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Mlm yang dingin ⛈

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Littlefoot was glowing so I had to take a picture. There are some reptiles/amphibians I want but I may not get them for a long while, heres a small list. Cuban dwarf gecko - axolotl- tiger salamander- skeletal back pattern garg * glares at grayskys pair to make more * - of course more leachies /chahuoas - a lilly white crested gecko- viper geckos - red ackie monitor - blue tree monitor- vietnamese mossy tree frogs- andd just an added bonus I really want to be trained in venomous snakes because I want a copperhead and a gaboon viper but wont get them till I find someone local who can provide me with proper training , i only want them because i respect the animal and find them beautiful. geckosofinstagram reptilesofinstagram crestedgecko leachianusofinstagram leachiegecko geckosofinstagram chahuoa chahouagecko herpsofinstagram life nature wildlife

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A big thank you to chloe_lafferty thedragonsheduk sssostic & riches.reptiles for all the great advice regarding these two adopted Geckos. ❤️ I’ve got the pangeareptile breeder formula, in hopes of getting some weight on them. (Cooper on the right, 8 months. Mini on the left, 2 years old) Mini & Cooper the Crested Geckos 🦎 crestedgecko animaladoption crestedgeckosofinstagram crestedgeckomorph gecko geckosofinstagram reptile reptilesofinstagram reptilehobbyist pets cutepets funnypictures exoticpets exoticpetfamily minicooper pangeareptile

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Wamena 1 & 2 ❤️❤️

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This is the Galapagos marine iguana. It has the unique ability to forage in the sea. They feed almost exclusively on algae and large males will even dive and swim to find food. Godzilla was originally inspired by these marine reptiles.

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* * もうだめうにちゃんwww🤣 今日は餌の日じゃないのwww🤣ししゃもがフード1個しか食べず3個余ったので食べてもらいましたがこんな感じだったので1個追加しました😂 あまりの必死さに母が怒って 「あげなさい!」 普段ヤモリにほぼ興味ないのに🤭 * * 突然ピンクのくちびるができたうに レオパードゲッコー leopardgecko ヒョウモントカゲモドキ ヒョウモントカゲモドキ好きな人と繋がりたい エメリン emerine gecko geckos geckosofinstagram reptile reptiles reptilesofinstagram

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Some animals just leave me speechless. I couldn’t imagine a crazier looking Abronia if I tried.

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‪コーンスネークにボールパイソン‬ ‪どちらも可愛いです💕‬ ‪コーンスネークとボールパイソン‬ ‪どちらがタイプですか❓‬ ‪好みが分かれますねっ‬ ‪ ネイチャーズズー アニマルカフェ 爬虫類カフェ コーンスネーク ボールパイソン バー 名古屋 爬虫類好きの人と繋がりたい 爬虫類女子 snakereptile reptilesofinstagram reptiles ballpython cornsnake 爬虫類 python ヘビ ふれあい 時間無制限 cornsnakes cornsnakesofinstagram ballpythons

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You know what they say, if you want a job done properly, do it yourself. So here I am cutting my own repti-liner ready to go in my pink themed vivarium. You may have already guessed, I love all things PINK! Repti-liner available in other colours also on the website ( link in bio) reptilesubstrate reptiliner pink allthingspink ilovepink pinkeverything beardeddragonsofinstagram beardie beardies beardiesofig instabeardie beardsagram beardeddragons reptilesofinstagram lizards dragonsofinstagram reptiles lizardsofinstagram dragons pogonavitticepsofinstagram pogonas pogonasofinstagram exoticpetsofinstagram picoftheday beardiesofinstagram pogonavitticeps instagrambeardies exoticpets petsofinstagram beardiesofinsta