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Who in bts👁👄👁

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PLEASE LOWER UR VOLUME. okay so coachella was a flop. FIRST they started WAYYYY earlier than the set start time. only way i knew was bc my friend joined. I did manage to make some performances (show in the post) but it was super laggy therefore i couldn’t screen record all of it. because of the lag, i was kicked and then wasn’t able to rejoin because 1) the owner didn’t have to option to join the server from their profile and 2) there were like 4-5 full servers and i didn’t know which one it was, so that was the end of that. coachellarbx

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first roblox video and it’s disgusting - - - shoutout to my bitch myerzai for showing me roblox tricks

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syd grifn

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Hey cherubs I don’t know what else to say

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walk a mile in de louboutins 🚶🏽‍♀️