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Here Gurjot writes a - "reality". Read on. tuedayswithgurjot Explore drunkanddrunk for poetry, musings and more. To get featured, send us your writings via link in bio.

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"Garden Folly (Gothic Revival Garden)", a recent work from my series 'Symmetry', which investigates the perception of reality through deconstruction and subsequent reconstruction, thus creating a new reality. photography artphotography fineartphotography art artist photographyartist realwolfkettler artcollector photographycollector artnews artlover symmetry new artproject reality realityisanillusion conceptualart artexperiment experimentalart sundial artistsgarden garden folly gardenfolly gothicrevival gothicrevivalgarden

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No dejes que termine el día sin haber crecido un poco, sin haber sido feliz, sin haber aumentado tus sueños. No te dejes vencer por el desaliento. No permitas que nadie te quite el derecho a expresarte, que es casi un deber. No abandones las ansias de hacer de tu vida algo extraordinario. No dejes de creer que las palabras y las poesías sí pueden cambiar el mundo. Pase lo que pase nuestra esencia está intacta. Somos seres llenos de pasión. La vida es desierto y oasis. Nos derriba, nos lastima, nos enseña, nos convierte en protagonistas de nuestra propia historia. Aunque el viento sople en contra, la poderosa obra continúa: Tu puedes aportar una estrofa. No dejes nunca de soñar, porque en sueños es libre el hombre. No caigas en el peor de los errores: el silencio. La mayoría vive en un silencio espantoso. No te resignes. Huye WaltWhitman poesia poesiavisual poeticphotography Atacama Casa house landscapeart collageart collagearquitectura create collageartwork creative reality arquitecturaypaisaje arkids arquilocura arquitectura nature natureza arquitecturaydiseño arquitetando arquitecture juega tapial arquitecturaentierra happy earthonlocation earth

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F A C E S 👀 2013 - BI (Before Instagram) . We had the pleasure of working with graphic designer leegoater in our first exhibition working with a designer rather than a traditional artist Faces, the Anatomy of Autonomy, was a fun and interactive exhibition of graphic art for everyone. An ongoing personal project by leegoater, it started in 2012, when Lee created ‘responsible magnetic street-art for sharing’ and anonymously distributed 180 polaroid sized magnets around the UK. Working with a restricted pallet, eight different characters were initially created to represent different genders, ages and cultures. Surprised by how the different characters were interpreted led Lee to further question the idea of self. In October 2013, ‘Anatomy of Autonomy’ exhibition at our place took Faces into its second phase. The exhibition aimed to question the difference between who we are and how we are perceived. Do people perceive us the way intend? Are we the same person to our friends and families as to our colleagues and acquaintances? Are we the same person in the actual and virtual worlds we occupy? Do people make assumptions about and judge us at face value? At the end of the day, are any of us really that different? This exhibition was an absolute breath of fresh air back then, and in this Instagram landscape of filters, emojis, photoshop, editing and all the rest of it, these questions seem all the more relevant and important today. 👊🏼 faces identity perception exhibition leeds leedsart graphicdesign leegoater streetart share shareart reality appearance beforeinstagram emoji face art

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Foam wash First Time in porbandar. AUTOHERB Services:- 🔹️Cearamic Coating🔹️Neno Ceramic Coating 🔹️Synthetic Coating 🔹️Polymer Coating 🔹️Engine Buffing of ROYAL ENFIELD 🔹️Glass Treatment 🔹️Glass Ceramic Coating 🔹️Engine Coating 🔹️Underbody Coating 🔹️Car Spa 🔹️Headlight Restoration. Address:- OPPOSITE ROYAL ENFIELD SHOWROOM,BIRLA ROAD,PORBANDAR Contact Number:-9574374192,9638562056. carservices carspa carwash auto herb porbandar detailsmatter luxury luxuriouscars shine automobile standout live pictures reality portporbandar carlove bestornothing detailing cardetailing carnanocoating carcare carcoating paintprotection ceramiccoating skinrestoration services

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Perché crediamo alle Fake news? Perché molte persone cadono nella trappola delle fake news? secondo una ricerca dell’APA, questa tendenza si svilupperebbe durante l’infanzia e implicherebbe: A) processi di pensiero e sistemi di credenze sviluppati durante l’infanzia  B) bias di conferma: tendenza delle persone a ricercare, selezionare e interpretare informazioni in modo da porre maggiore attenzione, e quindi attribuire maggiore credibilità a quelle che confermano le proprie convinzioni o ipotesi, e viceversa, ignorare o sminuire informazioni che le contraddicono. ARTICOLO COMPLETO psicologopalermo psicologo palermo fakenews psicologia notizie bufala falso vero internet news fiction reality palermocity ansia depressione attacchidipanico umore stress

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You are shining bright! Every area of your life is improving, and you’re overcoming your previous limitations. Ever since you realized your worth, distractions don’t have control over you. You enter each day with purpose because you know what you want and the universe is aligning you with everything you need. Enjoy your day everyone! • • now love universe consciousness awareness spirituality reality duality nonduality higherconsciousness higherawakening manifest lawofattraction thirdeye intuition creation quantumphysics quantummechanics alchemist nonduality amsterdam imagine travel peace manifestation thirdeye 3rdeye intuition powerful quotes

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Leave It छोड़िए।

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Most people are defined by their titles, their cars, their house, where they came from, their color, their race, their religion. And so it's up to you to take control of your own life and define you. As long as you understand who you are and you have a solid foundation of understanding what your talents are, what your skills are. <~~~~~~~~~~~~~~> foundation success moroccan reality ultimate conquer dailymotivation motivational instamotivation dominate life vibe goodvibes denmark copenhagen potential victory redemption evolve morocco freedom inspirationoftheday liberty proverbs peace bepositive envision rise values

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