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Things done once in year or once in a month doesn't have any impact on your life. They are just like festivals, whose effect ends with the end of the day. For building a house, construction has to be done every single day, for months and then you see a new structure at the plain barren land. Life is just like that, if you want to make it better place to live in or if you want to become better version of yourself (a quality human) then you need to make daily improvements consistently. Because your days are your life in miniature You are lazy all day being busy doing nothing or doing something which is separating you from your dreams or waiting for that feeling of doing something good comes to you, would only make you master in distracting yourself in every way possible. Work towards your dream every day, not once in a month or a year writingcommunity writersofinstagram inspiredaily legacy uplift humanity workingeveryday qualitytime qualitylife positivity qualityquotes instabloggers motivationalbloggers lifechanging wellbeing

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Available now Brand : hisopoon Detail : drees อก / เอว/ สะโพก/ ยาว Bust/ Waist/ Hip /length S : 32 / 26 / 36 /48 M : 34 / 28 / 38 /48 L : 36 / 30 / 40 /48 Color (สี) : original Price : 1790 THB 📮Free postage within asia📮 ⭐️ Guarantee Best Quality ✔️Cleaning :: Dry Cleaning only To clothe Extend lifespan ☎️LINE / Whatapps : +66993594449 bangkokfashion bangkokpremium wholesale market fashionblogger fashionista dream sales onlineshopjakarta start workout stylenandathailand styleblogger hiso fashion fashionpost self jumpsuits best qualitytime onlinestore cool women love beautiful beauty premiumquality musthave bajubangkok

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XD hi 👋🏼🤓

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[ TIMELESS.➖] . ❥ .the best things in life are unexpected - because there were no expectations❤︎❤︎ . ❥ .&‘ GOOD MORNING meine Lieben.♥️ countdown Ich zähle ja momentan die Tage bis zu meinem Urlaubund um ehrlich zu sein, läuft mir irgendwie die Zeit davon. Das hatte ich ja noch nie🙈 Kennt ihr das??? Dies & jenes sollte noch erledigt werden und ich frage michWANN? 🙌🏻 . ❥ .Gestern Abend gab es für mich noch neue Urlaubsnägel➖bin momentan total auf rotbis vor ein paar Monaten hätte ich niemals rote Nägel getragen *haha* ✖️So schnell kann’s gehen❣️✔️ . ❥ Heute Abend habe ich noch einen Termin bei meiner Kundin und bringe ihr direkt die bestellten Beauty Produkte mit Mittwoch Abend wird noch eingekauft ||Apotheke, Drogeriemarkt etc.|| ➖habt Ihr im Urlaub auch immer eine kleine Reiseapotheke mit sämtlichen Medikamenten dabei?? 👀 Für den Fall der Fälle, man weiß ja nie 👍🏻 Donnerstag geht die Beauty Sammelbestellung raus & ich muss Koffer packen, da ich von Freitag auf Samstag beruflich unterwegs bin ➖und am Wochenende wird die Waschmaschine glühen 🙈😝 Sonntag ist qualitytime mit meinem Liebsten & am Montag in aller Früh geht’s los in den Urlaub travelmode . ❥ Ich würde mal sagen straffer Plan➖genau so wie ich es mag & am Ende gibt’s den Urlaub als Belohnung 🙏🏻 Die Woche drauf bin ich dann auf Schulungsomit komm ich ja aus dem Koffer packen garnicht mehr raus🙈 ichpackemeinenkofferundnehmemit . Packt ihr eigentlich gerne Koffer?? 🧳 traveller Ich grundsätzlich schonnur das Auspacken ist nicht so meins✖️ . ❥ .Habt einen schönen Dienstag Ihr LiebenXOXO. Jassi💋 happysmile dailyinspo todayslook fashionista keepgoing smile whatiwore outfitinspiration lookoftheday fashionative ootd picoftheday quotesoftheday newpost outfits styleinspiration ootdfashion mystyle snakeprint dailylook travellove traveladdict bloggergirl bavarianblogger rosenheim

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Long weekend love We spent the long weekend celebrating my Mother & Father in laws 50th wedding anniversary Yes 50 YEARS It is so amazing! I have learned a lot in marriage, my own and seeing other people’s, what I want mine to look like and what I don’t want mine to look likewhat values I place on my marriage and which I do not. There really is so much to learn and grow with in a union such as marriage. What I have learned most is that the grass is greener where you water it. I choose to water mine and grow together as a couple working hard at life and enjoying all that comes our way. What marriage advice do you have to share? ethananda marriagegoals celebrating50years

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Had some great chats with a dear friend of mine over lunch, and at a cafe Later also got to sit by the lake for a bitone of my favourite things is to be by water. At the end of the day got to have dinner out with family. Such a great day. Feeling grateful to have such loving & supportive people in my life (First pic: Dynamite Roll & Spicy Salmon Roll; Second Pic: Bento Box with Breaded Salmon, Veg Tempura, Rice, Salad, Fruit. Lunch specials came with soup & salad; Third Pic from “Green Beanery Cafe” - Green Matcha Latte) sushi sushiroll salmon vegetabletempura bentobox japanesefood lunch greatconversation friend family qualitytime fun happiness love foodie torontofoodie toronto torontolife greentealatte cafe lake delicious deliciousfood myhappyplace behappy greenbeanery lake lakeontario torontoharbour grateful sushionbloor

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[TIPS MASA BERKUALITI BERSAMA KELUARGA] 1) Makan dan minum bersama sekurang-kurangnya sehari sekali.🍽 2) Percutian bersama setiap ahli keluarga sekurang-kurangnya 1X atau 2X dalam setahun mengikut kemampuan masing-masing. Percutian yang baik mengandungi 2 keseronokan iaitu PERTAMA penglibatan semua ahli keluarga dalam merancang percutian dan penantian percutian tersebut. KEDUA aktiviti percutian itu sendiri. 3) Lakukan aktiviti yang tidak memerlukan BELANJA YANG BESAR seperti menonton TV bersama, berjalan-jalan, bermain board game, riadah seperti bermain badminton, bola, berenang dan bermain sorok-sorok. Jangan jadikan alasan TIADA MASA, tapi CARI JALAN untuk bersama-sama keluarga anda. BERSYUKUR DENGAN KELUARGA KITA! Tips no 1 adalah yang paling mudah. Jomm rancang majlis makan-makan di hujung minggu anda dan keluarga dengan AWESOME setelah penat berkerja bersama BBQ Malaysia 😀 bbqmalaysia bbq masaberkualiti family keluarga masa qualitytime

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Unbezahlte Werbung| throwback 🔙👀 Hmmm waaartet🤔 Joa, ich würde jetzt schon gerne wie vor drei Wochen auf fehmarn einfach rechts abbiegen 🤔 Aber nööö Vernunft siegt😐🙈 Also links 'rum und ab zur Arbeit 🤪 vonnichtskommtnichts 🤷‍♀️ ohnemoosnixlos 🙄 ohneknetekeinefete 😐 Na ja🤷‍♀️ trotz links herum einen schönen Dienstag allerseits 😉😅 Und sowieso 👉 nachdemurlaubistvordemurlaub 😊 ************************************************** strand placetobe travellove traveling reiselust livelovelaugh camping campinglife welovecamping lifeisbetteratthebeach bürstner qualitytime ilovecamping travelgram travelblogger campingblog wohnmobil blog blogger lifestyle blogging picoftheday bloggerstyle followme

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Chilling with moms at the park / marsh that is anything but ordinary. She was pretty nervous 😨 walking down alligator alley, we seen one in the distance relaxing in the water.🐊 After some time, my mother became more comfortable & started taking pics, 📷 The shot of the moss is a photo she took. We were hanging out during golden hour, early evening when the light is just right.🙏🏾📸

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ICECREAM , FRIENDSTIME AND SUNNY WEATHER , PLEASE ☝🏻☀️🍨• • • • Also für heute ist bei uns mal wieder Regen angesagt, aber hey machen wir das beste draus und verbringen die Zeit mit guten Freunden. ☺️ Was ist eure allerliebste Eissorte ? 🍦 • Ich hatte mich diesmal für After Eight, Engelsblau und Zitrone entschieden . • Habt einen tollen Dienstag, ihr Beautys❤️• icecream friendshipgoals friendstime qualitytime happy liveauthentic livethelittlethings nothingisordinary thehappynow diewocheaufinstagram theweekoninstagram visualsoflife visualsgang instamagazine instamagazine_ saturdaze instainspo lifestyleblogger tastemade foodporn foodlicious onthetable heresmyfood picturefromanotherday

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Let’s talk about anchors What anchors you? What grounds you? I have thought about this for a long time and have tried to be very conscious about where I put my time and energy and also to those thing that bring me back when I have veered off my path. My circle is small, I have honest and true friendships that I really value. I have a family who I know accepts me and all my quirky ideas and I have my who I know love me dearlydislike me sometimes but do love me dearly. 😊 I also find books helpful. I am personal growth enthusiast and find so much honesty and relatability in stories people are brawler enough to share. There is comfort in knowing I am not alone in whatever I am going through even if the author has no clue I exist and their words are helping me grow. I am always yearning to grow. Those are a few of my “anchors” what are your?? What kinda of thing help you? anchors staythepath solitudeandsoul

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안녕하세요 (๑˃؂˂๑) TAEYANG SUNG 친구 ~ Sudah kepikiran buka puasa dimana hari ini? Buka puasa bareng teman - teman terbaikmu, meningkatkan jalinan silaturahmi makin intens. Ajak ke TAEYANG SUNG yuuukk ada paket berdua dengan menu yang optimal. Kamu bisa nikmati Tangsooyook spicy, Chadol Jjampong Bab, 2 Ice Cream, plus 2 Ice Orange Juice. Eits~ nasi pasti 2 porsi dong, kan berdua. Hehehe yuuuk tag temanmu buat kode ngajakin bukber disini (ღゝν')ノ♥ taeyangsung ramadan koreanfood koreannoodle food foody foodie story friend friendzone ulzzang ulzzangcouple ulzzangfriends happytime happyhour qualitytime breakfasting yummy delicious

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Hai, Jakmallers! Sebentar lagi memasuki mudik lebaran nih. Supaya mudik makin aman dan nyaman, kamu bisa pasang CCTV dengan kualitas terbaik di rumah mu lho Ayo dapatkan CCTV dengan harga Hemat hingga 65% di Jakmall dalam promo Ramadhan Sale! 😍 . Eits kamu juga bisa nikmati CASHBACK 10% lho. Wah menarik banget kan? Cek di sini ya 👉 jkm.al/ramadhan-cctv . Kamu tahun ini, mudik kemana Jakmallers? Tulis kuy di kolom komentar! 👇😊 jakmall jakmallgreatsale ramadhansale ramadhan ramadhankareem mudik lebaran mudiklebaran liburan hariraya idulfitri puasa jalanjalan keluarga qualitytime happy diskon promo belanjaonlinemurah

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Another cheery on top of my freat holiday,learning smurfing,meeting awesome chilled people with same passion. We did also some party and nature. We visited coronabaliprotected competition and I managed to get signed jersey from the surfer legend himself kellyslater 🙃🤩🤩🤩☝️🤙👌🏄🏻‍♂️🏄🏻‍♂️🏄🏻‍♂️🏄🏻‍♂️ wsl keramassurfbreak meetingthelegend qualitytime surfing

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Happy birthday arfin_junaedi. 🎉🎉 Barakallah fii umrik. May you always be happy, healthy, wealthy, successful, being a good person, stay humble and all dreams comes true. I love you so much dearest husband💋💋❤ family brothersister qualitytime kakakadik vsco vscocam vscophile vscogrid vscogram vscofeature vscograph vscogood vscofeed vscodaily photograph photooftheday instaphoto havingamoment bestpicture qualitytime happy bestoftheday bestofvco bestphoto bestofthebest like4like happybirthday 20mei2019 birthdaymyhusband happybirthdayhusband

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This is literally us in any setting and I absolutely love how this pictures captures it.

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Hello moms and dads, di bulan Juni nanti, bertepatan dengan bulan terakhir tema pengajaran BeebeegymSportMonths , Bibby mengundang parents dan baby untuk ikut dalam Special Weekend Class “Family Fun Day with Beebeegym” . 📆 Minggu 23 Juni 2019 ⏰ Pk. 05.30 WIB - Selesai 📍Halaman Gedung A Setda (Kantor Gubernuran Jalan Pahlawan) 👕 Menggunakan Kaos Putih . Biaya Pendaftaran : 75K (2 Parents 1 Baby) Include: - Nomor Dada - Balon - 1 Air Mineral - Undian Doorpize Jutaan Rupiah *Penambahan peserta 25k/pax . Info selengkapnya silahkan hubungi CSO Beebeegym Seroja dan Majapahit. Terima Kasih

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Making Memories with My Girls💕

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Was gibt es schöneres, als bei einem traumhaften Sonnenuntergang über dem Atlantik ein Ründchen Laufen zu gehen? Für mich wars ein perfekter Moment. 💛🧡 qualitytime goodnight ihr Lieben. • • • sunset sunsetphotography sunsetsky sunsetlover sunsetbeach whenthesungoesdown sonnenuntergang colorfulsky sunsetrun run running runningmotivation runningday runday photography inspo lagos algarve algarveportugal portugal sea seascape travel travelphotography travelgram travelblogger travelgram swissblogger photooftheday