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😆😆 اللي يسأل ليش ماتعطي الحسابات اللي تعلن اعلانات سخيفة في الكومنتات بلوك✋🏻 ، شوفوا كم حساب معطيه بلوك و ع الفاضي😂 ————————————— الحساب برعاية و تصميم: mohammed.saggaf mohammed.saggaf ما شاء الله🌹 23/3/2019🗓 ‏ ‎ طقس السعودية مكة المدينة الرياض جدة القصيم اخبار عاجل دبي الكويت البحرين عمان اكسبلورweather saudi dubai rain explore storm مطر usa جدة_الان مسندم مسقط الامارات

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B'. 190324 B' : 제 그림들은 해석하는 사람의 자유입니다 매 순간, 희미하게 잡히는 라디오 주파수를 잡듯, 간신히 잡아, 행여라도 놓쳐 사라지기 전에 힘겹게 그려내는 것들. 지금 보실 것들입니다 자작글 Korean calligraphy typography eye tear raindrop darkness design 로고  logo 엠블럼  emblem 일러스트  illustration drawing 그림 bnw 캐릭터 paint identity tattoo light ink  art black rain style creative means

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Wet dresses and happy faces.

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Kanye said it best everything I am is everything I’m not 🦚 hendersin rain

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When the sky turns on you

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N E W . M U S I C . U P D A T E ! We’re excited to say that our new single ‘Silo’ will be out on April 7th with the full Korean Split EP called ‘Carrier’ coming out shortly after (15th April)! 🥳 Pre-orders will be out soon for vinyl and CD’s, until then please grab a ticket to our EP release tour: . 24/04 - LONDON, thsndslnd🇬🇧 25/04 - NOTTINGHAM, bodeganotts🇬🇧 26/04 - LEEDS, hydeparkbookclub 🇬🇧 28/04 - EDINBURGH, sneakypetesclub 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 30/04 - BRISTOL, crofters_rights 🇬🇧 . Nottingham is getting close to selling out. Click the link in our bio or visit: www.gigantic.com/eyre-llew-tickets 🎫💨

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Colores y lugares. 'Guayaquil gris'. El invierno, la lluvia. Marzo 2019 guayaquil lluvia rain

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"The boys, the girls, they all like Carmen She gives them butterflies, bats her cartoon eyes She laughs like God, her mind's like a diamond Buy her tonight, she's still shining Like lightning, light, like lightning"

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