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4 minutes ago

Did exsame today hoping for a good results but god knows.

27 minutes ago

Cute meme compilation fur u uwu

28 minutes ago

Gotta love reddit 😂

31 minutes ago

Not sure who to credit as I've seen on more than one feed. THANK YOU to whomever created this! Expresses what tens of thousands of us truly feel and believe. If there are 36,000 active subscribers on the ex-jw Reddit how many are there that have left or are thinking of leaving? And please, this doesn't mean armageddon is closer or satan is doing a good job! jw exjw exjehovahswitness cults cult free freedom livefree independent independence noreligion reddit think thinkforyourself

45 minutes ago

I thought this was a porn intro • • Check out chiefbweef for more!

51 minutes ago

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