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The calm before the concert. nexasquartet whipped up a storm at soultrapbar earlier this month. Next up, the best piano & singer duo this side of the sun: davidvgreco and jambazianvatche. August 1 & 4. livemusicsydney sydneysax livemusic rehearsal thecalmbeforethestorm musicrehearsal surryhillsbars surryhillslife barmusic sydneybars sydneygigs whatsonsydney sydneynightlife musicbar musicianslife sydneyconcert sydneymusicscene sydneynights sydneyunderground musicunderground surryhillsmusic surryhills surryhillssydney

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La propia nubesita

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The show sits deep within my spiritual self and I feel reluctant to ‘pull’ it out atm It’s just pushing through that first slog of sludge. Even if it’s not specifically the show, it is part of allowing the show to come back to me. This is the work. This is the creative trust; the opening up of the body in space, allowing it to drink up the river of music and flood the dam of blocked mind. rehearsal creativeprocess theatremaking soloshow theatre motivation struggle artmaking artisticprocess movethebody

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家の前が物々しい雰囲気…😨 ではなく、東京オリンピックロードレースに向けた予行練習🚴‍♂️🚴🏻‍♀️💨🚴‍♂️ 家の前でもオリンピック競技見れるなんて得した気分👏ぶっちゃけ家からも見れます🙆‍♂️ 会社からはマラソンがおそらく観れるしこれで3つ競技見れちゃうもんねー。 It’s held rehearsal for road race in Tokyo Olympic 2020. This is in front of my place. I feel lucky that I will be able to see it next year👀 Can’t wait 😊. 東京オリンピック2020 ロードレース 予行練習 多摩市 自転車 というより バイク tokyoolympics2020 roadbike bike rehearsal 肝心要の自転車集団はアッコにおまかせ!の宮迫会見みてて見逃したとさ。

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Sorry for not posting in a while but here's this BEAUTIFUL VID to make it up to you guys😘💕💕 - Here is PNB's dancer, Carrie Imler, rehearsing the Swan Lake coda from Act III, part 2/3 ~ that.1.ballerina

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about yesterday at studio.

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This Monday, 7/22/19, 6-8pm whirledpies : Rad drummer, Alice Gardner and I will play a special, free, all ages paired-down duo set with free art supplies provided as part of the MuseArt series mepaaofficial museartofficial - affiliated with grrrlzrock ! We’re having a blast getting ready, so come hang out and Monday art with us! 💕🎨✨ indierock rehearsal practice upcomingshow indie grrrlzrock musicandart art music newdrummer specialset fun rock upcoming specialshow mondaymotivation telecaster guitaranddrums duoset showcase gigs shows oregonmusic pnwmusic mondayshowcase

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Grazie ancora per la nona solita volta a tutti quanti, l'ultimo Sabato è andato e scende una lacrimuccia. Questa sera ultima serata ma non meno importante perchè festeggeremo insieme il compleanno di Aldro, usuale chiusura del nostro festival. Speriamo di vedervi qua con noi numerosi come sempre! A tenere le danze questa sera avremo dj Zero Call, Al Anarch ed Estense Crew non mancate che per quest'anno è l'ultima • • • 📞 +39 0532 201230 🏠 📨sonikaferrara 👤 📺 sonikasalaprove sonikastudio recording recordingstudio rehearsal music guitar drum bass piano rock ferrara ig_ferrara igersferrara love loves_emiliaromagna follow4follow ig_fotoitaliane ig_great_pics iphonesia photooftheday beauty italy instafollow igersitalia myferrara ferraracity comunediferrara vivoferrara

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Thank you for coming to our DuoRecital yesterday. For me, this was kind of a new challenge, playing “all French Music” 昨日は、 シマムラストリングス秋葉原 にて 吉武優 さんと共にオールフレンチプログラムの リサイタル を開催させていただきました。 お越しいただきました皆様、島村楽器の皆様、ありがとうございました! concert violin piano violinist Tokyo pinkdress dress rehearsal Shimamuramusic MaiTategami MasaruYoshitake 演奏会 コンサート ドレス ヴァイオリン ピアノ ヴァイオリニスト 島村楽器 立上舞 吉武優 リハ写真