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*IN MY MAIL* . So guys a few daya back I've recieved a beautiful PR pacakge by mataishcourture . This is an online store that deals with their own collection of ready to wear dresses. They've such an amazing collection with beautiful colour dresses and so many designs are avalible. Sizes are also available so you can just get a perfect size for yourself and slay in it. Their summer collection of 2019 is also launched They've sent me a beautiful shirt piece from their latest summer collection. The pacakging was so cute they've wrapped it so perfectly with a cute hand written note as and a card as well The shirt is of black colour that's my favourite colour for every occasion and every season. This style is very unique with a collar and have beautiful white embroidery at the front and at back as well. The size and stiching is perfect. The quality is so amazing and stuff is cotton perfect for summers. I'd pair it up with white trouser and wear it Their collection is so amazing and avalible at most affordable rates. Highly recommended Thank you so much mataishcourture for sending this my way. For orders DM. mataishcourture blogger biyablog reviewsbybiya biyamakeuplooks biyaprpackage biyareviews biyacreates makeup skincare makeupblogger makeupfreak foodblogger productreviews honestreviews newlooks newcolours mua undiscoveredmuas showyourtalent nohate bepositive girly ootd makeuplover skincareproducts instagram random like showlove blogsbynoorfam

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Hockey Puck The hockey puck is such a cool invention. It moves along the ice like a bullet if you hit it right. The technology of hockey skates and sticks is making the game one of the fastest sports in the World. hockey puck sport random trivia

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My life is boring. I just get kind of dressed up to go drive laps in my truck, come home, live on social media, go back out, get grumpy at traffic, come back attempt to work out for 6 seconds, get angry, go back out, grab a drink, come home to pout, get upset and be a drama queen, go drive around till I am lost, find my way home in a panic, and go to bed or work, depending on what day it is. The end random selfie justins countrygirl redneckgirl redneck country blonde blondegirl blondie ballcap camo camoflauge realtree realtreecamo driving drive mylife life hair makeup tshirt hat girl

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"Aku tumbuh dari benih yang tertanam pada segumpal tanah. Ditempa hujan badai atau langit cerah, digilas roda atau dipupuk dengan saksama, pada Tuhan aku berpasrah akan bagaimana hasilnya. Mampuku hanya untuk bertahan saja. Aku adalah kombinasi dari segalanya. Dicampur dengan rata. Disajikan dengan apa adanya" diannaid Selasa, 19 Maret 2019 fotografi puisi monokrom random

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SoIf I put hashtagsI get likes? That's what I did and earned more likes than I used to. Cool though Random 👌👏

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Perfectly shaped volcano.

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The madness with my ever mad partner in crime melvinlouis in between serious rehearsal. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ This had to be done when suddenly a Govinda song came on . 😁😁 Tag ur partner in crime that u want to do this with. 👫👯‍♀️👭 inbetween random hyperus theactualvideocomingsoon

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Just because she is caring, don't take her to be weak. Her care has nothing to do with the strength that she holds within herself. Don't mock the kindness in her heart for you. Her soul won't think twice before forgetting you. Don't think that she would beg you to stay, or even hear those excuses that you would spurt. Believe me, don't mistake her concern for you - as her weakness. — koaël reminizence micropoetry creativewriting caption poetrycommunity writingcommunity poetsofig poets poetsofinstagram igpoets poemsporn igwriters words writingcommunity yellow writersofinstagram poetry poetryoftheday poetrygram poetryisnotdead instapoetry instagood instadaily lovepoems penned art spilledink random l4l like4like collage

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Dear Diary, Creativity She comes in bursts Of light And of life Until she transforms into Art I wasn't sure about what to write about today. Sometimes it can be hard to find inspiration, when life feels like it's running on autopilot. But you will never find anything to write about if you dont start writing. I think that goes for anything that takes creativity. Once you start the words seem to flow, but starting is the hard part. Push aside the fear that you might fail, because the only feeling scarier than fear is regret. So even if it means scribbling down those random thoughts or sketching out the first thing that comes to mind, just start. And then keep going Until next time -K blog photography creativity diary lifestlye writing passion beautiful toronto happiness love positivity hope canada beauty art travel poetry creativity random instablog blogger nature inspiration life wanderlust dream roamfiles phvisual

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Dear Diary, "It's been a long day" She whispered to herself As she took off her mask at the front door And entered her safe place, Continuing to leave a trail of clothes Up the stairs to her room, Where she could dance Until she fell asleep. This poem is very random, the words came to me naturally and I scribbled them down, before I could forget. Looking back at it now, I'm not even sure if it makes much sense, but somehow I can relate. I guess that's the beauty of art, it finds a way to connect to us. Lately I feel like I'm playing a character in a movie, called my life. Putting on a disguise or faking a smile so that I dont come off as rude or not engaged. I'm normally a pretty quite person, reserved and shy, until I feel very comfortable around the people I'm with. I guess I dont trust easily. Its easier to keep my guard up, than to get hurt. But once I feel safe, I'm ready to be myself and take off the stifling disguise. That's when you can see the carefree, wanderlusting, dancing girl inside me, who is trying to break free. Maybe I should let her? Until next time -K blog photography creativity diary lifestlye writing passion beautiful toronto happiness love positivity hope canada art travel poetry dancing random instablog blogger memories culture shy home wanderlust dream roamfiles phvisual writeaskew

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Together we can change the world, just one random act of kindness at a time