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23 de julio de 1965 nace Saul Hudson más conocido como SLASH en Hampstead, Londres, Inglaterra. Es el guitarrista principal de la banda de rock GUN'S N' ROSES. gunsnroses slash slash saulhudson slashguitar gunsnroses gunsnrosesreunion gunsnrosesfan guitarhero guitargods legendsofrock velvetrevolver bluesrock rock rockmusic hardrock heavymetal classicrock sweetchildomine guitarworld axlrose riff rockandrollhalloffame rockandroll patience ilusion lespaul rollingstones best n1 follow4follow

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Valeton CORAL AMP "Legendary Amplifier Simulator" . Credit to stomplovers 👍🎸 🎸 . valeton valetoncoralamp valetoncoralseries valetonpedals valetonvideo valetoncoralampvideo valetoncotalseriesvideo . Reposted from stomplovers clean match (matchless chieftain) in coral amp. jalanan macet semalem dijakarta melipir mampir semanggi malah nemu coral amp nya valeton_id di tokogitarbagus. yak mari dites. record direct using huawei honor 8x with kplug_official cheers . guitar guitarist olpaxis olp musicmanaxis floydrose music blues riff jam slow riffwars guitarsolo guitarsdaily valeton kplug coralamp valetoncoralamp - regrann - regrann

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Getting funky 🎶 Bass was the first instrument I learned, back when slap bass was cool. I think I wrote this riff ~10 years ago. Gear: fender jazz bass MX made 🇲🇽 played through a markbassamps markbass 2x10 combo 🇮🇹 Using wamplerpedals ego compressor 🇺🇸

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Great bit of playing by telelicks ! 😎 . Whose playing does this remind you of ?🤔 Also what guitarists should I listen to? Tag them below ! ⏬ . Follow guitarfellas for more 🎸🙆‍♂️ guitarfellas 👍 📽 telelicks

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Time to sleep 💤 Revisiting old posts I made stop at Andreas kisser post. Is well known that Andreas is a User of Jackson guitars but also is endorser of this Brazilian brand: seiziguitars. So i made a search and found this magnificent axe, perfect for today, because today is tuesday, so is time for Teletuesday! And is time to meet with this cool guitar, signature model of marciookayama, endorser of the brand and great musician. "Television kamikaze OK" The wood ➡️ ✔️ Basswood body. ✔️ Maple neck. ✔️ Maple Fretboard. The hardware➡️ ✔️ Custom KZ pickups single coils. ✔️Custom Tele-style fixed bridge. ✔️ Custom tuners. Others➡️ ✔️ 1x_vol, 1x_tone, 3 way switch. ✔️ Chrome hardware. ✔️ Pearloid pickguard. ✔️ 22 frets. 🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸 If you love t-style guitars, you will not be able to stop seeing her😉. Be good, see you tomorrow. higuitars hi_guitar guitarofthenight marciookayamasignature seiziguitars design anotherbattlebeast futureaxe knowyourguitar guitaroftheday allstylesmusic teletuesday guitar guitarra guitare guitarsfeed guitarsdaily guitarsofinstagram guitarspotter guitarlover guitaradict riff rythm soloist shred seeyoutomorrow enjoy

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Os licks dessa semana contam com a participação especial da minha dog Sereninha 🎸🐶🎸 Esses são os licks que vou mandar pros meus alunos via whatsapp essa semana! Video 1: Avançado Video 2: Intermediario Video 3: Iniciante Interessados entrem em contato pelo whatsapp: 17 981378468. Tmj joyobrasil joyoaudiouk firecustom tiaflex edifier.brasil loja.edifier edifier_global amorapedalboardoficial guttiguitarpicks meeaudiobr edifier edifierbrasil lojaedifier guitar pedais pedalboard solo lick licks riff riffs guitarras setup distortion delay amp goodmorning goodnight Bomdia boaTarde Boanoite picks guitarpicks gutti palheta DeusNoControle Deuséfiel dog

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First time I’ve been able to sit down and actually play guitar since I’ve been back so pls excuse the rusty chops. Also I’m releasing this strange jazz hop type song that I made in the mountains while on tour with no service on the 25th on all streaming platforms. jazz blues fusion guitar music hiphop rap skate fender riff stratocaster

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Junto al señor del bass de los kekoyoma don allanfollert les recordamos que van quedando pocas entradas para nuestro show, que daremos en conjunto el día 3 de agosto (Sábado 22:00hrs) en el bardereneoficial , será una noche de harto 🔥🔥🔥 Arriba ☝ en la bío pueden acceder a la info y preventa, de este concierto doble, recuerden que la preventa tiene un costo menor Les vamos comentando más sobre esto✌ Y no olviden de revisar "Miel y canela" el último single que le da cierre a Tamboril , en mi canal de Youtube, así le aprovecha de dar un like y aprovecha tambien de suscribirse a mi canal Todo suma👌. timpanosolar olar redmoskitoradio redmoskitorecords chilevisionmusica altafontecl altafontemusicnetwork spotify musicachilena🇨🇱 musically guitar riff rock pop folk cantautor Scd cantautoreslatinoamericanos cosucan showenvivo envivo showenvivo🎤 lanzamientos single nuevosinglejonycalleja discoschilenos scd pulsar santiagichile Tamboril FrutoPeohibido Matorral kekoyoma escueladecinedechile

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✨🏖We would like to thank everyone who came to thehangoutgs in Gulf Shores & partied with us last night! You guys are amazing! • • • 💫Track our next performance👇 12elevenband.com/shows

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I adore this moment in the song. So many years of listening and not getting tired. This music is always relevant. I am proud of the work of Adam Jones. He is the genius of our time! I would like to hear from him new impressive guitar riffs and see new impressive clips! Tool Jambi 10000days  DownloadFestival  AdamJones  AdamJones_TV  MaynardJamesKeenan MJK DannyCarey  Toolarmy ToolSound Toolband Music Progressive Alternative Band Rock Rockmusic Metal   Guitar Riff Bass Drumm Playguitar Consciousness Incredible Live Vote Voice

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Slash Talkbox Solo🔥🔥🎩🎸 👉Follow for more👈 😉 Follow my other account weapons_warfootage_and_more 👆👆👆👆👆👆👆👆👆👆👆 ======================== slash saulhudson slashnews slashssnakepit talkbox riff guitarsdaily guitarsolo guibsonguitar gibson gibsonsg gunsnrosesfan gunsnroses guibsonguitar axlrose jimmiehendrix johnpetrucci joesatriani john5 masterofshred guitarplayers zakk zakkwylde thesimpsons lossimpsons heavymetalmusic heavymetalfans

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I added another JJ 12AX7 in the preamp section and went straight in for this one. It seems to have smoothed out the sound a bit and added a little more bite. guitar jjtubes jjelectronic jjelectronictubes monopriceamps monopriceamplifier martocchioguitars guitarra guitare guitargeek guitartime guitarlife guitarlove tubeamp guitarsarebetter guitaristsofinstagram instaguitar guitardaily guitarsdaily chitarra electricguitar 🎸 rockguitar guitarriff riff garagerock sixstring 6string

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Fun fact: I want to be nasty on the keys 🎹, but I’m a bit more efficient at uke lol.🎸❤️A little riff I’ve been messing around with. Shot with a GoProJaws mount. •••••••••••••••• (Side note: I should invest in a mic) NoisyMount 🖖🏾

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Thank you for everything so far :) I hope you continue to stick with me because I always feel like I’m improving in some way. I have a full length album almost ready to come out and I am dying for all of you to hear it.❇️ guitar guitarist music musician newalbum fender acousticguitar electricguitar riff lick riffwars alternative rock band daddario art weezer jazzmaster guitarsdaily riffs4u newmusic guitarsolo reverb distortion musicianlife musicvideo blues love metal guitarsofinstagram fender daddarioandco