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Red Hot Chili Peppers - Blood Sugar Sex Magik (1991, Warner Bros Records) - - Often seen as one of the Red Hot Chili Peppers most acclaimed albums, Blood Sugar Sex Magik was released at a relatively early height of the bands madness in 1991 and focused primarily on a more “in your face” approach (without the inclusion of riffs that would be considered “Heavy Metal” at the time) rather then one that was more melodically well founded, incorporating exuberant lyrical themes and sexual innuendos throughout. It has remained a fan favourite ever since and has been certified Platinum in almost 10 countries - - - I bought this album, along with 3 other RHCP albums, from a very close friend of mine, who sold them to me for an incredible price, that I could not refuse! They have remained a very favourable part of my collection for several years now, I love them - - - vinyl records recordcollection audio music rock funk bass audiotechnica maudio redhotchilipeppers bloodsugarsexmagik morningpost

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Who’s going to the Red Hot Chilli Peppers this Saturday night at Hope Estate???? We have an amazing menu at awesome value Share boxes Make sure you come see us for some good grub while enjoying some awesome music craftystreeteats shareboxes hopeestate redhotchilipeppers

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Monday Night, Court, Gav, Lin & I are taking Hayden & Noah to see this fucking awesome band Can’t wait! It’ll be my 4th time seeing them but it has been a long time between songs! 🤘🏻🤘🏻 rhcp redhotchilipeppers rock rockconcert rocknroll

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"Monarchy of Roses" is a song from the Red Hot Chili Peppers' 2011 album "I'm with You". The music video was released 7 years ago on November 14, 2011. The video was directed by Marc Klasfeld 🎬🌹 Repost of chilipeppers.russiachilipeppers chadsmithofficial flea333 monarchyofroses imwithyou imwithyoutour imwithyourhcp imwithyouera joshklinghoffer klinghoffer chilipeppers rhcp chadsmith flea michaelbalzary bassplayer drummer redhotchilipeppers guitarist rockband kiedis chadsmithofficial anthonykiedis tonykiedis vocalist vocalistrhcp guitaristrhcp redhotchilifamily rock joshyklinghoffy chilipeppershistory

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Éric Clapton on live ! 🎸🤘🏻

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I want it until I don't Then I never want it again Until the pain eventually kicks back in My thoughts become like a crumpled up piece of paper that has made its way into the garbage with words on it That I recognize too well and much too often Changing the course of the night as quickly as the sun rises Then the life I have starts to seem haunted Haunted by a regret and a mess That I don't remember how to clean up or lay to rest I spend my days looking for something that is already there Failing to acknowledge the truth that is found in despair The water isn't feeling cold The bed isn't feeling warm And this house isn't feeling like much of a home Everything fades away and fades back in the same Everything is empty yet my chest feels too full Everything I know is right here in this room Looking back at me with disappointment saying I allowed it to get this bad and that I should feel this fucking sad I did it to myself I did it without thinking twice I still did it even with thinking twice So this is the price The price I got to pay For living this long staying the same And for thinking that writing it out could make it go away -written by me. redhotchilipeppers rhcp

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This chilly weather got me putting five types of peppers into my chili 🔥 . I have learned a lot of my cooking just by watching my mom, grandma, and aunties cook, but one thing I learned from my dad was how to make chili. He always throws one habanero in and without fail will comment on how the chili “has kind of a kick to it!” (It usually doesn’t ❤️) Me being a spice lover, I adapted mine to be WAY spicier 😛 . I also taught myself how to make it vegetarian, using field roast sausage, black beans, and zucchini rather than ground beef that tends to be quite heavy (though ground beef is def a weakness of mine!) And is there anything more comforting than fresh corn bread with chili?? I like to make it with actual corn mixed in. 😋 . winter winterfood chili chilly redhotchilipeppers veggie vegetarian cornbread chiliandcornbread thanksdad itsgotakicktoit

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Is he actively trying to kill me?

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Surprise, demo ep This is a small collection of 4 songs I've been working on, currently still demos but wanted to release something to show what's to come. Currently on YouTube, SoundCloud, and Bandcamp, to be on Spotify, apple music, and other major platforms soon! - Tags to get likes that don't really matter cause they're all bots- nirvanaripoff nirvana rock guitar music bass foofighters redhotchilipeppers lovebuzz thefrontbottoms goinggrey soundcloud bruh supreme alternative radiohead pavement blur britpop remodrive peachpit bayfaction swmrs loseit heartstrings strawberita Seventeen sasquatch22 carseatheadrest destroyedbyhippiepowers

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Los shows de los Grammys 🎶 CamilaCabello abrió el show cantando "Havana", acompañada en el escenario por RickyMartin y JBalvin ShawnMendes y MileyCyrus subieron al escenario para una presentación de su súper exitosa canción “In My Blood”. LadyGaga sorprendió a todos al interpretar una versión rockera de “Shallow”, canción de la película “A Star Is Born”, junto a los compositores, en los que estaba MarkRonson JenniferLopez fue la elegida para realizar el tributo a Motown en los Grammy de 2019. Si bien JLo hizo una increíble presentación, como nos tiene acostumbrados, algunos fanáticos no estaban de acuerdo con la elección de la cantante, por no tener una conexión clara con el género. DuaLipa y StVincent se presentaron para cantar un mix de sus canciones “Masseducation” y “One Kiss”, que incluyo la canción de Aretha Franklin, “Respect”. DollyParton fue homenajeada en el escenario por KatyPerry, Kacey Musgraves, Miley Cyrus, MarenMorris y LittleBigTown CardiB hizo una actuación épica al interpretar su exitosa canción "Money". PostMalone y los RedHotChiliPeppers rompieron el escenario. KaceyMusgraves subió al escenario para interpretar su canción "Rainbow" y además estrenó su video musical. JanelleMonae subió al escenario para una actuación eléctrica con su canción "Make Me Feel". (Desliza para ver todas las fotos →) Fotos: Getty Images grammys recordingacademy pinkpresspe

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yeah they tell you that they love you till they fade away - goodnight lads. holy fuck am i glad that I’m done with this song. this edit had a total of 30 fucking subtitles. it made me go insane. anyways hope you all had a good day. oh yeah gonna slow down on the posts now because if i don’t i’m actually gonna die. tags(ignore): josha jakehill logic logic301 theweeknd sadedit rattpack bobbytarantino richbrian joji aesthetic sadniggahours theincredibletruestory underpressure everybody 18002738255 everyday mydearmelancholy starboy lilxan redhotchilipeppers beautybehindthemadness trilogy youngsinatra memes filthyfrank josha jakehill i’vebeensayingwait,everytimeshewannaleavei’msayingstay