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Wenn die Zeit bis zum nächsten Tauchgang unendlich wird 🤗 ————————————————————Auf der aykayscubasafari 2019 hatten wir zwischen den Tauchgängen hin und wieder Zeit die naheliegenden Riffe zu erkunden. Mich hat man wohl am wenigsten auf dem liveaboard angetroffen 😅 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ surfaceinterval snorkeling onebreath cantwait addicted scubalove scubadiving perfectmovement scubagirl maldives scubagirlontour girlsthatfreedive freediving underwaterpic uwpic nikongallery snapshot ocean reef undertheblue snorkeltrips malediven atolladventures waterlove saltysoul underthesea

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Shark Attack Print by "Hunter D R Evans" Thanks to my son for this beautiful print he designed for my boys swim. Sharks have survived for 450 Million years but in the last decades numerous species have become endangered and near to extinction. We need to stand up for their survival Sharks are very important to the oceans eco system, without them everything will collapse. sharks reef swimwear oceansport oceanlife fashiondesigner digitalprint australia aussiekids endangeredspecies sustainableliving sustainablefashion econylswimwear color art characterdesign queensland greatbarrierreef miamibeach bahamas pacificocean resortwear europe hawaiilife acapulco mexico latinamerica asiaswim surfculture

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A beautiful peach coloured specimen of Holopneustes inflatus from Waratah Bay.

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剛剛在恆春船潛完,沒找到Manta,突然想去坐船去小琉球看海豚鯨魚,順便找鯨鯊,有人要去嗎?就是現在馬上立刻! 現在人還在恆春,預計傍晚進島,可能待4天,星期五最後一班船離開,一起來定孤支(如圖那麼清) 小琉球 liuchiu 潛水 dive PADI 水肺潛水 scubadiving 恆春 hengchun 恆春半島 墾丁 kenting 墾丁國家公園 台灣 Taiwan sea ocean reef coral gopro goprotaiwan iseetaiwan amazingtaiwan

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Look at this place 😍 Cred:

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Snorkelling off Phuket wasn’t the most spectacular but it was a cool way to fill in a morning

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Fact: A Chinese buyer bid more than $1.4 million for a prized Belgian racing pigeon. The pigeon, named Armando, is considered to be the best long-distance racing pigeon "of all time" and has been dubbed by some as the Lewis Hamilton of racing pigeons. 🐦🥇

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Спустя 2 года мы вернулись в Моалбоал. Давно ждали этого момента. Проснулись и перед завтраком сразу же побежали нырял с черепахами рядом с отелем. Плавали когда-нибудь с черепахами? Понравилось? моалбоал себу панасагма черепаха фридайвинг филиппины дайвинг moalboal cebu freediving diving coraltravel turtle reef sea philippins ocean paradise travel travelblogger landscape travelblog beautifuldestination natgeoru natgeo instatravel travel canonru awesomeglobe fantastic_earth

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We wasted it in lots of ways, Like a bath instead of a shower, Watering the plants on sunny days, Leaving the tap on full power. ➖🔹🔸🔶🔷🌍🔷🔶🔸🔹➖ To save the world now we must act And use our water well, Change our ways, or we will pay, In this beautiful world we want to dwell. Saving water is very good, everybody should.🌍💧🙇🔚 autohash Chhatarpur India MadhyaPradesh water sea ocean tropical seascape coral underwater travel traveling visiting instatravel instago turquoise exotic nature reef vacation beach swimming island seashore snorkeling like _soi follow

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Um 🤷🏻‍♀️ wowza Hiii Vanuatu 🇻🇺 This morning I flew from Brisbane to Espiritu Santo, where we touched down and then proceeded to fly to Efate. I am staying here for five days and then going to Santo for another five days then I fly from there back over to to here again to catch a flight to Brisbane. Basically, I have an extra round trip flight in there of sorts that I don’t really need. I was contemplating why I’d not done a little more research into which days the flights were more direct when I saw this view. The last time I had a similar reaction or pure AWE 👀 was when landing in Siem Reap. It was so amazing that I actually chose to fly into that airport again and then hop a bus to get to my destination, which was closer to another airport, but I wanted to repeat the experience. And now I’m going to get to have THIS experience again 💗 pics never really capture the full feeling, but it’s stunning and warm and welcoming. nofilter birdseyeview island islandlife vacay stunning water flying vanuatu view mylife bossbabe diving reef nature beauty blues travel experience wanderlust globetrotter

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Aquarium Of The Pacific - Long Beach 1-2. Jelly Fish 3. Octopus 4. Parrots 5. Penguin 6. Frogs and Toads 7. Sea Turtle 8. Clown Fish 9. Sharks 10. Sting Ray and Eel