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Mirage I wrote Mirage back in 2014. I remember the exact place and time that I wrote this song. I laid on a piece of fabric in the middle of a field in the most beautiful region on planet earth: Puna, Hawaii. When I first wrote it, it was originally titled Where Heaven Meets The Earth, but I later changed it to Mirage. When I did perform it for the first time, my friends said it was dreamy, and it reminded them of being in a daze. Having been my first time on the Big Island, I was inspired and surrounded by many dreamers, and we were all trying to make sense of this little thing called life. You breathe out and I breathe in, let the love settle in, my baby newmusic music new toronto ep release record singer songwriter writingcommunity art artist creative blackandwhite album indie blues folk rock free dream bigisland love song listen musician female independent band

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lasuper96oficial maxishowtv dynmusic cypres20 March 30th, bassolounge 320 Queen St. E. Toronto. On THE ESPECIALL RELEASE PONTHE GAL DEM BASE REMIX especial Presentacion by jahkettle digydon and friend’s ponthegaldembaseremix Don’t miss live preform by teriafanz deniscommie locoguanaco416 theprofrocks Angelobachaluna come and celebrate especial night and support the movement this Event is unique and memorable for all the fans don’t missed out pece cypres20 vivalatinmusic latinxnation daniel_mesias_ doncolo1 vivalatinhits dynmusic en la casa🏆🌍🌎🎤🔌🔊🔊🍾🍾🎬🙏🏾💯 DYNMUSIC INC. Presenta The Special Release Party Pon The Gal Dem Base REMIX Jah Kettle and Digydon A long side Loco Guanaco Angelo Bachaluna Denis Commie Teria Morada Jennifer Cortez - The Prof Invitado Especial Dj.s Info: 416.994.4087 Local: bassolounge Charity event for the youth Saturday March 30th 2019 party latin toronto reggaeton canada jamaica ecuador ponthegaldembaseremix . ponthegaldembaseremix toronto latin artist dance party reggaeton dancehall torontonightlife canadadancehall rasta canadareggae canadian canadianmusic newmusic release fredefame bassolounge mcdeniscommie deniscommie teriamorada azucarpicante theprofrocks dynmusic dynamicmusicinternational lamusicadynamica

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NEW VIDEO ON MY CHANNEL Link in bio! In today's video I talk about a great revelation God gave me this past week. It is honestly the best revelation I have ever received! I discuss how God used Dr. Dharius Daniel's sermon to enlighten me of who I am in relation to God, and to give me a new sense of self. I hope you enjoy! dhariusdaniels transformationtuesday transformationnation Godsglory gifts libertylive spiritual faithwalk God worship faith wearetransformation like comment subscribe promiseofgod encouragement bridgingthegap livingfaith greaterpurpose persevere perseverance release purpose ministry alter sanctuary preparation season whoareyou whodoyouthinkyouare

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Relaxin into Tuesday night doing the yoga while cynosure4732 gets his blood circulating with his Ajna Mat :) This was the end-ish of a feel my body out and stretch "flow." I basically have been coughing and snotting for close to 2 weeks and now that its leaving my body everything hurts. So I've done my workouts but I've done the easy or soft versions and no more than 2 rounds per body area because I know my body's limits when I'm not at 100% Last couple days I've been feeling my workouts as I switched things up to really sweat it out. Rolled my lower half earlier today with some self myofascial release exercises using a foam roller. So I followed it up with some yoga after dinner. (Fast forwarded video will be up later) camelpose backbend prop thankshubby stretch breathe release yoga dailyyoga practice listentoyourbody hippieyoginimamalyfe

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I trust the process that is unfolding and know it’s divine 💛

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Kapha has a reputation for holding onto grudges, possessions, or money. However, this is only true when looking at imbalanced kapha. When balanced, kapha is generous and forgiving, with a capacity for unconditional love that can outshine any hurts. 🌱💧💖⁣ ⁣ Ayurveda believes that negative emotions and experiences can linger deep within our subconscious, creating emotional disharmony. Are you holding onto feelings, grudges, or memories that might be causing you unwanted stress? Is your memory still re-playing old moments where you felt embarrassed, angry, or hurt? Could you use some of that balanced kapha forgiveness in your life, perhaps directed toward yourself? ✨⁣ ⁣ If so, perhaps it’s time for a gentle spring cleanse. An Ayurvedic cleanse is a great way to reset your digestion and, in doing so, let go of things from the past that might be weighing down your body, mind, and spirit. Tap the link in our bio to learn more. 🍽️⁣ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⁣ 📷 davidyoungwolff⁣⁣ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⁣ banyanbotanicals livingbanyan kaphadosha kaphalove springcleanse lettinggo release ayurveda ayurvedalife kapha balancedkapha wellness healthylifestyle ayurvedayoga endurance kaphaseason spring thedoshas bewell staybalanced vpk knowyourdosha livingayurveda kaphawisdom ojas forgiveness compassion ayurvediccleanse emotions selflove

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About Jugend: JUGEND, A BOLD PARALLEL TALE OF TWO In 1937, Ernst, a 14-year-old Nazi-German Youth is part of a secret mission which will send a group of -aged boys to London under the pretense of bicycle tour to spy for the Nazis. Ernst’s mentor, Officer Müller, sends him on a special side-mission— spy on a wealthy British Jewish family offering refugees fleeing from Nazi oppression work. Present-day, Clark, a 14-year-old orphan has fallen prey to white supremacy ideology, falling into the hands of an unscrupulous guardian following the death of his mother after a decade-long battle with cancer and then his father in the Iraq War. As part of Clark’s white supremacist caretaker’s plan, he has been placed as a -agent to live with a local Muslim family in hopes of collecting intel on a terroristic plot. Each youth approaches his assignment with a masked heart filled with hate and a deep misunderstanding of who his hosts are, roiling the boys in emotional conflict as events unfold, and forcing each to face what will be the hardest decision of his entire life—help destroy what his handlers fear or find the courage to think for himself and face the consequences. Why does Jugend matter NOW? • It’s straightforward. Jugend is an ideologically- and emotionally-charged hard core book that directly taps in on the topic of white supremacy and the deep misunderstanding between religions and races. • It’s relevant. The idea embedded in the book is a powerful voice and support for the minority groups around the world to show the severe consequence of the misunderstanding between different ethnic groups. • It’s educational. Although Jugend is a fictional novel, the story is always connected to the real world. The constant tragedies in our society as a result of hatred and misunderstanding proves the necessity of the book to be introduced to the public Click the link in bio to get your copy ordered today from Amazon! Though it is available through most retailers.

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Forgiveness is the most powerful thing you can do for yourself on the spiritual path. ✨ If you’re unable to forgive, you can forget about higher levels of awareness. Affirm: I forgive everyone, including myself. What are you able to let go of so you can move forward? Remembering that as you’re able to let go, you also can reclaim all the energy it took to keep it hidden. What could you put that extra energy towards? 💗 Registration is now open for RELEASE for those feeling called to do more work here. It’s my new transformational 6 week program on the power of forgiveness. Link to sign up in comments. 🙏🏻

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A pinch of patience, a dash of kindness, a spoonful of laughter, and a heap of love. It’s time to chat about crystals in the kitchen + dining room!🍴 I often get asked “how do you know where and what to put them”. For my it’s simple I like being able to see them for constant reminder and places that make sense. The kitchen I suggest keeping them (in a dish if tumbled) by your cookbooks, cooking utensils, shelves + displays. Let their energy charge up that atmosphere and bring your eyes to what you want to focus on accomplishing. Carnelian’s uplifting energy is great for increasing creativity while whipping up a meal 🌶 Celestite enhances your health + well being 🥣 Rose quartz gives off that touch of nurturing energy 💓 Citrine will help add focus 💭 Apatite (not your appetite but still relevant in the kitchen) gives off inspiring energy perfect to help motivate you to cook up something healthy yet delicious 💙 A few more to list are clear quartz, amethyst, jade, obsidian, aventurine + tiger eye! Gather here with grateful hearts 🍽💓 Two I wanted to chime in here great for the dining room are turquoise + citrine. Charge up on turquoise’s energy of promotion of good healthy and eating behaviours. Now a days I find people don’t typically sit down at a table to enjoy their meals anymore but it’s nice to conciliatory be present and grateful for the nourishment. It’s also believed to help those with digestive troubles too! Try decorating your table with pieces such as a large rough form, candle holders, an antique brass dish. Get creative with it! ✨ Not only does citrine help with focus but it also gives off brightness + happiness. Which are the exact vibes perfect for a dining experience! 💛

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🤘 TOUR 🤷‍♂️ We are very ready for this run. We're headed out in May to support the release of our full-length album. We will be releasing music, info, and preorder details for that album next month. We are excited to see old and new friends. If you need any show details, just ask. ❤ Thanks for being here. See you soon. carefulgaze ytwr spring tour 2019 indie rock emo posthardcore music minnesota minneapolis album release

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FILLING UP: Yoga Summer Daze, Obonjan, 🇭🇷🇭🇷🇭🇷 Croatia! August 21st-26th, starting at £879, led by ME🤸🏼‍♀️🤸🏼‍♀️ and Link to ☀️☀️☀️ book in bio! Join me for 5 nights and 6 days on a private island in Croatia for yoga, meditation, and relaxing summer activities in the sun. This is my longest retreat to date and our vision and hope is to give enough time, space, and techniques for our students to fully detox from day to day stress and enter into a state of deep and prolonged relaxation — a sort of summer daze! Immersed in natural beauty and offering unspoilt views of the Adriatic Sea, the island of Obonjan is the perfect adults exclusive island getaway you’ve always dreamed of. Obonjan is a place where you can do as much or as little a you wish. In your free time, you can book into a massage, kayak around the island, explore the island’s many coves or simply hideaway by the pool for a day of sun and relaxation. Our days will consist of 4 hours of practice and YOU TIME. Morning practices will be strong and dynamic. In the evenings we will explore the more subtle aspects of the practice — meditation, yin, restorative yoga, pranayama techniques, yoga philosophy, and Yoga Nidra. yoga meditation croatia privateisland announcement photooftheday excitingnews summer2019 getaway yogi travel wanderlust adventure bliss yogateacher yogi yogalove summerplans beach yogabliss yogahigh 2019plans waterbaby relax restore heal release yogawithmona

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▪️ OUR PICK OF THE WEEK: WB X MB - Exit Wound 📷 ▪︎American Heavy Bass duo We Bang & Mister Black ▪︎Signature WB x MB Dubstep Style ▪︎Beautifully Crafted Basses × Chanting Drum × High Pitch Screech ▪︎Released on KINPHONIC ▪️▪️▪️▪️ FOLLOW LINK IN BIO PLAYLIST Update Each Friday SUGGESTIONS? Interact on This Feed Tag a Friend or Drop a Comment ▪️▪️▪️▪️ alternative ableton art artist artists artwork bass bassmusic club dancemusic edm dj dubstep futurebass electronicmusic electronic goodmusic heavy heavybass indie music newmusic newsingle outnow piece pioneer playlist producer release spotify