either one is fine with me. I don’t compete with others, I CREATE. I create what I want my life to be, and the only influence to create it is my own, straight from my own brain. It’s a difference to be inspired, than to be envious. I’m always inspired by others, but I still use that inspiration as motivation to DO MEin MY WAY! Don’t compete or compare yourself or your life to others or their lives. Compete and compare yourself to yourself, and work on getting better, leveling up, whatever it may beBut your success is not in anyone else’s hands but your own! ✨MOTIVATION✨——hope it helps someone out there! 💗 maurabeauty maurabeautyco blogger beautyblogger viralvids lookingformyhaters whatcompetition nocompetition thesehoesjustmad theybigmad doyou beyou createyourdestiny success besuccessful pushyourself sandiegomodel model

37 minutes ago

Got in and got it done. Pushed my weights and reps as far as I could-this weeks objective is to set my starting point in my workouts so next week I can top each one in either weight or reps Push/Pull vertical (shoulders/back) + core. Let’s keep attacking each and every workout gymtime gotime pushyourself pushpullworkout shoulders back core sixpackfemmes fitnessgirl fitmom fitspo bodybuilding bodybuildingwomen npcprep npcjourney nocbikini training gains roadtigainsville athlete beaggresive agressivetoachieveyourgoals makeveryworkoutcount

43 minutes ago

The Aftermath of Class . Sweaty bodies 💦 Strong minds 💪🏼 Stress relieved 😌 Limits pushed 👊🏼 But most of all EMPOWERED 🌟 .

2 days ago

Hummer strenth’s incline chest press is really good. I pumped my chest really good, you all should try this if your gym have a same machine as this one.

3 days ago

Macdonald is good for lean bulk.

5 days ago

Need more bulk up for more gains💪🏻

1 week ago

Big difference from 2 years and half ago. Workout results never lie to you, people says I don’t see any result on my body or I’m doing hard work and eating healthy food but my body doesn’t get changed. It’s all because of you. You are cheating somewhere nobody knows. Or being lazy to go to gym. When you don’t feel like to go to gym, drink pre workout drink then you have to go. Good idea, isn’t it? 😁

1 week ago

If you want to get big then eat even you are not hungry.

1 week ago

Fill up your back with thick muscle.

2 weeks ago

Smith half deadlift pumped my back well👌