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15 minutes ago

Thanks to all the new followers! Here’s lionravarez jamming one of the riffs

35 minutes ago

🇨🇭🇲🇦Neuchâtel switzarland riff Houceima 😉

41 minutes ago

John Petrucci - Damage control Petrucci said in an interview that this is his hardest song to play live, so of course I’m going to try to learn it. Here’s the very beginning of the intro. johnpetrucci dreamtheater guitar riff

1 hour ago

We got to play a packed house show this last weekend! Huge thank you to Stevens Point, Wisconsin for showing up and giving us some love🙏❤️🧀 • • • 📸 mariabiolo_

1 hour ago

HUGE love and thanks to everyone that gave up there evenings last night to come to the show 🙏 We were absolutely blown away by the turn out and support from the crowd and we can’t wait to be on stage again soon 🔥 Please go check out ahsokaband and thekayohsband both bands are two of the best Brighton has to offer, go support the local scene ❤️

1 hour ago

This gorgeous place. See Caretakers in Richmond International Film Festival this Saturday, 4/27, at 5:45PM 🍿

1 hour ago

As I said before in my stories I hate you Fredrik, and I love you, I decided I wanted to learn as many meshuggah riffs I can to educate my ear, my hands and my brain to strange metric patterns. It took me an hour to learn this riff, but I love it and it's strange,because it's 4/4but with a lot of different accents, and groove, if you don't understand it, it's really hard. play guitar shred riff meshuggah ltdguitars espguitars 8stringsguitar thall djent polyrithm clockworks theviolentsleepofreason fredrikthordendal cover practice fortin positivegrid biasfx biasfxipad biasamp2

1 hour ago

Hey! Arcade Fire is a grammy winner Canadian band whose unique sound is possible thanks to the 6 multi-instrumentalists members. The name of the band comes from a story that frontman Win Butler was told about an arcade being set alight in Exeter, Canada. The band’s latest record is called “Everything Now” and it was produced by nothing less than Daft Punk. The record’s first single and today’s song is “Everything Now” which is also the opening track of the album. Did you know: U2 used Arcade Fire’s song “Wake Up” to emerge on stage during their 2005-06 Vertigo world tour shows. What’s your favorite Arcade Fire’s song? Let me know in the comments below👇🏼 Song: “Everything Now” Album: “Everything Now” Year: 2017 Also check out: “Creature Comfort” from the same album and “Wake Up” from the album”Funeral” day79 arcadefire arcade fire everythingnow wakeup indierock canada songoftheday songoftheday365 music u2 pop love nowplaying live genre beat concert artist rock guitar riff photooftheday cd album tb vinyl recordoftheday reflektor

2 hours ago

Pantera - Strength beyond Strength 🎥🔥🎥🔥🎥🔥🎥 : : : The opening track to one of my favorite albums of all time “ Far Beyond Driven” 🤘🏼🔥This song has some insane riffing ! : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : pantera deanguitars farbeyonddriven dimebag dimebagdarrell philanselmo zakkwylde guitarsolo heavymetal metal rock strenght thrashmetal groovemetal guitar guitars davemustaine guitarcover riff riffs music metalhead solo cover drums vinniepaul slayer metalgoddess live vshaped