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Hey buddy - how come you are unhappy in the reefs ? Need some cheer up ?! 🌅 beaches reef atoll

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Pacific Sun unboxing 📦☀️😮 Special thanks to pacific_sun_aquarium ozravi and Andy at Canberra Marine for helping organise this to be sent to us! Can’t wait to give you guys some updates so stay tuned for that!

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Break out of your comfort zone and be braver than a christmas tree worm today. Notoriously skittish, Spirobranchus giganteus retreat into their tube houses at the first sign of danger. Our eco-internships teach undergraduate level coral science alongside underwater coral gardening skills inside a busy dive resort environment.

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今日は台風ですなぁ🌀 海行きたいょ〜😂 この写真は宮古島かなぁ、体験ダイバーさんが、1人で泳げるようになってきたところの1枚ですね。 あー、海、うみ、ウミ〜🐳 窒素吸いたいです😅 canon キャノン s120 コンデジ 海好き ダイビング ダイバー 写真 水中写真 ダイビング好きな人と繋がりたい ファインダー越しの私の世界 ふぁいんだー越しの私の世界 沖縄 宮古島 過去pic sea ocean love diving scubadiving pictures divermag underwater reef underthesea_perfection loves_okinawa

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School of Indian Mackerel (Rastrelliger kanagurta). This school of adults mainly feed on macroplankton including the larvae of shrimp and fish 🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟

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Anyone else creep around their tank after the lights are out 👀 It’s a whole different world in there afterhours 🌙

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📷 ducatista66 - Check out that forrest at the Dos Pisos

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Today is gonna be a Surgeonfish day. Surgeonfish: about 75 species, deep-bodied, tropical marine fishes of the family Acanthuridae. *Surgeonfishes are small-scaled, with a single dorsal fin and one or more distinctive, sharp spines that are located on either side of the tail base and can produce deep cuts. *Dory (Blue tang ) is also a surgeonfish btw! *there are 22 surgeonfishes and 8 unicornfishes known from the Maldives *Commonly occur on the reef where they graze on algae from the reef surface. *Some from schools or swim in small groups or couples. Juvenile are often solitary *most of them are herbivores but several combine there diet with many kinds of plankton (please don't feed them with bread or/and eggs! ) * they may turn-on different colour-patterns for display 🚦 ✔Please doubletab and tag a Friend below ✅Follow me annsirenstail ✅Please leave your comments 🔧 scubadiving divinginstructor divingtrip scubadiverslife wanderlust waterlust watercolor gopro beachislife sealife nature wildlife shotoftheday mykindofplace instagood followme instadive underwaterworld underwatercamera underwatervideo adventure travel ocean reef fish shotoftheday спорт дайвинг подводныймир protectourworld

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Lionfish are slow-moving and conspicuous, so they must rely on their unusual coloration and fins to discourage would-be predators from eating them. Lionfish are now one of the top predators in many coral reef environments of the Atlantic. Lionfish consume over 50 species of fish including some economically and ecologically important species. Lionfish are active hunters who ambush their prey by using their outstretched, fan-like pectoral fins to slowly pursue and "corner" them. • • • • • aquarium fishtank tropicalfish reeftank saltwater reef coral instafish ocean freshwater aquaria tropical lionfish island paradise fish islandlife watertank fishporn aquascape palmtrees swim allmymoneygoestocoral swimming caribbean plantedtank beaches water sand seaside

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Passed my advanced open water dive cert! Growing up I was terrified of sharks. I didn’t even like swimming in pools because I thought a pool shark would get me. Now I can’t get enough! Fear didn’t even cross my mind, I was in complete awe 🦈 🦈

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Dia perfeito. Secret point.

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+whitsundays outlet on whitsundays island, Queensland from above+ When you own a drone business with world class , jaw dropping beauty on your doorstep, you take advantage of it. I feel incredibly lucky and blessed to live in the heart of the great barrier reef, one of the natural wonders of the world. It's up to us to protect this natural beauty and do our part to ensure its continuation for future generations to marvel over. tourismqueensland queensland nature naturalbeauty photooftheday dronephotography dji djiglobal dronestagram island azure crystalbluewater naturephotography phantom4pro phantom4 drones instagood instadaily greatbarrierreef reef ocean qld whitsundays nationalparks aerialphotography aerialphoto djicreator blue coloursandcloudsmedia coloursandclouds

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Spent last weekend in sunny Dallas which reminded us of just how much we’ve been missing our vitamin D! Thinking back to the very warm, welcoming and laid back Caye Caulker as we start (and try to fast forward) to the end of the work week! Countdown to MDW, desert hikes and sunset chasing with our pals: 4 more days! 👌🏻 cayecaulker belize wandermore adventure runaway noworries travelmore goslow island vacation reef belizebarrierreef nursesharks getoutstayout adventurenthusiasts travelcentralamerica beautifuldestinations tb travelmoreworryless bztravelpics travelbelize vacationbelize