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Not to be dramatic or anything but I would die for London Boy ♡

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been a swiftie since white horse days when i cried over a relationship that didn’t exist bc i was a fetus and didnt regret stanning this blonde bitch, anyway im effy and i collect reactions and im a SOG stan. Be my friend cuz i have none, tnx.

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IN LOVE WITH LOVER 😍 i had to go back and visit the stand again today, it’s so cute :,)

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THIS IS ACTUALLY BEAUTIFUL WHAT THE HECK taylorswift 💗💞💘💓💝💖💕 (credits to: weallgotcrwns on twitter)

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She breaks records left, right and centre

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wow imagine if i wasnt dumb and went to nyc for release week 🤔🤔

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I always find it funny how Taylor’s albums come at just the right time.

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“Lover” gives us a clearer idea of how Taylor’s relationship with Joe developed. Here’s a hypothetical timeline of moments that inspired songs from rep and lover (PART ONE) taylorswift taylornation

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so my posts have been super flopping lately annnnd all my followers are inactive from like four years ago so i might make moodboards or have a theme or something cause people think i bought them and i don’t want people to judge me skhdkdndx any ideas? also LOVER HAS BEEN ON REPEAT

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Can we always, be this close?

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Hey, i’m Olly. Ive been a massive Swiftie since around 2012 when Red was released. Please give this account a follow. I’ll be posting my opinions constantly onto it, so give me a shot ye. thanks. I also have made an account on twitter called taylorswiftslondonboy ❤️ Thanks girlies Swiftie TaylorSwift Red 1989 Rep Reputation Lover Cats Swift Me YouNeedToCalmDown TheArcher LondonBoy IForgotThatYouExisted CruelSummer TheMan IThinkHeKnows missamericanaandtheheartbreakprince PaperRings CorneliaStreet deathByAthousandCuts SoonYoullGetBetter FalseGod AfterGlow ItsNiceToHaveAFriend Afterglow