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Domenica 21 luglio si è svolta la ⏺️Festa d' acqua dolce⏺️sul lungolagodiolginate - Garlate, dove i nostri rievocatori si sono esibiti in duelli dimostrativi e tenuto lezioni collettive per adulti e bambini all'interno di una cornice rinascimentale allestita in onore di leonardodavinci. Ringraziamo l'Associazione olginate_del_fare per l'organizzazione eccellente e tutti coloro che hanno partecipato alla giornata con interesse, regalandoci una bellissima esperienza rievocativa. ⚔️ Patì e mai mörer ⚔️ olginate comolake festadacquadolce rievocazionestorica reenacting reenactment reenactor historicalreconstruction history historicalfencing historicaleuropeanmartialarts historical lanzichenecchi landsknecht lansquenet renaissance

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Instructor Persing looking amazing last weekend at the Marlboro Volunteers Ride Through History event in Alliance, Ohio. Fire Maneuver Concepts was there supporting the global war on terror reenactment and Inked Angel Photography was there capturing all the actionphotos are slowly being uploaded through the week to Inked Angel facebook page. fmc firemaneuverconcepts inkedangelphotography marlborovolunteers reenactment ridethroughhistory allianceohio sexyhusband killingit cantwaitfornextyear weagoodteam

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That time those crazy bastards declared their independence in eastonpa

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Today it is only 9 days left for saltrvikingmarked 😍 Today's find is another stunning bead from Flakstad, Nordland, dated ironage/medieval times. The bead was found in a grave with several other beautiful beads. Ts11521 is a mosaicbead which is extremely advanced to make. The bead is made by a highly skilled and experienced beadmaker. Beads like this is usually dated merowinganage. ironage ironagefinds viking vikingreenactment reenactment archeologicalfind arkeologiskfunn arkeologi tmu medieval reenactment vikingreenactment glassbeadmaking glassbeads beadmaking

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Nå er det kun 9 dager igjen! Dagens funn er nok en praktperle fra Flakstad, Nordland, datert til jernalder/middelalder. Perlen ble funnet i en grav sammen med flere andre vakre perler. Ts11521 er en mosaikkperle som er svært avansert å lage. Perlen er lagd av en svært dyktig og erfaren perlemaker. Slike perler dateres ofte til merovingertid. ironage ironagefinds viking vikingreenactment reenactment archeologicalfind arkeologiskfunn arkeologi tmu medieval reenactment vikingreenactment glassbeadmaking glassbeads beadmaking

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Пост будет про сердечки. Вот и дошла очередь до фотографии, которую я для себя поставила на первое место в фестивале Времена и Эпохи 2019. Очень сложно в жестком репортаже обнаружить что-то художественное. Но я нашла 😄 Знакомьтесь. Это oilk0555 (вроде бы)😄. Инстаграм - это вещь. Ты можешь найти там совсем неизвестных людей, которых видел всего 5 секунд своей жизни. Так же как и мир - одна большая деревня, где мы все пересекаемся. Так вот про сердечки хотела сказать. Вы все большие молодцы. Каждый день вы поддерживаете мои, часто даже однообразные фотографии, своими сердечками. Я знаю благодаря статистике фейсбука, что меня и так смотрит около 30 тысяч разных человек в месяц. И это все потому, что вы ставите определенное количество сердечек. Если бы их не было, инстаграм не выдвигал бы мои фотографии так далеко. И пусть это все небольшие цифры, нам и этого хватает для того, чтобы люди больше узнавали о том, что происходит с ними рядом. Так что, всем спасибо, всех вижу, узнаю по аватаркам, стараюсь заходить ко всем в ответ. Вижу, что многие редко ведут свои странички, а надо бы чаще 😉 Но все равно мы молодцы.🌸

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WASPWWIIWEEK Day 2: Training WASP training was very similar to that of male pilot’s training, though emphasis was placed on cross-country flying. By the time they graduated, they had roughly 560 hours spent in ground school and 210 hours in flight training. Each morning they would wake up, participate in calisthenics, eat, fly, and study. WASPreenacted WASP womenairforceservicepilots womenpilots wwii ww2 reenactor reenactment wwiireenactor womenshistory aviators flightcap women ladies femaleaviator livinghistory femalereenactor military civilian AAF USAAF ArmyAirForces ArmyAirCorps

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По-русски⤵️ Некоторые из тех, о ком я рассказывала на своей странице ➡️➡️ Faces_and_Style_Profile Dear friends two years ago (August 2017) we had our first ☝🏻 VintageSummerChallenge here on this page with more than 6,000 photos! I invite you to visit our posts on Day 1 of this Challenge ) Topic was "YOU / Introduction " and over 250 people posted photos of themselves and wrote a few words describing their interests and hobbies ! Go here👉🏻 VintageSummerDay1 to meet new people and learn some interesting unknown facts about folks you already know ! One of the participants was Izabela izabelapriorattire and here’s what she wrote: Repost izabelapriorattire ・・・ Are you following faces_and_style ? That are having a VintageSummerChallenge in august- lots of interesting things to share and to see! The day 1 is about You- an opportunity to introduce oneself. I think you know me pretty well by now, as a historical Dressmaker with a passion for pragmatic approach to history of clothing, an equestrian, a lover of animals and nature and sports. In a nutshell I think. Married to timelightphotographic - I make the garments he photographes them! I will be posting a few pictures today to let you peek a bit more into my life- you do the same! VintageSummerDay1 faces_and_style Here are some of the folks I featured on this page ➡️➡️ Faces_and_Style_Profile For a chance to be featured please tag your photos 👉🏻 Faces_and_Style Одна из участниц нашего самого первого Винтажного Марафона VintageSummerChallenge два года назад была Изабелла - izabelapriorattire ) О себе она рассказала , что она дизайнер костюмов. Она шьёт исторические костюмы , а её муж timelightphotographic их фотографирует ( на первом фото их логотипы ) Изабелла занимается верховой ездой , любит животных, природу и спорт и занимается борьбой !😱 Просто уникальная супер женщина ! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Листайте➡️ Я делюсь на этой странице фотографиями с тегом Faces_and_Style Присоединяйтесь к нам и ставьте этот тег ! Ждём всех в Августе на Марафоне Винтажное Лето historicalcostuming historicalreenactment

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▶️Full multicam by tmc_sport_gear ☠️ 📸 secretgalicia 📸 tmcweapon762spain weapon762 tmc_taipei tmc.korea tmcjapan tmc_hongkong ========================== 💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥 ======================================= 🔝Like & follow my other accounts airsoft_locos airsoft.warriors brandy.762 ======================================= airsofter weapon weapons weapon762 rifle sport sports gear tmc europe reenactment army military airsofting airsoftteam navy special airsoftworld airsoftworldwide airsoftspain airsoft_locos =================== FOLLOW MY FRIENDS airsoftcondorarg 🇦🇷 opsierraextrema 🇦🇷 frankshopargentina 🇦🇷 cancerberosairsoftteam 🇦🇷 stefanoice_ 🇮🇹 hamzasarajlic_ 🇧🇦 gabriel_rochapt 🇵🇹 airsoft_artyom 🇳🇱 piedra_airsoft🇨🇷 rotrek_ao🇮🇹 tactical_italy 🇮🇹 milsimminded🇧🇪 airsoftchile 🇨🇱 amadores_airsoft 🇧🇷

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When can it be said that you have enough books? Is that even possible? This is a new one for my collection and, as well as being a good read, it is full of inspiration for future replicas. The only question now is what to make first? 😄 Whatever we decide on it will end up in the shop ⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ pottedhistory ancientpottery reenactment archeology history ancient replica museum archaeologist ancientsite experimentalarchaeology pottersofinstagram ceramic ancientBritain ancientrome roman romansite romanreenactment GrahamTaylor romanpottery romanpotter artifacts artefacts votive book bookworm

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Quote from F18, First Entry Unit: First Entry Unit were lucky enough to attend the "Victory Not Vengeance" event organized by kethergames. A full spectrum weekend that left little to be desired together with Stas, tf_hotel_sierra, tridenteodgroup and sky_one_recon (Not pictured). We would like to wholeheartedly thank the organizers and will be looking forward to VNV pt. 2. Photo credits: senchoomilsim

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An old reenactment pic of me when I was 18. I was reenacting as Hitlerjugend Volkssturm (Peoples Army) 1945. I was able to get away with it because I looked a lot younger than 18 at the time xD reenactment ww2

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