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Rainbow I get very excited when I saw a rainbow

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Without the rain there can be no rainbow.⠀ ⠀ Yes it rained on their wedding day. Yes the bride was disappointed, but then this happened. A beautiful rainbow just for them. Thank you theresawoonerphotography for being so chill and going with the crazy wedding day flow. ⠀ ⠀ weddingplanner rain rainbow bakersfieldweddingplanner rainbowpicture pasoroblesweddingplanner socalweddingplanner rainyweddinday godspromise weddingdesigner bestoftheknot theweddingexperts clearumbrella brideandgroom cloudyskies wedding luxuryweddingplanner classicwedding keanuandkayce meetthepadillas⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀

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I know I've gone a bit heavy on the rainbows at the moment, but I thought I'd share how I've changed up the design I did as a commission, so it is a little different. It says, 'when it rains, look for rainbows' (thank you _rocketandco for the suggestion of that one ages ago 😂). Hopefully get a few more of these made and into rocketandbird and theemporiumuk ASAP. Also available to order xx rainbow rainbows rainbowpicture nurserydecor nurseryinspo kidsrooms inspirationalquotes inspiration whenitrainslookforrainbows myinteriorstyletoday dailydecordetail weeklyinteriorinspo nesttoimpress myperiodhome myhometrend myinteriorvibe mycozyhome myinteriorweekly styledupinterior sorealhomes mycreativeinterior mycreativedecor howihome mygorgeousgaff spotlightonmyhome myinteriorvibe cornerofmyhome

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A severe cold front had just poured a huge amount of rain over Rio de Janeiro when water droplets suspended over the Guanabara Bay coherently acted like a prism, splitting sunlight into its constituent colors. That relatively rare type of rainbow was certainly an amazing afternoon treat, certainly worth looking down to. Captured on April 10, 2019. Uma intensa frente fria tinha acabado de despejar uma enorme quantidade de chuva sobre o Rio de Janeiro, quando gotículas de água, suspensas sobre a Baía de Guanabara, agiram em coerência como um prisma, decompondo a luz solar em suas cores constituintes. Esse tipo de arco-íris, relativamente raro, foi um incrível presente que cativou nossa atenção, enquanto olhávamos pra baixo. Esse belo fenômeno óptico atmosférico aconteceu na tarde de 10/04/19. cloudappreciation amazingskyline weather skyphotography slimmenrick cloudphotos ponterioniteroi cloudshapes cloudcaptures rainbows sunnysky cloudpics rainbowpic earthskyscience whatsthiscloud cloudmotion rainbowphotography rainbowphoto cloudspotting rainbowcolors universetoday rainbowpicture fotoarcoiris cloudscape fotografeotempo cloudphotos skyphotography guesscloud cloudphotography arcoiris

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So, a rainbow dipped down to touch the earth and a pool of golden sunshine smiled upon the very spot! A special thanks to my granddaughter who noticed first and caught my attention. Just way coool! 😎☮️❤️

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Каждый охотник желает знать где сидит фазан!🌈 Радуга - одно из самых красивых явлений природы. Издавна с ней связанно множество сказок и легенд. Небесный мост невиданной красоты💐 А знаете, какая самая дорогая картина с радугой? 2007 году рекорд побила картина Константина Сомова «Радуга», которая ушла за 3,72 млн фунтов💸. радуга rainbow painting rainbowpicture живопись мировыешедевры worldmasterpiece красотарядом чудоприроды

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💋🌈AFTER EVERY STORM COMES A 🌈RAINBOW🌈. SO YOU MUST NOT QUIT, KEEP GOING, KEEP PUSHING THRU THE PAIN, TIL YOU SEE THOSE COLORS OF THAT RAINBOW🌈💋🌹🍃. aftereverystormcomesarainbow🌈 aftereverystormcomesarainbow arainbowisapromise thatthingswillgetbetter rainbow🌈😍 rainbow🌈 rainbows🌈 rainbowrays rainbowcolors🌈 rainbowpic rainbowpicture rainbowphoto rainbowphotography rainbowphotography🌈 rainbowedit rainbowedits rainboweffect rainboweffect🌈 rainboweffects rainboweffects🌈 photographyart📷 photographyisart📸 photographyisart📸🎨 model💋 modeling💋 modelling💋 modelingisart🌹 modelingart

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Arco-íris inesperado 🌈 Será um sinal? Eu sei que em meio as semanas caoticas (sem contar os 2 últimos anos turbulentos) essas pequenas cores ali no chão me fizeram rir da beleza que podre surgir dos lugares inesperados. To orando para ser uma profecia de coisas boas vindo! arcoiris rainbow rainbowpicture rainbowphotography nofilter photography pictures photooftheday picoftheday fotododia  blogueirinha love amor geekgirl geek geekbrasil feed feedinspiração ondulada2a onduladas onduladas2abc geekbr grlpwr girlpower voceimporta

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Rainbow over Hudson Yards 🌈 4.15.19. Unfortunately I had to capture this amazing view with my iPhone as I was running towards the water hoping it wouldn’t disappear. I first saw the rainbow coming home from work and essentially sprinted to the water as soon as I was able to park my car. A good rainbow shot is a tricky one to capture

1 month ago

rainbowpicture from my trip to town today, I drove over the mountain in the top pic and saw another rainbow on the other side!

1 month ago

Happy National Draw a Picture of a Bird Day What happens when you ask a 4 year old to draw a picture of a bird? She draws a rainbow and then makes an obstacle course out of it. :) And that was a treasure chest at the end- not feathers apparently! loveher creativekids nationalday

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✨ Cover me with dreams. ✨

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Да, много воды утекло Всеми соками радуги А та, что осталась — так, не вода — Демисезонное оледенение — Даже не скрипнет под колесом Не говоря уже о драгоценном моём сапоге с каблучищем А в небе алеет плывёт раздаётся Пятно неудачи доселе неслыханной Дюже позорной Нежданной Негаданной Так никому и неведомой вовсе. Во весь мой раскидистый взор Дурацкий узор из извилистых вещей, сиволапых натюрмортов и гнилых овощей Во весь мой разнузданный зрак Эти натюрморты И резвый топорик коварный кровавый Зарытый тайком в каменистой листве. Такое постигло меня однажды Не помню только — на кладбище или в москве А, ну конечно же. (Е. Летов. 18 декабря 1995.). raibow rainbowpicture watercolor watercolorpainting markerart russianpoetry illustrationartists posterart illustree tyedye

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Good morning from Tel Aviv 🌈🥰

2 months ago

Back when summer vacation was still a thing, back when the viral YouTube video “Double Rainbow” was still popular, and back when life was more simple, my friend astoldbynoah and I were walking on a tail and notice this double rainbow. At the time we still had flip phones, so the only thing on us that could take a decent picture were our iPod touch’s. We quickly whipped them out and took a pic of this amazing event we have never seen before. Sparking my interest for photography. 🌈 Photographer: joedonahuephotos Camera: 4th Generation iPod Touch rainbow doublerainbow ipodtouch ipodtouch4 shotonanipod shotonaniphone rainbowphoto rainbowphotography photography photographer naturephotography railtrail derryrailtrail rainbowpicture rainbowpic trees naturewalk pinksky skyphotography sunset sunsetphoto sunsetphotography 4thgenerationipodtouch apple applefan iphonephotography ipodphotography ipodphoto iphonephotography nofilter