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She looks so good in a flannel 😍 ladygaga

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Repost pinkydoodlepoodle with get_repost ・・・ From this week, we’re going to North East tour for the first time in two years Brooklyn, NY / Canton, OH / Buffalo, NY / Pittsburgh, PA / Washington DC tourdates news pinkydoodlepoodle pdp ustour2019 highenergyrocknroll livemusic rockmusic rock rockband japanese ustour livetour tourlife musicianlife musician gibsonguitars gibsonbass gibson eb3 lespaul marshallamps vintage femalebassist femalevocalist アメリカ 海外旅行 音楽

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Our official video for “Blue Insignia” is live. For this video we decided to return to the genesis of the bands creation. “Blue Insignia” was the first song we created and recorded. Today is the anniversary of its release 3 years ago. While the song may have released some time ago, there are multiple meanings and themes we wanted to bring to life even more. These themes range from finding your individual purpose, to fully becoming the person you aspire to be. Life is truly too short to look back and wonder what could have been.“Don’t let your future be a memory of things unseen.” YOU are important. And YOU can accomplish every goal you set. To all the Dear Shadow family and the ones soon to come, we appreciate each and everyone one of you. Take the time today to tell someone you love them. Enjoy the video everyone! Link in bio 🎥 anglemediaga musicvideo rockband atlantarockband music epiphoneexplorer ibanezrg studio paintersofinstagram guitar artistsoninstagram positivevibes loveyourself ibaneziceman rockmusic mapex thespiritofshadow dearshadowga willyoueverbebroughthome atlanta alternativemusic progrock hardrockmusic lovesomeone behappy riserecords sumerianrecords hopelessrecords revivalrecords

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ChoiMinHwan チェミンファン ミナリ ミナン 최민환 FTISLAND FT아일랜드 EVERLASTING FIVETREASURES minhwan12 ・ FTISLANDニューアルバム「EVERLASTING」フォトブックレットより、drumsミナン君描かせていただきました。 コラボのpostでもアップ済ですが、こちらもかなり気に入っているので、再度アップします! ・ 今回、入隊前のアルバムリリース&日本でのツアーの応援のため、コラボファンアートに久々ミナリを描いたのですが、良いものにしたい!という思いから、かなりの気合いと時間を掛けました👍 ひとつ言わせてください!ミナリよ、なんって柄の服を着てるんだね!ペイズリーは絵師泣かせだぞ!😂 大好きなパワフルドラマー🥁、今回のツアーも最高です👍✨ ・ 人物画 鉛筆画 シャーペン画 portrait pencildrawing mechanicalPencildrawing drawing art rock krock Koreanrock rockband FTISLANDfanart kpopfanart

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We're more than a band, we're a bunch of brothers (literally for Blake and Ricky) Great pictures taken thethompsonhouse photos by meganhopephotos Every single ounce of support we have gotten along the way is one thing that keeps us going and how much fun we have doing what we love, thank you all!🤘 • • • punkrock hardrock localmusic localband cincinnati ohio instagood picsoftheday rockband passion rockshow instagram demons burningsoul findus spotify facebook youtube follow4follow

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Had an awesome show at Ft. Cridge this past Saturday! Next show, Boiler Room Temecula 5/11, 8pm, 21+, $10. We’ll be sharing the stage with conveytheband paradisevultures and lvcrftband Come down to gear up with us for our EP release, and for an awesome night of rock!

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Last chance to vote! Text UFORIA to 977977. Get us to the top 8! 977htzfm rocksearch

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Watch this account tomorrow •Empty Promises• the first single by Another Crush is available for pre-save now! Check the link in the bio. Official release Friday May 3 at 10 am! For fans of Haim, the Smashing Pumpkins, Julie and the Wrong Guys, Garbage, Starcrawler and more 📸 hoffworks (but processed to heck) . smashingpumpkins haimtheband julie.e.doiron starcrawler garbage indie indiemusic indierock indiemusicwomen rock rockband rocknroll alt altrock alternative punk punkrock femalefronted grunge grungefashion overexposure exposure blackandwhite photography hamilton hamont hamontmusicscene hamontlive anothercrush crushers crusher crushing y108 cfmu933

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Neon Star: La primera canción que dediqué en mi vida, una canción repleta de influencias y sentimientos. Siempre sentí que representaba ese momento donde con el otro nos sentimos uno, y como todo lo que empieza es eterno, en algún espacio o en otro tiempo. Tomando el concepto de la energía que "nada se destruye, todo se transforma" llegó a mi esta canción. Inicialmente formaba parte de Exponential Symmetry, el primer y único Ep que lanzamos con DEUX. Es un lindo viaje sonoro-emocional, y es el que tuvo la fortuna de estar rotando en muchas radios y en algún que otro canal de Youtube de alguien que entendió que "era algo para vivir". Musician Rock RockBand Drummer Guitarist Bassist NewWave NewMusic AlternativeMusic AlternativeRock BritRock Alternative Singer Sing Concert Live AlternativeRock AlternativeBoy YourOwnWay YourOwnDestiny HaloBand Boys Style Concert YoSiVosNo ExponentialSymmetry DEUX SpaceRock

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🤔 Are you being genuine about who you are to other people? Are you afraid to express yourself because you might be rejected? Let me know your answers in the comments! "Every record I've done really expresses where my head's been at when I've done it. It reflects where I've been when I did it, and that's the record I had to make and very proud of." - Trent Reznor Believe Trent Reznor began playing the piano at the age of twelve and showed an early aptitude for music. At Mercer Area Junior/Senior High School, he learned to play the tenor saxophone and tuba. He was a member of both the jazz and marching band. Reznor joined local band Option 30 and played three shows a week with them. After a year of college, Reznor dropped out and moved to Cleveland, Ohio, to pursue a career in music. His first band in Cleveland was the Urge, a cover band. Reznor got a job at Cleveland's Right Track Studio as an assistant engineer and janitor. One of Reznor's earliest collaborations was a Ministry side project in 1990 under the name of 1000 Homo DJs. Reznor was in the David Bowie video for the song "I'm Afraid of Americans" in 1997. In 2006, Reznor played his first "solo" shows at Neil 's annual Bridge School Benefit. Welcome to the Family BelieveNationHouseWarming : victorcapili nizamnazmie shil.diptanu eellewol vincelogs Comment Squad - Thank you for your recent comments: flemingspace tangledbeliefs mpesco snikiwg rr_vlogz expressyourself creativeexpression beuniquelyyou humanexperience fluidity letitflow justdoyou inthemoment perfectimperfections inspiredbylife controlyourthoughts befearless bealwaysyou trentreznor nineinchnails rockband rockmusic leadsinger frontman hardrock rocksinger rocker rockandroll hardrockmusic rockbands

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LeeHongKi LEEHONGGI イホンギ 이홍기 FTISLAND FT아일랜드 EVERLASTING FIVETREASURES skullhong12 ・ FTISLANDニューアルバム「EVERLASTING」フォトブックレットより、ホンギさん描かせていただきました。 コラボのpostでもアップ済ですが、かなり気に入っているので、再度アップします! 今回、入隊前のアルバムリリース&日本でのツアーという事で、かなり気合い入れて描きました!!👍✨ あぷしな、ホンギさんへの思い入れが半端なくてですね……😅本当に日々、パワーを頂いております。こうやって絵に向かえるのも、ホンギさんのおかげです。 ・ 人物画 鉛筆画 シャーペン画 portrait pencildrawing mechanicalPencildrawing drawing art rock krock Koreanrock rockband FTISLANDfanart kpopfanart

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Contributing To Our Culture Rock Exchange Exhibition (At The African American Museum Of Philadelphia June 7th), African Diaspora Rock Documentary (Traveling To Botswana, London, Kenya & Throughout The USA) & Culture Rock Exchange Tour (With Rokara Starting In Botswana May 24th), Will Get You A Passport To This Authentic Journey! It's Like Pre-Ordering The Documentary, Music, Content Related Merchandise, Workshops, Concerts & More! Thank You In Advance For Your Wings Of Support! Be Apart Of The Culture Exchange, As My Roxsploitation Band & I Explore The African Diaspora Rock Scene! Go To The Link In My Bio For Our Gofundme Campaign. You Will Receive The Same Perks If You Contribute Through Cashapp: $GSBHOLLINS & PayPal: ghettosongbird thankyou gratitude support africandiaspora rockhistory rocknroll music musician instagood botswana africa philadelphia cultureexchange culture rock rockband rokara roxsploitationband ghettosongbird

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JaneAsher and PeggyLipton, former girlfriends of Paul’s, stated some interesting things about John‘s jealousy towards girls who Paul got close with, in 1964: Jane: „When I first met the Beatles, I liked them all. Then, when I found out I liked Paul more, the others got angry with me.“ One evening, John kept asking Jane embarrassing things in front of everyone present to put her on the spot, for example how she masturbated. Paul then got her out of that situation and left with her Peggy about a date with Paul and some of the Beatles present: [] I was the only girl there and John Lennon didn‘t like that at all. He was mean and sarcastic. At one point we were handing around a scrapbook and John made a snide comment, like ‚what is she doing here?‘.“ johnlennon paulmccartney lennon mccartney mclennon beatles thebeatles beatlesgossip paul john music legends brothers jealousy jealous relationship musiclegend rocknroll classicrock rock band rockband rockmusic

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Happy B-Day to the only REAL badass in this band era9laurie Ever since we started writing and touring together you managed to add a whole other dimension to our sound. So versatile, so talented, disciplined and most important TOLERANT to the countless antics and stupidities that comes along with dealing with us 4 guys haha. We love ya Laulau! OH YA, and you're 30 nowWHAAAAAAA!?? 🤭😏 • • • • Singer LeadSinger Vocals Vocalist FemaleVocalist Fashion Model Modelling BadassBitches BossBabe RockBand

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🔥So Leute, diesen Samstag geht es um die Wurst.🔥 Wir treten beim Emergenza-Bandcontest gegen 7 Hochkaräter an und kämpfen um den Einzug ins Deutschlandfinale. Um das zu schaffen, brauchen wir euch! 🤘🤩🤘 Wer im Vorverkauf eine Karte kauft, bekommt diese zum vergünstigten Preis von 10 Euro, indem wir euch eine Karte auf euren Namen an der Abendkasse hinterlegen. Bitte im Kommentar verbindlich zusagen oder eine PN an uns über unsere Seite oder ein Bandmitglied. Und jetzt haltet euch fest: Als Schmankerl obendrauf erhaltet ihr nach Ticketkauf unsere neue CD "WE ALL GET LOST SOMETIMES" für nur 5 Euro vor Ort im Club Volta! Also, es lohnt sich, kommt vorbei, wir zählen auf Euch🤘 Rockband hardrockband Gelsenkirchen buer 401ge livegig emergenza emergenzafestival liveband clubvolta blackandwhite cologne blackandwhite_photos gelsenkirchenbuer AlternativeRock Weallgetlostsometimes cd skull instablackandwhite blackandwhitephotography hardrock decadancedance blackandwhite_perfection dddrocks decadancedancerocks dddrockband ruhrgebiet livemusik sunglasses frankvandersant BordoBortlisz feffifake boselbaer