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Без названия ⬆️⏯————————————————— ————————————————————-Шиносотона отметить кунен ——————————————————- Поставь лайк👍 Напишите комент 📝 Сохраните видео 💾 ——————————————- Самых активных буду лайкать ❤️ tj vatanimsensin toshkent almata guseyn aliankoblack selenagomez vain sekavines dushanbe dsity rap tajikistantoday tajikistan loft khujand kulob instagramm ralik reptilelove tajrep sexyart vains ханда юмар прикол дружба лайки небо улибка

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予定より2週間遅れで🥚出ました‼️ ここ数日、苦しいのかナーバスな日も あったりして、ドキドキしてたんですが、 今日は特別寒いときにしか入らない ぽかぽか♨️シェルターにいたので もしかして❓と観察してるとプリッと いきました👍よかった~😊 それにしても小さい体にこんな大きな🥚 毎回苦しいだろうな😰 tribolonotusgracilis アカメカブトトカゲ redeyecrocodileskink crocodileskink lizards lizard reptiles reptile reptilelover reptilelove reptiler dragon トカゲ とかげ 蜥蜴 トカゲ部 爬虫類

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Such a chunk💟

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Quatorzième photo. Gustave =====> Pogona , jolie Reptile trouvé en compagnie de ses frères et sœurs dans un sac poubelle 🗑 et mis à la poubelle. La race humaine est vraiment la pire 😔. pogona pogonalove reptile reptiles reptilelove reptilephotography lezard instalezard instareptile abandon nonalabandon nonalabandon🐾 nonalabandondesanimaux verdure terrarium chaleur feignant nebougepas paresseux paresseux🐾 instaphoto📷 bravebete joliebête followme followmee iphonex photopriseavecunihponex likeforlikes likeforlikeslikeforlike

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Soaking up some natural UVBs with my cat friend! My human keeps on eye on us but Dexter is a very laid back and sweet cat! He's always nice to me even when I've head bobbed at him. reptile lizard reptiles reptilesofinstagram beardie beardeddragonsofinstagram beardeddragons lizardsofinstagram lizards beardiesofinstagram pet animals pets petsofinstagram pogonavitticeps cute dragon beardies exoticpets animal spike beardeddragonlife beardeddragonrescue hemmingwaycat reptilelover reptilelife reptilelove

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Our little Messy Miss Piggy Ēowyn found herself a new bed to sleep in 😂 - Mom DISCLAIMER: We’re 5 bearded dragons from Holland and mom knows what she’s doing. Over here we use to live on sand (and rocks & wood), all of us (even in the zoo!). It’s harmless childrens playsand. It doesn’t dust, it doesn’t stick together when it gets wet, small round grains of sand instead of little pieces of broken glass, we don’t eat it and we don’t get impaction. We just love to dig and play with it. We’re all vet-checked and we’re perfectly happy and healthy. BUT PLEASE DON’T TRY THIS AT HOME if you don’t know what you’re dealing with and you don’t have the right kind of sand. LECTURE = BLOCK jabberwocky minitrex beardeddragon beardedlizard dragon dragons dragonsofinstagram reptile reptilelove beardy beardylove lizardlove lizardsofinstagram cutebeardy cutedragon cutelizard lizzylove beardeddragonsofinstagram pogonavitticeps pogonavitticepsofinstagram pogonavitticepslove pogonavitticepslife baardje baardagaam baardagame baardagamen exoticpets exoticpetsofig exoticpetsofinstagram

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On lovely warm days I like to take the boys out to sit in the sun. Jasper the cat is a inside cat but goes outside with supervision. He likes Kuparr, shows no aggression or any interest to harm him but they’re only together with extremely close supervision. Kuparr isn’t scared of him either, but he is a brave boy! 🐱🦎 - - - - - - - - - - - - beardeddragon dragon reptile reptiles beardeddragonsofinstagram beardednation beardiesofinstagram beardielove relax australia australiananimals native cuteanimals lizard lizards happy beardienation reptilelove reptilelover reptileofinstagram pogona pogonavitticeps centralbeardeddragon

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Kanye's all fired up and excited he always gets hype when the spray bottle comes around its like he knows when the rain comes cause hes always waiting in his little water spot gussreptiles crested crestedgecko crestedgeckos kanye firedup redcresties crestie geckosofinstagram reptilekeeper reptilephotography instapets ilovereptiles reptileexpo reptilelove reptile reptilesofinstagram reptilecommunity photography photoshoot photoedits cannabiscommunity cannabisculture cannabisphotography