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Conhecido pelo alter-ego de DJ Rifs, Rodrigo Fuentes é o idealizador de um dos projetos chilenos mais ativos na atual cena psicodélica mundial! Desde 2012, FishEye Live vem desenvolvendo uma enérgica identidade em torno das cremosas nuances do dark progressivo, alcançando assim um grande reconhecimento internacional e marcando presença em festivais como Universo Paralello, Pulsar Festival, Ecologic, Freqs of Nature (Alemanha), dentre outros. Alchemy 4 : UROBOROS RECORDS LABEL party 24 de Maio - Vitoria, Brazil 🇧🇷 . Follow: 👽 psytrancealchemy . 🎧 fisheyerifs . 🎛 www.soundcloud.com/rifs psytrancemusic psytrancefestival progressive dark darkpsy psychedelic music festival rave openair brazil psytrance psytrancefestival psytrancefamily psytranceparty psychedelic uroborosrecords darkprogressive progressive picoftheday videooftheday producer uroborosrec psytranceart forestprogressive instagram

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I’m literally two days in to this neon-nightmare and it is already messing with my eyes 😵😵😵 can’t wait to see it flattened out and under a ultraviolet light , I’m using double knit and a 4mm hook to get a tighter pattern and also a lighter blanket guysthatcrochet guyswhoknit crochet neon rave hippystyle

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Your MemorialDayWeekend plans have arrived at endupsf⁣ ⁣ EndUpFridays.com⁣ shangrilasf.net ⁣ theendupsf.com⁣ ⁣ The EndUp | 401 6th Street and Harrison in the SOMA District of San Francisco.  21+ with ID.  Dress to impress for our Sunday Day Party Sundaze.⁣ ⁣ Afterhours SF OnlyInSF SFGuide SanFranciscoCityGuide HouseMusic ProgressiveHouse TechHouse DeepHouse Techno EDM EDMSF GoldenState Vibes LivingMyBestLife ModelBehavior BucketList LivingTheDream Afterparty CultureTrip TheEndUp endupsf Underground Unsplash Rave Drop

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The rhythm makes me dance, if you don't like it cut me loose. 🔊🎈 rave tekk nightslikethis ❤️

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Legit the best feeling in the world! ❤❤ . Tag your rave bae! ❤🦄 . Follow highonbasss for more! 💙🖤

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Lasc ‘o tiemp mij a chi lo apprezz, je song ‘o prezz.🔥

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Our braid in extensions just dropped a bunch of new options 😍 You can now get multiple colours to mix! Have a look loves! 🤗 from pastels, neons and cool blues we got you boo

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🌟💖GIVEAWAY TIME 💖🌟 We are giving away these STRAP EM UP Trousers picked by our co-founder 😇👽 - TO ENTER 🔥 1. Be following karatiara & moonsugar.clothing 2. Tag your bestie below 3. Like this post Winner will be announced via this thread and on our IG story in 2 days time! GOOD LUCK SUGARS ❤️

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EDC This Year Was A Complete Blast. From High Winds, Amazing Shows, And To Being Stuck In The Parking Lot For Almost 3 Hours. It Was All Worth It And Made Better By My Partner In Crime This Year chipsyummy I'm Glad You Had Fun. edclv2019 vegas rave electricdaisycarnival

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Back in the limelight this Saturday! 🔋✨Tix available in bio while they last! 📸: andreaczarnota

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Nitro Fun - So Far Away (Art) 🚶

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2011 catchy tune 🖤🎶 ————————————————————————- 11:11 - Tourist Trap | Jamie Jones 'For Ryan' Remix | Rumors | 45 seconds left out at the end ————————————————————————- I wanna sing 'welcome to the club / here we go' to it all the time. Which track was that????? Seems similar 🤔 I know it, but I can't hit on it. 😲🤷🏻‍♀️ ————————————————————————- listentothis | jamiejones | guygerberandpuffdaddy | electronicmusic | techhouse | Werbung | available on beatport discogs deejay spotify traxsource 💎

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made for a QUEEN ✨ • • the Sirene set is only available upon request ✨

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Not bad for my first EDC I’d say. It’s safe to assume I’ll be back next year 🔥 Thank you pasqualerotella & everybody who made it such a dope trip.❤️🎇

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The vibes in the my studio are buzzing. 🐝👇🐱 I have so many new amazing works of art to show you, it kinda blows my mind. Can you say crack head! But I just love the energy of my new space💜 peep the store for new items. But not the new new. Sew easy to bee here now when you create the space for presence to exist as a whole to be explored piece by piece. Like the vibrations of the honey bee I shall remain high, happy and a present to all my light touches. But I will also forgive myself when I cant seem to vibrate that high. Even bees vibrate at low frequencies and those create energy that is just a beautiful 💣💥 👉Swipe to see a still version of my "bee here meow" hoodie and for a little tour of my studio that I did in my stories a few days ago. My real name is actually melissa. And it means honey bee in Greek. Lately I've been to attracted to these little creatures who ultimately give us life just by living their own. Just like my sign aquarius which stands for air(or water depending on who you talk too) which too also is something that brings humans life. I was blessed by the universe to have these two source meanings close to me. Its taken pretty much thirty years of living to understand my tru power. And still everyday I'm not fully aware of its depth. But I'm exploring. And it's an amazingly terrifying sad and happy experience this explorational journey  of the self. Every day we get a little closer. Everyday we find our a little more as long as we continue to be here meow🐝👇🐱 Lots of deep thought posts coming. Moving will do that to a person. Uprooting yourself and starting over is such a breathtaking experience that I'm lucky to get to do all the time. It's such a special life and it helps in my existence of being here now, the constant change of scenery. Change is golden. boho cosplay bees aquarius  passion art photooftheday  fashion dance movement fitness fitbody handmade rave ravegirl  photography festival festivalfashion festivaloutfit raveoutfit fleek  americanmade yogapose yoga technogirl  ravewear dirtybirdcampout edmgirls edm bassculture