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Fluffy boi ✨

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Là où la main de l’homme n’a jamais mit le pied.

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Done this colorful piece a couple of days ago for dear ghawsem9 Thanks to trust me 🙏🏼

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Currently taking bookings for this month and next, if you would like to get tattooed send me a dm and I’ll get back to you ASAP Thanks! If you would like to be added to my American notification list/ cancellation list send me a Dm with your name and location

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Mais uma pecinha pra alinedipiazza ❤️conchinha já tá cicatrizada. Obrigada pela liberdade de sempre. 🙋🏻‍♀️

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Tattoo by Mal 🛸 Want to get tattooed by her? Stop by the shop any Wednesday or Saturday and ask for a consultation. No appointment necessary

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CLEAN 👌🏼🧐Check Out The Detail In This Japanese Armor Piece Done By fonzygreaskull55 ———————————————————————— For bookings DM or Email fonzygreaskull55 gmail.com ———————————————————————— bnginksociety sleevetattoo blackandgreytattoo realism japanesetattoo traditionaltattoo japaneseart crazzytattoos sunday tattoostyle tattooculturemagazine radtattoos tattoosnob armtattoo realistictattoo tat inkstagram radtattoos tat japanesetattoo artmotivecollective tattoolifemagazine bnginksociety thebesttattooartists crazyytattoos

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Done at La Main Bleue, Belgium

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Vídeo de mi primer tatuaje en estilo microrealista totalmente curado después de más de 3 años de un billete de dólar doblado en 8cm que le hice a mi cliente David el 19 de febrero de 2016 en el gemelo. ¡Qué recuerdos, gracias por haber confiado en mi! La página thebestspaintattooartists fue la primera que compartió mi trabajo y casi me da algo ese día. ¡A seguir! 🔥 ● 🌍 Encuéntranos en 958tattoo 📮 Info o citas: info 958tattoo.com ● Mi propio hashtag: 👉🏽 ArtOfTheTattoo 👈🏽 ● HealedTattoo Billete Dolar Microilustracion Microrealismo MicroTattoo TinyTattoos MiniTattoos Granada TAOT TattooArtists TattooSociety WorldOfArtists WTT TheBestSpainTattooArtists TheBestTattooArtists Equilattera RadTattoos Inkstagram Inked Equilattera Tattoodo Inkeeze Tattoo ThinkBeforeYouInk Tatuaje Tattooer • • • • • • • ■ thebestspaintattooartistsequilatteratheartoftattooingofficialwhere_they_tattradtattoosthinkbeforeuinkInkonsky.tattooworldofartiststhebesttattooartistsworldfamousinkinkstinctcolorsfkironsinkeezetxttooinkselectiontxttooingartsvisions

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Uma homenagem à esse clássico da literatura e dos cinemas feita no rpv3431. A sua arte ficou top! 🔥🧙🏻‍♂️🦋 ✖️✖️✖️✖️✖️✖️✖️✖️✖️✖️✖️ Gostou? Quer tatuar comigo? 👉🏻WhatsApp (24)998195452 👉🏻direct ✖️ ✖️ ✖️ thebesttattooartist inked inspirationtattoo theimkmasters sketch sketchtattoo blackwork radtattoos sketching tattoo tattrx skinartmag tattooselection braziliantattoo voltaredonda riodejaneiro darkart darkartist tattoodo inkinstinctsubmission onlyblacktattoo rodrigopatello blackworkerssubmission tunikimtattoo penandink inking comics gandalftattoo lordofthering

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When a friend of you says "I want a skull on my knee and at once!" And you say "OK, but I'll kick your ass " It was so difficult for me to place this subject on the knee and make it look good overall. But I'm satisfied because once again I had the chance to test myself to improve. • valeriovastolatattoo you have been really tenacious in this test and I am very proud of you! • Sometimes I make something different It has always helped me grow up ! Than if you Are interested to kind of projects like this, write me with a Direct Message specifying your idea or the subjects. nicklenoir lenoirtattoos blackavantgardettt contemporarytattoos lovettt btattooing tttism tttist blk blackworkers blackworkerssubmission blackworkitaly _blackinktattoo_ blxckink radtattoos darkartist onlythedarkest stttab bodyartmag wmoct TAOT artoftattooing tattoodo blackisback romatattoo rometattoo

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