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3 weeks ago

Honestly can never get enough of looking at her. And for anyone who needs a reminder, YOU'RE BUILDING YOUR CAR FOR YOU. Don't even think twice when someone dislikes any point in the process, as long as you're content and have your vision or goals. Purple valve stem caps are on and look snazzy. New emblem overlays for front, rear, and steering wheel. Gonna keep it mostly as is for a little and try to save some money since I'm so happy (aside from the better but still too bouncy Racelands) but I have a plan for that if if my spine can survive until then lol. Fitment is just so on point though 💜 subaru outback xt base subie obxt daily slammed wagon lesbaru flatfour ej255 turbo awd stunner builtforme rumblebros colorado sdsc lowandslow ricedout loweredislove loweredislife loweredoverlifted lowlife sexy lewd

4 weeks ago

Tire rotation and oil change done on the ole rice box last night. Now she needs a good exterior clean and interior vaccume.

1 month ago

You know you’re in Puerto Rico when ricedout prius

1 month ago

_rjemery Seen me cruising last week

1 month ago

Black Queen